if not me…

If not us, then who
If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something
If not now, then when
Will we see an end
To all this pain
It’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something

~ Matthew West

It is 1995 and a boy sits alone at the lunch table. He’s skinny and quiet, wearing a tattered Polo shirt. His name is Don. He typically roams the halls during lunch to avoid scenes like this, but today he is starved… So he eats, dodging occasional cheeto bullets from the next table. It is Friday so pep rally excitement fills the air. Don stares at his food, likely battling an internal voice yelling GET UP! RUN AWAY! And perhaps the voice almost wins. He’s picking up his half-eaten tray when a cheerleader takes the seat beside him. She glares at her friends who sheepishly put their chips away as she starts a conversation. His behavior is often odd, to be sure, but he means no harm (years later he will be diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome). The bell rings and she rises to leave. He flashes a cautious smile and holds his head a little higher. This will be the last lunch they share, but also the last time he feels humiliated and alone. One girl, one small act of courage and kindness changes everything.

What did her parents do? Why, in the midst so much wrong, did she choose RIGHT? And how can we grow little humans who will become assets to humanity? 

Bullying, my friends, is alive and well… And not isolated to children. Social media has exacerbated the problem, allowing people to abuse one another behind the relative safety of their computers. And, good people, fearing they might be the next victim of widespread attacks, are unwilling to defend or protect the wronged. Like wildfire, negative news spreads, lies become truth, and wrongdoing is praised and passed on. Yikes. Thought it was hard being a kid in 1995? Good luck to our children if we don’t make a stand now.

We started Well Dressed Wolf with little more than a dream, a few sketches and our innocence. Somehow, little by little, our baby company started growing… and in just a few years has become something we never imagined. Along the way we have made friends (so many friends!). We’ve gained wisdom, honed our craft, learned valuable (sometimes costly!) lessons in business, and watched women come together for the good of eachother and the world. We’ve celebrated babies being born and literally watched children grow up through pictures (wearing WDW!). In the early days, we jumped right into social media, joining the many groups that popped up in our name. Having never been involved in the underground world of children’s clothing, it was a rush! Interacting with customers on such a personal level was thrilling and gratifying… Until it wasn’t.

Recently, we have stepped away from all groups (most of which are lovely places full of wonderful women!) because it was necessary. We didn’t start this business to referee or participate in sparring factions of clothing lovers and buyers and sellers. We aren’t politicians and have no desire to be. Our daily posts shouldn’t be planned like a State of the Union address– each word measured and monitored for potential hidden meaning or intention. We started this journey because we LOVE to design adorable things for your children and we LOVE getting to know so many good people who have rallied around our brand (and there are so many good people). In fact, a positive and inspiring community group will soon be launched exclusively for friends of Well Dressed Wolf. We hope you’ll take part! We plan to pop in periodically and you’ll get sneaks, make supportive friendships, take part in giveaways and have opportunities to help make the world a BETTER PLACE. It really is time to make social media a more positive experience again- for our children; for ourselves. Adults bullying one another and harassing businesses should never be okay.

As we tell our own children, you have CHOICES every day: seek darkness or seek light. Make a positive impact on the world or a negative one. Seek to inspire or to destroy. Do what you know is right- even when it isn’t “cool”. Don’t seek revenge (no matter how much you want to!) and pray for the people who hurt you (this one is a toughie!). You aren’t perfect and you’ll make mistakes, so learn to apologize and forgive. Be honest, but be kind. Truth doesn’t have to hurt… THESE are goals for our own lives (and business), and though we sometimes fall short, we are confident in the path we’ve chosen.

You’re living the one and only life that God has gifted you, so make it count.


Sarah and Shannon


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496 thoughts on “if not me…

    1. We strive to put God first in all we do. We pray together daily and we talk a lot. Other than that I try to let my daughter be the leader in her life, I try to guide her in the right direction, but also let her make many of her own decisions. I also try to set good examples and be a good role model for her.

    2. “If you have the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind”. I have this quote posted in my fourth grade classroom to remind my students that kindness and relationships are the avenue to success, peace and new learning.

  1. I strive to raise my 3 (soon to be 4) babes to be kind and respectful to everyone. My husbands sister was born with Down’s syndrome and she is my 6 year olds best friend. He loves her, stands up for her, and tells her she’s beautiful. It wasn’t until this year that he realized that his Aunt Jenny was different.. But he hasn’t skipped a beat. Teaching our kids that being different isn’t a bad thing has been one of my greatest joys.. It has taught my kids to be compassionate.. And sometimes that just can’t be taught “Train up a child the way he should go and he will not depart from it” ❤️

    1. I love this! I have a special needs brother. He’s adopted, but he’s our best buddy. My daughters are young, 4 and 2. They haven’t came to understand he’s different yet. They love him! He loves them! I pray they are the same way when they do figure it out. We don’t make it any different, no special treatment. Were all equal. So glad I seen this comment!

  2. The best way to teach your child on being kind is by being a positive role model for them. They see everything , so we should always remember that actions speak louder than words.

  3. God! Keep God the center is your house, of your family, of your marriage, of all your friendships. God! God is the key! Pray together. Talk about everything. Explain this crazy world and let me know GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!!

  4. One of the best words of advice that I could ever give, is to not sweat the small stuff, because in all honesty, it is mostly small stuff. When looking at the whole situation, it can be very overwhelming, but when it is broken down into smaller pieces, it is more manageable. Just take it one day at a time, and have faith in what you believe.

  5. I tell my girls every day that the only thing I expect from them every day is to be kind and brave. From these two core traits will come everything else that will make them the fabulous women I know they will be.

  6. “Train up a child the way they should go and they will not depart from it”. Teaching compassion is a lost art.. We try our hardest to teach our kiddos to see differences as a blessing and an opportunity to be kind to one another ❤️

  7. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. My favorite quote from Aesop’s fables and I try to model that for my children. ❤ this blog post, thank you for your lovely designs for our babies.

  8. My mom always told me growing up to teach everyone like you are meeting them on their worst day, and you are the only one who has the cure for making their day better. It helped me throughout years to remember that we never know what someone is going through and their actions shouldn’t dictate my response. This is something I hope to instill in my little girl.

  9. One of my favorite quotes, and something I think really applies in this little community, was said by Abigail Van Buren. ‘If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.’ We often forget that our children learn from how we live, and social media ensures that, one day, every action we take will be available for our children to see, to hear, to experience. Make those experiences count.

  10. The best advice I have ever received was from my mother in the form of the golden rule : ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    I try to practice this in my life every day and it has given me pause when tempted to do something not so nice. I think children learn by actions Moreso than words, but when they are used in conjunction the foundation is set for a good little human. ♡

  11. Lead by example. Show your children how to genuinely care for others. It doesn’t matter who you encounter, everyone is important. Show them how to stand up for what they believe in even though others might not agree. My mom still teaches me these lessons often.

  12. Thank you for being true ❤ Obviously not an entry for consideration, but I loved reading every word of wisdom. Beverly

    1. Wanted to check with you first Beverly!! Can you please check to see if my comment posted. I cannot find it on the thread anywhere, and I know I posted it earlier….

  13. Action – we can talk and tell our children what to do but showing them and putting into action those words is what they are going to remember. Do you remember the things you did with your family or the words they spoke when you were little? I remember some things of importance but many more memories of the things we did together. I think it all comes back one little word action.

  14. My best advice to raise good, kind and courageous littles is BE good, kind and courageous adults. It may sound simple but in practice it can be challenging. For instance, if your daughter hears you gossiping about a friend, your daughter is more than likely going to model that behavior in her own relationships with her friends. If you bully your spouse or others your child may think that aggressive words are acceptable. However on the flip side, if you speak kind words often to others your child will learn the language of kindness early and if take time to volunteer with those in need your child will see empathy in action. They call children imitators for a reason, give them something good to imitate then stand back to watch them make it their own and change the world.

  15. Raising kids to be selfless in a selfish world is hard. We live in an entitled world where people are self seekers. No one stands for the weak and they very well may spend their entire life swimming “upstream”. I teach my children to love the unlovable. To always do what’s right even if others don’t. That they should be givers since it is always way more fun and self rewarding. The saying goes “takers may eat better, but givers sleep better” and it’s true. We do all stumble and make mistakes, but at the end of the day if you can look at yourself and say I was the best “me” possible today that’s all that matters. I hope I grow successful and well rounded adults that will stick up for the “little guy” and be proud of the life they make, even if it’s a simple one. A simple life is a beautiful life afterall.

