shop faq

Q. Do you sell boy clothes?

A. A few. Our initial focus is mostly little girl clothes (ages 6 months to 6 years), but we love little boys, too. So we try to offer one or two coordinating boy pieces per collection.

Q. Do you sell through other retailers?

A. Not yet. Our goal is to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price to the end consumer (you!). Because we specialize in small runs and limited editions, we spend more money on production. If we sold to other retailers (who also have to make a profit), the prices would ultimately increase for the end consumer (you!). We’re not opposed to wholesaling one day, but we’ll only do so when it would be mutually beneficial to everyone (including you!).

Q. Are all of your clothes 100% cotton?

A. While we aim to use cotton whenever possible (there’s just nothing like the feel of crisp, woven cotton on a hot day), we use other fabrics when the situation calls for it.

Q. How do your facebook sales work?

A. You’ll discover amazing benefits of liking W.D. Wolf on facebook (and sharing our posts)! In addition to great giveaways, we take advantage of social media to host insane 24-hour pre-order sales (think 40% to 50% off of retail price) and exclusive, limited time “ready-to-ship” sales! Like us today and start spreading the word!

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