about W.D. Wolf

Greetings, friends! Thank you for stopping by. I’ve long awaited a platform share my story and promote my cause: teaching others to dress well from the inside out… sharing the importance of accepting others and being true to oneself.

All of my life I’ve been a victim of stereotyping and fear-mongering simply because of the way I look. As you can likely see, I’m a wolf. And I come from a long line of wolves who (reasonably) tarnished my reputation among children everywhere. My ancestors (most notably S.C. Wolf- aka. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and B.B. Wolf- the notorious Big Bad Wolf) used their altered appearances to trick and mislead. Whether pretending to be part of a poor shepherd’s flock or Red Riding Hood’s dear grandmother, they used clothing and costumes to become someone else. That deception created a lifetime of hardship for me and so many of my kind, furry friends.

My goal is to clear my name and to help children everywhere recognize the importance of staying true to who they are. Clothes are are great form of self expression, but in the end they’re just something to wear. Dressing well starts on the inside. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover alone. Read a few pages and then make an educated decision.

I urge you, dear children, take pride in your appearance- but remember a really well dressed wolf is accepting of others, kind to all, and true to himself… and a lovely little outfit is the icing on the cake…  😉



11 thoughts on “about W.D. Wolf

  1. Hello,
    i am the owner of a children’s boutique in Columbus, GA and would like to know if you offer any wholesale opportunities with your company. I would love to carry your products at our shop. Please feel free to contact me back at starvin21@aol.com.

    Stacy Scherr
    Tiaras & Ties Boutique

  2. I simply LOVE the integrity behind your brand! The outfits you create are stunning but it is the story behind the brand that keeps me coming back for more!
    Thank you for making it possible for myself and EVERYONE else to be apart of the the Well Dressed Wolf experience! I feel honored to own only a few pieces so far and am excited to be able to expand on our “collection” as you expand your company! 🙂
    The world would be a more beautiful place if everyone were dressed in WDW.
    The world would be a BETTER place if they adhered to your values!
    Godbless you ladies!

  3. I can’t say enough how amazing every single piece of wdw has been. I must say before I had my first piece in my hands, I thought are these people crazy?!? It’s pretty, I mean I buy boutique, but honestly is it golden? I held it in my hands for the first time, and the first part of my realization came. As I slipped it on my daughter I was entranced it the magic that was happening. Your gorgeous dress fit perfectly on my angel. She is gorgeous and I am proud of her, I’m partial of course, and I know without a ounce of trying she is gorgeous. But I was speechless, the magic of the beauty of the dress the way it lit her face up, she loved it she felt like a princess was beyond words. It was without a doubt enough to make me fully realize the depth of amazing quality in each piece. Then I read your story. I see your love, your time, your hard work and your love in each stitch. I appreciate that you don’t make hundred of thousands of dresses even though I know without a doubt they would sell, even though I get so sad I don’t et certain ones that I try for, I know those that do will truly enjoy it. You make sure the quality, the service and the experience of owning even one single piece of your brand is a true touch of magic. Then on top of all of that, you guys are amazing your sweet, your honest, and you try to help every single customer you possibly can be happy. Your customer service is stellar and I am touched you helped us out when you did. I am touched you are truly good people who have truly found a way to bring a little bit of magic to all of our darling little ones. That you have brought a little extra light to the eyes of kids and mommas all over. You make our girls feel good about themselves, not by dressing like there older, wearing a short burnout shirt with cut off shorts but being sweet little girls in sweet timeless clothing. The only thing I regret is not finding your brand sooner! I look at your creations and wish my heart out we could possibly own them but I know if and when we are meant to we will and the pieces we do own I am blessed to have. Thank you so very very much for all that you do!!!

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