  16. My husband and I come from very different backgrounds. He was privileged, had a great family, beautiful home, and all his needs met. Whereas I come from a broken home, foster care, abuse, neglect, and disadvantage. So needless to say our parenting styles are so very different. But, the one thing we always found to be true together, is how important it is to spread love. We never let a day go by, that we don’t try to encourage our 3 children to be kind, loving souls– through our own actions. Lead by example, show kids that no matter the situation, people deserve to be loved.
    It all came full circle for me on a drive home from school last year. My son (then 6) noticed a little boy who was sitting by himself, at a school function in which I was not able to attend. Another mom snapped a picture of my son sitting with this little boy, despite his friends calling for him, and eventually being picked on himself. She asked why he chose to sit there, and his response was “because he needed a friend, and I wanted to be nice to him.” Made my heart swell with pride. ♡

  17. My grandmother taught me to ask myself 3 questions when confronted with a difficult situation.
    1) is it kind?
    2) is it wise?
    3) is it true?

    These three simple questions have saved me from potentially bad situations multiple times.

    She is a graceful woman who taught me how to be kind.

  18. Let your littles see goodness, kindness and courage in you. It’s not enough to tell your child “be kind to one another” if you allow them to see you being unkind or saying hurtful things about another person. Love you ladies!

  19. “Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ” It has stuck with me, as I hope it will stick with my kids. My family always looked for ways to put ourselves in others shoes, and I often find myself teaching those same lessons of empathy.

  20. First of all- the blog is back up now! I am a hobby-blogger at heart and have been hoping you would bring yours back again. 🙂 Wise women always have something to share with others. This advice was great, and I love your explanation to stepping back from the world online and making your own positive one. First and foremost, I believe that when you follow Christ’s example, its hard NOT to raise your children right. So my advice would be “love as HE first loved us.” Everything else will fall into place. ❤ Thank you for staying true to yourself, and true to your values. You definitely reminded me of that today. -Katie

  21. Teaching my daughter to be a good person is so much bigger than teaching her to be nice. Anyone can be nice but have a mean heart or spirit. I hope to teach my daughter first through my example. Every word, action and ideal that I believe and say is etched onto her tiny but oh so absorbent brain. I try ( I am human so failure is always on the docket 🙂 )to teach her empathy and compassion for others and their situations. I tell her to not worry what the other little girls say about her (man do they start early)and to remember that her family loves her and thinks she’s awesome so she must be awesome. I also tell her to never be mean or use hurtful words with the other children because she wouldn’t and doesn’t like it when people are mean to her. My advice to other moms is to remember that we are creating our own path at this raising children thing, so don’t worry if you get off every once in awhile. It just means you are normal. Good luck to all of us because sometimes it’s hard to be a good person and even harder to raise them. I hope that my daughter grows up to be a better human than me ❤

  22. I teach all of my children to treat others the way they want to be treated. It’s such a simple statement that applies to every aspect of our lives.

  23. We remind our children often of the golden rule, to treat others how they themselves want to be treated. We have plaque hanging in our main hallway with the Bible verse from Proverbs “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body,” which is also referred to and on occasion a child may need to write that one out a few times!

  24. I think it’s pertinent to make your children feel loved and secure within their own skin so they have no reason to be mean to others. They will be confident in who they are no matter what. It also takes a good role model (ourselves) to teach children what is right. As a teacher of students with special needs I also work hard to provide them with many opportunities for intrinsic to reinforcement that allows them to feel successful and good about themselves. When a child is secure in their own skin and with who they are they are more willing to show kindness toward others no matter their differences.

  25. Even when it hurts you to do so, always be kind and never judge a person unless you’ve walked 10 miles in their shoes. It’s not our place to dictate what is right or wrong for another(it is GODs); just what is right or wrong for ourselves. When we’re kind to others, it sets of a chain reaction and can literally change how that persons day ends.

  26. First of all I would LOVE to say.. Thank you for everything you do and for the example of good you set forth for the rest of us! My favorite but very true piece of advice to live by its simply Treat others the way you want to be treated and forgive others just as Jesus forgives us.. 🙂

  27. My daughter is about to turn 6 and fear for the world she will grow up in. I tell her everyday to always include everyone and be the sweet, kind girl we raised her to be. I try to PIF a lot to show her that it’d best to give to others for nl other reason than the good feeling it gives you. I tell her to look out for others and come to their aid when needed. I teach her to be honest, even when honesty will get her in trouble. I have taught her to stand up for herself and not let anyone put her down. I want her to know that she is smart, funny, talented, and also beautiful. I just want the best for her and pray for her everyday. Praying for her, and teaching her to pray, is one of the best things I can teach her. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  28. Leaving my little one at the school door we always gives kisses and hugs and then I whisper “today, be kind to all.” It’s a great reminder for her to be kind no matter what and also is a good daily reminder for mommy too!

  29. As of mother of 6 ranging from (21,16,13,9,7 & 2) My advice is to dance when you want to sit, create a light when all you see is darkness, smile when you think life’s getting too hard, let the sun shine down on your trouble and bring light to your saddens and the rain wash away your disappointments because water makes eve thing new again, lee your head held high and know that God made you in all his glory to cherish the moments and instead of I can’t… Say God can…

    Ty sweet mamas for the opportunity it’s a blessing to be apart of something greater then we all are. I’m so thankful for all of you!

    God speed!!!

  30. I’ve been teaching high school for 19 years now, and more than ever, the following is something that I have to teach/share both in and out of the classroom. I’m sure many of you have seen the “THINK” poster.

    Before speaking/writing/commenting/posting:
    Is it TRUE?
    Is it helpful?
    Is it inspiring?
    Is it necessary?
    Is it kind?

    If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t do it. Period.

  31. I love this post. We’ve recently dealt with some unkind behavior towards our 7 year old. It was so hard not to react and let the mama bear out. Instead we huddled around my girl and showed her love and reminded her who she is and whose she is – a child of God. A child of a forgiving king for who we will always strive to be like. Forgiveness is important. We prayed for the other children and talked about the importance of showing God’s love. At a time I felt angry and helpless, Jesus was and is the solid ground I stand on when helping my baby girl.

  32. To raise kind, good, courageous “nice humans”, you have to be a “nice human” yourself. Children learn from watching their parents. It is very important to set a good example for your children. Most likely they will act or mimic your every move, especially when they are little! Also, you should teach your children to treat others as they would like to be treated. Always wear the wolf and most importantly, before making any decision, always ask yourself W.W.W.D (what would the wolf do?). 🙂

  33. This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time.
    I was just telling a friend how sad it was that all I’ve
    seen in the news this week was Donald Trump, Tom Brady,
    Kanye West, etc. It is sad.
    As parents, and children – we know that much of what
    we say to children is met with eye rolls, and sarcastic sighs.
    Wait for the teen years 🙂
    One thing that I did with both of my daughters was watching
    teen type movies about mean girls. I’ve seen more than my share,
    and experienced many mean girls growing up.
    I would always ask them, at the end of these movies;
    Which girl do you want to be? It might seem silly, or even superficial, (watching a movie ),
    but I could see by the look on their faces, the message was received.
    I’m lucky – I’ve raised two very kind, successful,
    genuine young ladies. Now I have a beautiful granddaughter
    to teach these lessons to.
    Thank you for your inspiring words.

  34. Having a two year old and a 4 month old can be overwhelming especially in conjunction with a more than 40 hour a week job running an operating room. I think growing up good girls starts with what they observe from me and my husband. We are careful to only speak to each other respectfully and to speak to others the same. I teach my oldest to share and love her baby sister. At two she says please and thank you consistently. We teach her to help us if she sees we need it even in her baby abilities like putting her toys away. Most of all we teach her to love all people regardless. I love this post and as the wife of a police officer who faces more hate than anyone currently in our society, it is nice to see good people still exist.

  35. Be Polite. That is how we looked to raise our daughter, now a 9 year old little lady. I think if you start with one small beacon of light in their lives, the rest will follow along nicely. She is such a polite little lady, raised to say “please” and “thank you” when it’s called for and sometimes even when it’s not. She is humble in her little world, and strives to be a good example for all. She faces courageous steps as she navigates the waters of elementary school, not only for the obvious but for her daily battle against Juvenile Arthritis. She has sadly encountered bullying due to her illness and it saddens me, but she always keeps a smile on her face. She does not let the meanness of others knock her spirit down. I like hearing that she follows the rules at school and will always ask us permission to go online to watch those silly kitty cat videos on YouTube! Ha! 🙂

  36. Very similarly, I was at lunch in high school – i think I was a junior at the time and there was a group of the popular guys taunting a young girl who was different and was in the support classes. I was with some friends and looked over and the 2 teachers monitoring it – they saw it but did nothing. It took everything to walk up and say something needed to be done and I brought her over to sit with us. Then, the principal called me in and I had to recount it. The guys got in trouble and some had girlfriends who were my friends and it was an icy few weeks with some backlash. I came out of that situation remembering to always be kind – you never know what someone is struggling with and it’s not ‘cool’ to be part of the ‘in crowd’ if they are being so mean and nasty. – To this day (12/13 years later) that memory still remains and when I struggle with a decision or find myself being insensitive, it comes to me, and I am reminded to be kind and mindful of my words and actions. Thank you for all you do!!

  37. I love you ladies so much! Thank you for posting this. Treat everyone the way you would like them to treat you. With kindness and grace! 🙂

  38. Please and thank you – we teach our children to say please and thank you every time! Love one another is also a term we use daily around our home. When we are correcting our children for arguing or not sharing we encourage them to love one another. We often ask them what they love about each other and how they can love one another better while we are at the dinner table – not in the midst of an argument but just in a time when we can sit and talk about hear things. We all answer these questions about each family member. Another phrase we love is people are more important than things. Anytime a toy is fought over we talk about the fact that people are more important than things. More than teaching we try to model these things to our children in the way we treat them and each other! And even more than anything we can do we pray that the Lord will take hold of he hearts of our children and give them love and compassion and kindness that only he can give! 💗💗

  39. To raise children that are kind, giving, and compassionate, you have to model that behavior. Parents are a child’s first teacher, they are always watching you. From how you interact with the cashier at WalMart, to how you hold the door open for an elderly person, they are learning from your example.

  40. Don’t forget to train their hearts while training their minds. Humanity, empathy and sympathy, are just as important as abc’s and 123’s

  41. If you wouldn’t write it and sign it, don’t say it.
    THINK before you speak. T= is it true? H= Is it helpful? I= Is it inspiring? N= Is it necessary? K= Is it kind?

  42. Be an example. Your kids learn first and foremost from watching you and how you interact with and treat others. Having a child with Down syndrome, I have learned that kids are the most accepting of differences and disabilities while the adults are the ones who set the tone for any hate, uncomfortableness, or bullying. Show kindness and acceptance to people of all abilities, race, gender, orientation, etc. and your children will follow. Thank you, ladies of Well Dressed Wolf, for continue to promote love and kindness AND gorgeous, one of a kind, clothing for our kids!

  43. Teach them to love and forgive. I teach special education, early childhood and we work so diligently to teach our babies they are loved! There are times we don’t feel love from others but we must forgive them. Often times we don’t feel love from others because they don’t have any to give.
    Love one another as He has first loved us.

  44. My best advice for parents? Don’t listen to anyone else’s advice. Listen to your heart. From the depths of your being comes the only truth and only YOU know what is best for you and your child. Encourage them to find and listen to that same feeling, and kind, good, courageous children will rise on their own.

    Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  45. You can only control your reaction to someone else’s action. How you handle that is up to you. Always be patient, kind, caring and forgiving.

  46. I have realized the best advice is to be able to admit when you are wrong and apologize. Just last night I had a very rough night with my oldest and lost my head. I sent her off to soccer practice and both of us were in tears. After reflection, I was able to pick her up from practice, apologize and explain how wrong I was and promise that I will try harder next time. It is ok for our children to see us do the wrong thing, and then correct it! Thanks for the chance xoxo

  47. ❤ Encourage play, and curiosity. Avoid the phrase 'hurry up' and let your child develop their own perceptions of the world. Who cares if you're 10 minutes late? You're child will be forever grateful for those 10 minutes you spent paying them exclusive attention while they are doing/pretending something completely silly. Doing this can help form perceptions that's it's ok, and even awesome to be different and an individual. Always be present in the moment with your child, and having patience and understanding with them.

  48. In conjunction with asking her how her day is, I will also be asking her how she showed kindness to another that day. (She’s 2 at the moment) If you make this behavior a constant, consistent, expected and normal part of your/their everyday life, then the rest will follow.

  49. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” are two simple quotes that I tell my daughter almost everyday. She is only 5, but fully understands what those quotes mean and how to bring them to life I’m her own life. As her mother, I can best show her how to be kind to others, to show empathy, to make this world a better place through EXAMPLE. Children are like sponges – they can retain so much information and experiences in their growing minds. They are also like mirrors – they watch everything we as adults/parents do and reflect the same behaviors and actions we do.😇👶🏼👧🏻♥️

  50. Admit to your failures and shortcomings, own your actions and accept the consequences for them…

    I have been extremely stressed lately about so many things, and that combined with my 23 month old starting her terrible two’s, a 7 year old who has learned all kinds of wonder things (attitude) at school, has made my patience very thin. One night recently, my son pitched a fit about not getting his way on something. I honestly don’t even remember what it was, but I lost it. Totally blew my top. My littlest starting crying and pitching a fit too, so I yelled at her and sent both of them to his room for time out….but honestly it was a Mommy time-out that was desperately needed. When I calmed down and realized how horrible I had just been to my kids, I bawled. And then went to his room and asked them to please forgive Mommy for not being very patient, for getting upset with them. I didn’t want to just brush it aside and act like it was over and forgotten, because I’m sure they didn’t forget it. As a single parent, it seems like I’m always stressed out about finances, house work and “work” work and sometimes a Mommy melt-down is inevitable. BUT, when it happens, I own it. I never want my kids to blame themselves for my reaction to a situation, just like I don’t want them to blame someone else for their reaction to a situation.

  51. My great grandmother always said “You don’t raise your children for yourself, you raise them for the world. So, parent accordingly.” To me that speaks volumes. We need to teach our kids how to be kind, loving and accepting….and to lead by example.

  52. I have always taught my children to be caring & treat people nicely regardless of how the other kids choose to be. Negative behavior shouldn’t be mirrored. I truly believe in the phrase “kill them with kindness”. Most bullies only continue to bully while they get a reaction.

  53. I just love this post – a topic that’s been weighing heavy on my heart lately. I’ve followed & bought WDW for awhile but stepped away due to the complexity of the buying community.

    My best tools I’m hoping to give my children are vulnerability and empathy.

    “vulnerability is our most accurate definition of courage. Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path. The courage to be yourself, and to share your true self.”

    And empathy –
    To be able to see the world as others see it
    To be nonjudgmental
    To understand another person’s feelings
    To communicate your understanding of that person’s feelings

    I so wish the world of pitchfork social media could step back and consider the humanity on the other end of their barbs.

  54. If I were to give advice on how to raise a kind and good child it would be to tell them to teach their child that everyone is different. I am the parent of 3 special needs children and I don’t know how many times I have been in public during a meltdown with my sob (going deaf, mid functioning autism, and the only one in the US with his chromosome disorder) and had other children staring, pointing and/or laughing at him. Teach compassion and understanding so that if you are ever out with your child and there is another child who obviously has some problems going on, that your child doesn’t stare or laugh. It is hurtful. Not to the child but most of the time the parent. I don’t know how many times I’ve left places in tears because of a comment someone has made that I’ve overheard about one of my children. Sonky advice would be to teach your children compassion and understanding because not everyone is as healthy and happy as you (aka said child).

  55. I find it crucial to not only teach my children how to act, but to model it as well. I always use my manners and go out of my way to help someone. Being a parent is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. I want my children to make a positive impact in the world. It starts with simple, basic gestures. Also, if someone is not so nice, I try (*try*) to model understanding. I think the world could use a little more understanding. 🙂
    I love this article.

  56. My three girls watch my husband and my every move. We do our best to live by God’s word and teach them to follow, as well. We also surround ourselves with similar company. Children are a sponge, we can only try to provide them with the very best to soak in and pray that they take with them in life. Proverbs 22.6 ‘Train a child In the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it’.

  57. I constantly remind my 8 year old that it’s ok to have more than one friend. So often, 3 is a cried when it comes to little girls and I want her to be the includer. She is by no means perfect but it warms my heart to watch her step outside her comfort zone and bring in an outsider! That child doesn’t meet a stranger!

  58. I’m loving this idea & everyone’s entries. My husband & I have just recently been talking more & more about this with our two 3 year olds as they’re moving up to the next daycare class where they’ll be some of the youngest. We’re lucky to have sweet children who will generally make friends with & seek out the other sweet children. But I do repeat on the way to daycare to listen to their teachers, to say sorry when accidents happen, to say I love you to each other, to share & give hugs when they see a fellow daycare buddy that’s sad. I’m hoping these basics will stick.

  59. I will leave you all with some advice from my Dad that has stuck with me and I will make sure to repeat it for my kids every chance I get.
    “God don’t like ugly”
    “Nothing good happens after 11:00pm”
    “Worry about yourself and the things you can change- not the things you cannot control.”
    “You’re not right with the Lord until you plant something” * my personal favorite*
    I am sure there are many more that I am missing from my amazing father but those have made me smile and touched my heart. I pray I can provide my children with a more simple life filled with kisses, hugs, front porch sitting and days playing in the dirt. Thank you for this chance to take a moment to think of my beautiful family and the most important things in this life- Our Lord and those we love.

  60. My mom and grandma taught me as a child to always be happy and grateful for what you have, never be envious of others, and put God first. Growing up it seemed to sound like a broken record however I am truly thankful for the wisdom offered by them. I now have children of my own to pass along the words of wisdom and to raise kind, loving, generous and God loving kids to one day become the adults that God has planned for them. Although it is not easy these days, consistant reminders are key. Thank you ladies for all you do and for always staying true to yourself. Your awesome!!! Have a great day 🙂

  61. Be an example; your children are watching and you are their most influential teacher! Volunteer – and take them with you so they can learn how GOOD it feels to give your time and effort and let them feel the joy of volunteering for themselves. Take them out of their comfort zone – a mission to a third world country or serving Thanksgiving dinner at a local food shelter – let them experience for themselves that not everyone lives with the comforts they have and those are real people, not images on television. Share with your children the joy of refusing to live like you don’t care:) Awesome song by the way; one of my favorites.

  62. Love this post so much and everything it stands for! Every morning on the way to school we talk about 3 things. 1. I tell the kids to get their sillies out now in the car so hopefully they will behave at school. 2. We always talk about making good choices. 3. I ask them to be brave at school and if they ever see anyone needing help to please help them. I know the ABCs will come and so will the 123s, but compassion is so important to teach as well. We go to the dog shelter some Sat mornings too to give some love to the animals there. I think it’s important to show your kids that no matter how big or small each individual can make a difference! By writing this post, you guys have made me fall even more in LOVE with this clothing line!

  63. I teach my 3 year old to always always use his manners and boy has it paid off! I was told that he is the most polite kid in his classs recently and is the only one who calls the teacher “Mrs. Rose”. Everything he wants and receives is followed with “please and thank you” he doesn’t ever get his way unless manners are used. I also teach my kids that no one has anything “wrong” with them but that everyone is just “different” no one is the same or “normal”. There is no “normal”

  64. Thank you for posting. Sometimes we all need a little reality check and reminder.

    One thing my mom ALWAYS repeated to me was the Golden Rule. Her grandmother was the one who kept harping it to her. It is something I hope to pass on to my children as well. Sometimes the high road it harder. Sometimes its easy to let our emotions or getting carried away in the moment. Once you put those words out there, you can’t take them back. This post is a reminder for me to do better.

    So to those who read this comment….lets all try to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.


  65. I teach my kids to treat others how they would like to be treated. Why would you be rude and hateful to another person if you didn’t want that in return?

    One of the sweetest things I’ve seen my daughter do (which has given me hope that she’s following this golden rule) is at soccer last year when she was almost three, any time a teamate or a child on the other team fell, she would help them up. It was so cute!

    My son was also born with microtia atresia (an under developed ear), which we call his nemo ear (and I just have to add that I had a nemo baby shower – how crazy because we didn’t know about his ear until he was born!). But back to the point, it’s terrible that as a parent, I’m so afraid that he may be bullied! But if everyone makes the effort to raise their children right, we wouldn’t have such fears! I will do everything in my power to practice what I preach and raise my kids to be loving, accepting and respectful humans!

    Thank you so much WDW for being a company that I can be proud to support!

  66. My dad taugh me that no matter what position you have or how much money you make, you are never too good to be kind and treat others with and respect. There is no way to know their struggle. You shouldn’t ask anyone to do something that you yourself wouldn’t do. He owned a car dealership. Every Friday he would personally grill steaks for all of his shop workers. I loved seeing the respect and appreciation he had for their hard work. He and I both are sharing this with my daughter. She always seems to see the good in people.

  67. I think the one thing that works in my household is my children watching me! How I interact with others. My child just recently learned one of her friends was gay! She immediately came home and asked me what was she suppose to do? Could they still be friends? I told her to always put herself in any situation. How would she want to be treated if it was her? After our long discussion she realized she needed to treat her like she always has! She needed to be her friend and be there for her when others weren’t so nice! I think all of our kids strive to be like their parents. We are ultimately their role models. When we behave badly or treat others badly they are always observing. Even when we think they aren’t watching they are!

  68. This whole post made my day! This is probably our biggest hurdle and fear that we face as parents (other than losing a child). My oldest is 12 and at the stage where kids are mean, and unfortunately he is on the receiving end of that. As a parent, watching your child struggle is one of the hardest things to endure. How do I sit back and watch him get treated in a way no human should. I have made the mistake of interfering and it only made things worse. So as we head into another school year, where he has to leave me and function on his own, I worry daily if the ideas and support I give him at home are enough to make him strong enough to not only get by but to overcome the bullies that try to bring him down. I try to tell myself that he is strong and will prevail over these kids that may have other issues they are dealing with. I know that he comes home to a loving and happy home, and that is how I keep it together as I watch him stand at the bus-stop with boys who tower over him. My advice is to make sure that your children know they have a safe haven with you, that they can turn to you for support and love. Without that, they are alone.

  69. My best advice is to use age-appropriate stories to teach them life long lessons. My favorite story was one my mom always told me. She told me everyday I started with a full bucket of water. It was my duty to share my “water” with those in need. I remember not understanding the moral of her story until much later when she said, “It’s much better to have selflessly shared your water with those in need than it is to walk around with a full bucket while others are in need.” In other words, share with those around you. Fill them up when they seem empty. Encourage those that are lost. Give to those in need and at the end of the day He will replenish what you have given away. My girls are still very young but I hope through our actions they are able to see how selfless and caring their parents are.

  70. My two favorite sayings summed up below…The first Bob Marley and the second Mark Twain. My children have been taught to always put others before themselves and to be the change you want to see in the world.

    The greatness of the man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.

    Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and NEVER regret anything that makes you smile.

  71. The best way to raise kind, good, and courageous little people is to not only be kind, good, and courageous yourself but to also surround yourself and your children with others who are also kind, good, and courageous.

  72. You not only talk about it to your children, but you show them. We are kind to everyone, including our sweet garbage men whom we cheer on in our driveway every Thursday. We are accepting of all people, and often talk about helping the young child in our class who is a little different, because he is the same as us, just better at some things and not others. We lend a hand and help others in need, including having our lonely, elderly neighbor over for dinner often and take her leftovers when we have them. We say we are sorry when we mess up and do hurt someones feelings, this includes grown ups. I recently hurt a friends feelings without meaning to and I shared this story with my son, and reminded him you are never done learning to the best you! And above all, we must love one another…

  73. Thank you for sharing this message today. The best way is to be the kind of person you want your children to be. We follow 4 Agreements, which are based on Toltec teachings…be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, try your best. They are not always easy to do and sometimes we need to work harder on some than others!

  74. This is great! All we do as parents is try daily to raise our children in Gods name, to do his work, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Do we mess up, sure, did I yell at my kids this morning, yes, but I try and try again to show them the love Jesus has for us by always loving them. No matter what. And hope and pray that one day they will be showing the same love.

  75. I want nothing more than for my children to be good, kind, honest people. The clothes that they wear that you make are just a plus. I try to remember and live by Philipians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Thank you ladies for not only making such beautiful clothing but having such beautiful hearts.

  76. Create ways for them to interact with others or all ages and preform acts of kindness. Having them immersed in the world around them will show them they aren’t the center of it and it only works when we all work together. Picking up someone’s phone they dropped and returning it, talk to older people while waiting in line, hold the door open for someone. Mainly, just treat people how they would like to be treated.

  77. My best parenting advice is to act how you’d like your children to act. They are our mirrors and look up to us so much! Teach them to love and respect people. I’m so sorry Shannon and Sarah. It’s embarrassing and ridiculous. Thank you for being such positive role models in business and life.

  78. I try to model kindness and acceptance for my daughter. We focus heavily on the Golden Rule and emphasize that all people have value.

  79. This post is another reason why I absolutely look up to you ladies and your family for being such Godly examples and leaders instead of followers. In the world today, it is easy to get scooped up into the “me, me, me” world. I love the fact that you ladies maintain a sense of balance with work, family and faith.
    With that being said, I would say my best advice would be “treat every person and every situation you encounter gracefully and use it as a learning experience.” For instance, if you encounter another person acting out in public, ranting, being irrational and mean, think to yourself– would I ever want my children to see me respond or act like that? If the answer is no, then by all means, live through example, pray for that person and hope that your actions of being graceful, lady-like and calm be a learning experience to everyone that encounters you–especially your children. My prayer is that one day my daughters will think ‘man, I sure hope I am exactly like my mom when I grow up”. That would be the greatest gift anyone could ever give me.
    Remember, for every bad comment you may see on a post or a page, there are hundreds, if not thousands of wonderful comments that may not be in writing, but are in the heads of mommas like me who are thankful for a company who allows me to dress my children modestly and affirm to them that beauty on the outside is only acheived when there is beauty on the inside.

  80. I’ve always lived by this rule of thumb, and it has served me well so far. My daughter is only 9 months, but I plan to teach her this as well:
    For every person that hurts you, makes you angry, upsets someone you love, do something kind for another person. I was surprised to see how much I forgot about (or quickly forgave) the wrongdoer by doing something g kind for someone else. Not only does it put me in a better mood, it helps out someone else and hopefully he/she will spread the kindness as well. Sometimes I t goes a long way and is just what that person needs at that time. It makes it so worth it!

  81. The most important thing is to be a leader yourself. Show them what kindness is by being kind. Show them what goodness is by being good. Model courageous behavior and don’t be afraid to tell them when you’re afraid or that you were scared to drop the training wheels too.

    Children learn what they live. If they live in abuse, pain, and neglect — that’s what they’ll learn. And that’s what they’ll pass on to their kids and their community as they grow.

    But if your children live with good, kind, courageous people then that’s what they’ll learn.

  82. I can only think of my oldest daughter as I read this blog post. She’ll be 16 next week and ever since she was 4 years old, I’ve called her my “Justice Warrior”. I’ve always modeled kindness for her, but there is a spark inside her that I cannot take credit for. She has this unparalleled drive to do right by others and to make sure everyone around her does the same. Whether that be standing up in front of the mean girls on the playground to keep them from picking on her friend or (most recently) having a talk with her band instructor after he yelled at her classmate for playing the wrong notes. I think in some ways our own experiences shape how we treat others, but on the other hand we are also in control of our reactions to the world around us. It starts with teaching manners and respect, not just for other people, but a true respect for your surroundings…..your parents, your siblings, your community, animals, etc. Teaching my children to give to the world instead of take and to stand when someone or something is being wronged no matter the consequences to themselves. We talk about these things every day.

  83. We try to show our children the kindness we preach. Show how to help others, use kind words in action and treat others as you would want to be treated. It’s hard some days….repeating ‘nice hands’ to our 18mths old. I just hope they know how much we try to be good people and do good things in this tough world. I’m their only mother so I try to set a good example. ❤

  84. My best advice is to teach them to love God first and try to live like him! My daughter is 7 and has an amazing soul! I’ve learned by watching her growth with Christ that she is becoming the kind of person I need to strive to be! My next piece would be to pray frequently! Ask for guidance from him! Praise him for his blessings! Enjoy your time with your children! Think… We only get approx 18 summers, 18 Halloweens & 18 Christmas mornings with them as our “babies” before they start becoming adults themselves! Cherish those! Laugh, act silly and just making memories! Most of all Pray WITH them! As a family! Be an example of what God wants us to be! Teach them how Jesus treated others, knowing their son, their downfalls and unkind behavior! Teach them that we all have issues in our lives and we all sin….. No ones problems or sins are better than anyone else’s! We all have deamons and we all need just a little bit of Love and a whole lot of Grace!

    Btw: we LOVE Matthew West!!!

  85. Love this post. Its so important that our children grow to understand each day is blessing, regardless of what they are handed. Be courageous, strong, and free spirited . Do unto others as you would have do unto you!!! Most importantly love God…

  86. It’s amazing at less than four years old,children do know how to be kind. This is my little helping her friend at preschool.
    My little knows how hard this has to be for her friend because I walk with a cane. #proudmomma

    Just like anything else, we need to teach our children to be kind, courageous and good people.


  87. I spend time with my children in The Word daily as part of our morning routine. It’s important to teach my children to be Christ-like and to do that I have to lead by example. One of my favorite verses to teach this through is Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” I believe there is nothing more powerful in teaching and learning through this verse.

  88. My kids are only 2.5 and 14m but I talk about feelings constantly. I try to give them the words to describe their feelings and then help to resolve them. I especially do this when big sister is having trouble being kind to her little sister. I ask her how she thinks her little sister is feeling and if she likes making her feel that way. I think it is a good step in the right direction. Only we are in control of our emotions, other people can’t make us feel any certain way so we should always be aware and always strive to make sure we control them and use them for better and not to hurt others.

  89. Lead by example. We can preach to our kids all day long but what they will truly learn from is our actions. If you want your children to be kind, show them how throughout the day by holding the door for the mom with her hands full, giving when God places someone in need in your life, and loving those who are the hardest to love. Growing up, my mom always told us that every choice you make in life has a consequence; whether that consequence is good or bad is up to you. My babies aren’t quite old enough to grasp these ideas yet, but I can already see my two year old learning from watching me when she smothers her brother in kisses, unexpectedly picks up something I dropped, and uses her manners when speaking. I highly recommend Zig Ziglar and Danny Lee Silk’s books for those seeking authors from whom they can learn kindness and how to pass it on to our children!

  90. Be the example! You can tell your child until you are blue in the face to stand up for what is right. They gain the confidence to do just that by watching their parents do the same. To see their parents, possibly ostracized, for standing up and doing it anyhow, holding their heads high, and going home at night saying, “that was hard, but it was right” is a powerful teacher and motivator. When they SEE you do it, they KNOW they can. If you want to teach forgiveness, forgive. If you want to teach praying for those who hurt you, tell your children who hurt you and pray for them together. Those little eyes are watching all the time. And in the process of showing your child how to be a good person, you will become one yourself. It’s one of the many gifts our children can offer us.

  91. The three biggest words of advice I received and passed to my children were: 1. The Golden Rule (Treat others the way you would like to be treated) 2. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes – to understand how they are feeling. Remember though you don’t know exactly what they have gone through that has now brought them to this moment, so, you have to consider that they may have had a real hard time with someone else before their interaction with you. and 3. Whenever a bad interaction happens – examine the interaction. Look for possibilities of things you could have done that would have made the outcome better. Remember and learn and do better next time. If necessary and possible, go back and apologize and share what you’ve learned. Never be afraid to apologize!

  92. I think the best way to raise little humans is to show them by example. We also stress saying “I’m sorry” and sharing (“It’s OURS because we what? Share!”) – although that one is a work in progress sometimes.

  93. I saw something recently that said that the purpose in life is not to be happy, but to be useful. I thought that it rang a bit of truth to me and it goes along with one of the most important things that we stress to our girls – The Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It;s something that my 4 year old is learning the hard way some days, but it’s good to see her become more self aware as she thinks of how her actions affect others.

  94. Enjoyed reading your blog post! Well as a pretty new parent of 2 children I am still learning how to be the best parent possible. What I have learned so far is to have patience, enjoy the small moments that they find so monumental as we are always trying to juggle so much in life and provide a safe and caring home for them. I soon will be going back to work from being on maternity leave and am trying to enjoy all the little milestones possible. 🙂

  95. I try to be the person my daughter thinks I am…her hero!!! In reality, I am her hero even though I don’t always see it. With that said…I have to lead her by my example and teach her to trust in God. I am teaching her to “Do unto others and you would done unto you” and as my Mama always told me “If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all”! Also, teach her to take responsibility for her actions…good or bad. I’m just striving to be there for her and show her what kindness is so she can pass along to others.

  96. We teach our kids (4 boys between 13 and 7 and a 5 yr old girl) to look for those who are on the fringes and make a point to include them. I was the kid being bullied that no one noticed. Share your own story and show your kids that your human and know what they’re going through. Teach them to notice those kids and take a stand for them. We’re seeing that begin to be lived out as our kids get older. Our oldest has embraced this – he’s the “cool kid”. The one who rocks cross country, holds A++++ grades, knows everyone, the star goalie, the teacher’s pet in every class…if he can participate in it, he has and over-achieved it. Tall, athletic, super good looking. He spent last year eating lunch with a kid that he knows that is autistic. He worried when someone made a joke about mental illness in front of him and asked me to let the boy’s mom know in case it upset him. He saw someone get bullied and witness the lies the bully told the teacher and went to the principal to set the story straight. He can make the grouchiest cashier smile in seconds. He understands God’s acceptance and mercy and lives it right through the bullying he’d come through and into every other kid he meets. And we put our money where our mouth is. Each of our kids has picked a child through World Vision to support and our daughter was brought home from Russia (our 2nd son came with to bring her home and raised money to bring her baby house). Teach them to just look around. Everywhere they go. Just look. And then care enough to move.

  97. In order to have respectable, kind, loving, good, courageous children we must as parents model this behavior ourselves as well as surround ourselves with those that do the same. Children are so impressionable..and smart. They look up to us for how to act so we must lead by example. Be there for them, have fun, laugh, listen, show them the ways, give hugs, lead with a cautious hand, exemplify love and teach them to do unto others as they would like to them.

  98. Our children mimic us… Therefore the best way for me to teach my child is to show them my kindness, generosity and compassion for others.

  99. Be present, everyone is busy but put the phones and electronics down. I feel that just talking to your children and letting them know they can talk to you about anything. Love them unconditionally. Children that are confident in being themselves usually don’t bully, we all have the responsibility to be there for each other. Love those babies because the time just flies!

  100. Teaching a child to not step on the ant is as important to the child as it is to the ant. Whenever we are out and about and come across some insect going hither and dither, we always say that we are in their house, not ours and we let them be. Teaching your children to be compassionate and respectful to all life – from the tiny ant, to the police officer to their parents and grandparents and friends and on and on leads to so many positive interactions with and for you and your children. Embrace the compassion. Embrace the spontaneity which comes from being compassionate. Being compassionate means being brave and joyful and also imaginative. For instance, my kids and I sometimes make up stories about what little Mr. Ant is doing and what errands does he run and whether Ants have to go to Target or other silly places. Crazy, silly, fictional, but also memorable.

  101. my daughter a couple years ago saw me hand a meal to a homeless man and asked why.. i told her because he was hungry and had no food and no home. she asked if “the builders” could build him a home. then when she lost her first tooth a couple years later, the tooth fairy brought her dollar bills folded into hearts. she carried them around in a little purse with her. one day while at a stop sign, she rolled down her window and handed a homeless man her heart dollar bill from the tooth fairy. his eyes welled up with tears and he thanked her over and over and tucked the dollar bill in the chest pocket of his hole-y button down shirt and put his hand against it like it was the best gift ever. my heart about burst and she said “momma, you are right. it feels good to give.” they do see and they do hear (sometimes unfortunately) and don’t you want to be the kind of momma they see and hear how to be a better human from?

  102. I try to live by one simple rule….treat others how you would like to be treated. It isn’t always easy and doesn’t always happen, but that thought is always in my mind and I try the best I can to always follow it. It can be something as simple as opening a door for someone, saying thank you when someone opens a door for me. Those little kind gestures can go a long way in someone’s world especially if their world has been a cruel one.

  103. Simple….
    Put others first. And offer everything up. The good and the bad.

    This is what I tell my girls when the really start to get on each other’s nerves(my boys are big enough yet;)

  104. I think acting with kindness and patience towards your children as well as being a positive role model for them is the best way to instill the beliefs we want them to have. They mirror so many of our actions that we truly have to be aware of ourselves as parents to reflect a positive image for our children,

  105. I am raising my daughter to have a service heart. We are blessed to be able to provide so much for her, but I always want her to remember to give back to those in need. I take her with me to volunteer at our local senior center and animal shelter. The seniors love her and she often entertains them by singing and dancing with them. And she loves playing the kittens!
    My husband in in politics and it can get ugly sometimes. I actually received some adult bullying last week by a political enemy. (My name is on the Ashley Madison list for a blocked fraudulent cc charge and some women in my town thought it would be funny to post and spread rumors about it all over my town.) People don’t always agree, but I always try to be respectful despite the hurtful comments. Thank goodness my daughter is only 3 and has no idea of any of it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. “Stay focus” is the best advice I’ve gotten from my parents growing up. Stay focus so you won’t lose sight of who you were, are and will be. No matter how others treat and portray you, as long as you stay true to yourself and others, they will eventually see the good in you.

    Just leaving with a quote,
    “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” -Mark Twain

  107. Loved this post! I think If you want a KIND, GIVING, and COURAGEOUS children you yourself need to be those things. Be kind with your words- children repeat what they hear. Hate is learned! Talked to your children about giving and why you are giving.

  108. Thank you, Shannon & Sarah, for posting this blog!! Both of you are truly amazing! Even though Landry is only two, I always tell her that we “throw kindness around like confetti!” I want her to understand and realize how truly blessed she is! She has donated items to our local St. Jude Affiliate Clinic for Christmas two years in a row and in lieu of birthday presents this year, we asked for more donations items to St. Jude. I make sure to take her with me and we talk about the importance of doing this and how it makes the “sick” kids day, when fun new things are given to them. This is something my parents did with me for as long as I can remember, and I honestly think that’s why I’m such an avid community volunteer today. We, as parents, want to lead by example and be “brave” for her, even if sometimes it is out of our comfort zone. Love this….. “Just be kind and brave. That’s all you ever need to be!” So, so true!! And, “Do Good” I feel like if I can instill these in Landry at such a young age, I have succeeded! Also, thank you both for designing such beautiful clothing for our children! xoxo

  109. I absolutely love this blog post!
    We are currently working with our 2nd grader & Kindergartner on what bulling is and to treat everyone the way they want to be treated. We are also talking about how everyone is different and how some people look different or may talk/act differently, but they are still wonderful beautiful people. We have had to deal with bulling with my son and I think the best advise (also I need to remember) is to think about how we react as parents, because they are watching and learning from us. Also how to react when our own children say or do something not nice to hurt someone else’s feelings.
    Thank you for all that you do and staying true to yourselves in this crazy world.

  110. Love this post and all of the advice. I have always been taught if you do not have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. It is so true and alleviates a lot of unnecessary heartache. We also have tried to instill in our children that they should take everything to God in prayer. I hope they know they are never alone, regardless of where we are, because of their relationship with God.

  111. A Homily at mass about a year ago really stuck with my kids. The priest told them that when someone does something wrong to you, don’t stoop down to them. Instead, reach to a higher level. I am impressed with how much that resonated in their little hearts. It comes up in conversations often in our house. I also like to remind them that if their words or actions aren’t going to spread joy into the world, then they should probably keep it to themselves.

    “It is our job on this earth to help people. If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”

    And in the words of my sweet mama, “If you don’t want what you’re doing plastered all over the front page of the local newspaper…then you probably shouldn’t be doing it!”

  112. My mother had two mantras that she repeated throughout my childhood: “Treat others as you want to be treated” and “Don’t be a sheep”. To me, this means to behave with integrity in public and private, don’t bend to what others may expect or pressure you to do. I have tried to live this way and have started to say these things to my own daughters. I want them to be the kind of girls who aren’t afraid to speak up and step out of the crowd when things are not aren’t right.

  113. Just had a talk with my kids. They’ve decided that the best thing to be at school is a friend! To help others. I think daily discussions of deeper things brings out their hearts and minds.

  114. http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e37/smurfette9/Mobile%20Uploads/image_1.jpgM

    It’s amazing at less than the age of four our little a do know how to be kind, courageous and good. Just like anything else it is up to us as parents to teach them. They will learn it if we model the way and take action ourselves.

    This picture is of my lo helping her friend at preschool. My lo knows how hard it is because I walk with a cane due to a car crash. #proudmomma

  115. Manners start at home. As far back as I can remember my parents always used please, thank you, excuse me and you’re welcome with any activity whether it was a chore or simple tasks. My husband and I are doing this now. We have a three and a half year old and almost a two year old. They say all four phrases with everything we do. They have been complimented about their manners at stores and church. We are the examples for our children. What we say and do they will say and do.

  116. I am a mom of four children… 2 boys and 2 girls. If I can teach my children one thing it would be to be the change you want to see in the world. Think bravely, act with your heart, and to have a giving spirit.

  117. I’ve recently been thinking about this very thing. My daughter is not yet two but I want to start teaching her this now so she has a solid base to grow from. It’s not advice but I try to remind myself that she is watching everything I do and I hope I set a good example.

  118. Loved this post! Kindness starts at home. Next time you think about saying something ugly to or about another, imagine it coming out of your child’s mouth. This method has stopped me in my tracks!

  119. I make it a priority to start the morning with my children in Gods word. In order for my children to act Christ-like, I must first set the proper example for them. Ephesians 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

  120. I always tell my kids to help and be kind to others. Especially to those who aren’t able to defend themselves. I like to think kids are born with goodness. Goodness that we, as parents, must nuture. Am I flawed? Of course. I learn from that and guide my children to do better. I know my husband and I are doing right by them. Last year in prek my daughter was the only one who helped and stood up for a special needs child that was purposefully knocked down. To watch that happen was amazing. To know that I am doing at least one thing right in this life is amazing.

  121. Always be kind to others regardless of how they may treat you. Keep God first. Let your actions speak louder than words. When God is in your heart it will truly shine

  122. I try to be the type of person I want my children to be and hope that I succeed more often than I fall short. Kindness, honesty, and appreciation for gifts and struggles of others are all things I hope my children will learn. The book, “The Hundred Dresses,” by Eleanor Estes teaches these lessons well. It was a favorite of mine as a child and, despite the title, is a favorite of my son as well as my daughter. Thank you for the inspiring blog post.

  123. In college, I had the pleasure of taking four classes at ULL with Dr. David Thibodaux. What an incredible man! Dr. Thibodaux was the inspiration behind my decision to become a teacher. His messages were so profound; I just knew that I would find joy teaching and sharing those messages with my students. The same joy he wore in his smile every day of class.
    At the end of every semester, Dr. Thibodaux would give us a good bye letter. This letter would summarize our time together as well as his suggestion to always remember the lessons. He concluded each letter with a beautiful phrase that burned into my memory forever.

    “The world is hard on all of us, let us be gentle with one another.”

    Every year I taught, I shared this phrase on the walls of my classroom, right underneath the front page article from The Daily Advertiser that announced the death of this great man. My students knew this phrase and in their times of need, I would write or whisper to them “be gentle” and they knew what I meant.

    At the end of the school year, I too write my students a goodbye letter. Reminding them of our time together and asking them, just as Dr. Thibodaux did, to keep the lessons alive. I concluded each letter with that most beautiful quote. The quote that quintessentially encompasses all that was good in Dr. David Thibodaux.

    My son is now 9 years old. He is beginning to see that side of humans that I never wanted him to see. He gets picked on because of his sweet and quiet demeanor. I’ve explained to my son why people act this way; that sometimes people are unhappy in their heart and sometimes that unhappiness comes out in their words and actions. I say this phrase to my son every time he encounters a situation that makes him feel hurt by someone. It has helped him to understand that it is not his fault, that he is simply being himself and the other person is the one who is truly hurting. Instead of responding with anger, we respond with love, because that is what that person needs most.

    These words find me when I always need them most. When my instinct tells me to be angry, I remind myself of the importance of being gentle. We have no idea what others are going through, that is something we can never know. One thing that we can be sure of is that gentleness is something we can all use in this tumultuous world.

  124. We try to teach our children to treat people with respect, give people your honesty, always be willing to lend a hand and love like theres no tomorrow

  125. My best 2 pieces of advice, as the mother of a 17 year old daughter and a 19 month old daughter are:

    Be humble. Never get wrapped up in your or your child’s perceived perfection. You’re both going to make mistakes, you’re both going to have to apologize, and you’re both going to have to learn how to be better children/parents together. It’s ok to be imperfect. That’s what makes the journey through life so beautiful.

    Love yourself. The best way to teach our girls to be proud of themselves and their bodies is to glory in yourself and yours. Take good care of your body but don’t put your value into aesthetics. Our bodies are a glorious tool. They can run, jump, twirl, and climb. They are capable of so much more than we give them credit for. Make sure your children know that the value of their body is far greater than what they see in the mirror. And make sure that you also convince yourself.

  126. Being a mother and a teacher, I get to influence many children. One of the greatest things all of “my children” (students and my own) learned and took to heart was part of our school prayer–to be “Gentle, Generous, Truthful, Kind, and Brave”. These are great ideas to live by to be the best person you can be. I remind “my children” of these 5 concepts as it applies to their daily life. And even though we’ve moved away from that school and live across the country, my little family still lives by these rules. We practice random acts of kindness and talk about how we don’t need recognition, just the pleasure of knowing we’ve made someone’s day a little better. My school-aged kids practice kindness to their peers, even when kindness is not always bestowed upon them. My oldest said he felt brave by including a child that was seemingly ignored by others, and he has made a great friend. Gentle. Generous. Truthful. Kind. Brave. Simple acts that make a difference. Thank you for your blog, it being so relevant to today’s society, and hope for change.

  127. We are all redeemable.

    I try to teach my kiddos that everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves grace and love.Themselves included. I tell them regularly to pray for grace and I lead by example – sometimes frustratingly screaming out “I AM PRAYING FOR GRACE RIGHT NOW” which always makes us all laugh.

  128. Be the example! Show kindness to others when your children are with you. Talk about why you tried to help that person. Actively talk to them about standing up for other when it’s hard. Talk to them about how it feels to be the one who is different or not included. Ask them to think about how that would feel. Treat your own children with kindness and respect. It will make it easier for them to show it. Lastly, and most importantly, pray that they will be courageous and kind.

  129. I love the idea of everyone getting along and being supportive of each other. I think it helps to be open with
    your children about the different types of people in this world. I wish children could see that being kind is far better than being popular and having the best clothes or electronics. My son is 2 and wears glasses. On the second day of him wearing his glasses, a kid laughed and said you look weird. Differences are not something to laugh about but to be explained to a child that might be confused by it. God Bless all the children because it is getting tough early in life.

  130. PRAY! And pray some more! And treat your children with the same respect and kindness that you’d want them to mirror to others.

  131. I think our children’s behavior is a model of our own. Even when we think they are not absorbing or listening, they always provide us a subtle reminder that they are….for us it is living “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Reminding yourself of that daily will help you to guide them on their journeys.

  132. I think one of the best things you can do for your children and with your children would be to openly communicate with them. Let them know you want to know what they have to say.

  133. Listen. It sounds simple, it should be simple…but it’s much harder to do than we think. Being a good listener is important. Everyone has a story, by listening…truly hearing what a person is saying, we can discover so much about our world. In the days of social media, selfies, tweets and blogs we have become pretty self centered. Take the time to stop and listen to your parents for guidance, listen to nature to learn how to care for our world and listen to God for a path of righteousness.

  134. Shortly before my grandfather (Poppy) died, he said to me “Ask me questions – you’ll regret it if you don’t. Always ask questions. That’s how stories are passed along.” He was the kindest, gentlest human being I’ve ever met. Knowing his stories, and passing them along to my daughter helps me to talk to her about love and kindness; to encourage her to understand what others are going through, and to love them despite of their flaws. A simple question to understand someone’s “story” is one of the simplest acts of kindness we can extend to one another.

  135. I truly believe that I should “be the goodness I want to see in the world.” The only way to teach my children is through example, as they will remember my deeds far more than they will remember my words. My daughter is four, and her favorite word is “why.” When she sees me doing something and asks, “why?”, I strive for the answer to be something positive, such as “because I love you”, or “to add kindness to the world.” I try to teach her that beauty comes from within, and that she should always be a good friend, especially to those that don’t have many friends.

  136. Never let anyone else’s will be greater than your own! Know yourself and be happy with yourself. Advise I give to my two girls daily.

  137. I was always taught and now teach my own children two of my favorite pieces of advice from my grandfather… 1. Never do anything with a group that you would be ashamed to do all by yourself and 2. What someone else thinks of you is none of your business. Both taught me to hold myself accountable for my actions and to remain true to myself because if people didn’t like who I was on my own then I didn’t need them. My own personal advice for my kids is that it is ok to be themselves and that they just need to be kind and do their very best.

  138. Be your own kind of parent…sounds silly but don’t worry about how other people parent do what’s right for you and your family. Momma always knows best! ❤️

  139. No-one on their death bed ever said “I wish I spent more time in the office”. Don’t regret placing your children above your career. Secondly, loving your children is not the same as letting them do/get whatever they want. Think long-term – the goal is for them to be responsible contributing members of society who know they are loved by their parents.

  140. My dad told me when I had kids that you have to put your oxygen mask on before your childs. Meaning, you have to take care of yourself so that you can be the best mom you can be and raise them to be the best people they can be. ❤️

  141. BE a kind, good, and courageous person. Those little eyes are watching and learning from us, and we have to be the change we want to see in this world.

    Cheers to you, Big Wolves. Thank you for creating so much more than just cotton kid clothes.

  142. Every day when my kids leave for school the one piece of mammalove advice I give is, “be a friend to everyone..” They say it before I say it now! I tell them my 19 years of teaching have shown me that everyone likes the child that is nice to everyone. I also give examples of when I have and have NOT done this is my life. We talk about our actions being a pebble drop in the water and it ripples out farther than you imagine. Create a happy ripple we say! Maybe it will turn into a large wave.

  143. I teach my child that we all are not the same and we all aren’t perfect. We as humans have different views on every aspect of life. To except and cherish the body GOD has blessed us with and Never bully for another being different. My granny taught me to love a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck of every pier you meet. Never let the wrath of your tounge belittle another and to ALWAYS give more than you take. These are simple steps that I must take to teach my Lil human to grow up to be the best human possible. 🙂 thanks fur the opportunity and I love and respect y’all and you’re brand!

  144. I love everything about this post (including the Matthew West song!) and am thankful for leaders like you. It is so important to raise up a new generation of integrity in this world, and we have the opportunity to do just that! These are two truths that I think are extra important to instill in our children. The first is the golden rule, to treat others as you would want to be treated. You simply can’t go wrong with that one! Another one is actually a quote from one of their favorite things to watch (Veggie Tales), but it is inspired from the Bible- “a thankful heart is a happy heart”. When we focus on everything that we have to be thankful for instead of focusing on the bad things happening around us and in our lives, we instantly become happier and more joyful people. It’s always good to take time to be grateful! These are both simple, easy to remember, and important at every age and stage of life.

  145. I have always loved the quote by Frank A. Clark, the creator of the “County Parson” sermons: “Kindness makes a fellow feel good, whether it’s being done to him or by him.” I want my daughter to grow up living that quote; I hope that the world is kind to her and that she is kind to it. We address it directly in our house and will continue to do so; we try to provide examples of how to be kind to others. I see the expectation of kindness in her face and attitude when we see our friends and family- and when she meets new people as well. I hope it never goes away.

  146. We live by the Golden Rule here – just mix it up with how we explain it as we all grow. We talk about feelings and how when we lose our temper or say something ugly, how would we feel if someone did/said that to us. For my 4/5/6 year olds, it’s the best way for them to understand that their actions can be louder than their words. We also teach kindness… when they were all in pre-school together and there was an “unruly” kid in their class, we talked about how maybe he just didn’t know how to be kind. Maybe he just wanted to have a friend and didn’t know how to do that. My son actually befriended him and they became close and actually, I think with my son’s kindness and a little time / maturity, the boy ended up being a great kid. Like many others have said, he just needed someone to listen and care. Stopping and listening to them when they have something to say makes them know they are valued and teaches them to do the same in their own environment. Love and hugs to you all – what a great group I’m proud to say I’ve become a part of – love all that you and your family do and stand for!

  147. Hold true to your morals and values. In the world we live in today, morals and values are not respected as much. People are so worried about everyone else thinks. Be true to yourself in all things. Do the right thing no matter what people think. Do I seek to please men or God?

  148. I truly believe that our children need to be taught manners please, thank you, excuse me the basics they are so uncommon nowadays it’s refreshing to hear. I also make a point to talk to my children, to answer their questions honestly and in depth. Love shower your children with love and praise, encourage them in everything they do. Our children are our future and will only be as good as we raise them to be.

  149. Let them be kids! Don’t stress about every little thing. Let them get messy and have fun.
    Stop and listen to your children. Listen to what they want, their dreams, their aspirations. Teach your children compassion for others. To care more about their neighbor and their well-being. Teach them to give. Show them that giving is SO much better than receiving. Teach them about God and the bible. Help them to learn and grow in Christ.
    Here’s a really tough one, or it was for me at least. Everyone is going to have an opinion about how you are raising your children. Don’t let that discourage you. Be prepared for people to tell you that you’re doing everything wrong. But guess what? You’re not. Do what’s best for you and your children. Don’t worry about what everyone else says and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can!

  150. I would tell them how I try to teach my Children. I teach my children, to be brave, to be kind, to remember god has given them life and the ability to make the world a better place. In times of sadness look to him and praise him , in times of fear look to him and praise him, and in times of happiness praise him and thank him for everything. It’s easy to be hard on yourself while parenting but just remember the cornerstone of your life should be The Lord. Teach your kids not to point stare and make fun of kids who aren’t the same or have a disability but be brave and reach out a hand to that child and be there for them. To make a child smile instead of cry. To be the best you for everyone around you. To bring love and laughter into very room you walk in. To light up when things are dark. To give yourself to The Lord and let him guide you to being the most loving person you can be. Make life good for not just yourself but for those around you. Don’t gloat, don’t tease. Put yourself in other shoes and imagine how they feel and try to improve it if you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help for yourself or for someone else. Be a leader not a follower enjoy life and enjoy it from the front of the pack. Don’t try to be like others always be uniquely you because that is perfection. Teach them that being the best they can be is enough they don’t need validation by anyone. God knows and sees all and will know there doing what’s right! Love them, teach them to love others. Teach them to make a stand if they believe in something and never back down. Teach them to always try to make good decisions, but if they do make a poor choice let them know you will be there for them through the repercussions. Let them know no matter what you will love them and they have a soft safe place to fall back into. My children are my life, my whole life. I try to build them each day into amazing humans who care about others, who thinks of not just themselves. I pray for them to have empathy and sympathize with others who may be less fortunate and if at all possible help that person in anyway possible. Praise them all the time when you see these things in your child. Praise the good choices and the love shown to others. When you see something that isn’t exactly what you had wished they had done use it as a learning experience. A child doesn’t learn even if disciplined unless they are talked to about it and made to understand the poor choice and the better alternative to that they should have chosen. Most of all as throughout this post just LOVE them and love yourself for doing your very best with them!!!

  151. Being a bully is a choice, and one I teach my children to not make. My oldest daughter Jessica , who is in college now, while in high school always stepped up to defend and be kind to others. She was a straight A student, active in clubs and a cheerleader. One day her junior year the seniors in the communication/broadcast class planned a “prank” on another student and she caught wind of it and told teachers to get the pranked stopped. She didn’t care about being popular or liked, she cared about a young man getting hurt because others deemed him “different”. I am so extremely proud of her for her actions that day, and how she always tries to stick up for those who might be too scared to do so themselves.

  152. My advice for raising good-hearted, kind, and compassionate children is to model that behavior in every aspect of your life. Give grace to others when they don’t “deserve” it. Be patient in your frustrations. Be kind when others hurt you and let you down. Stand up for what is right, with your head held high, even when you’re ridiculed. Let them see you be a light, even when you are in a valley. Keep your joy and give them something to aspire to – and pray for them until your last breath.

  153. My advice for raising good-hearted, kind, and compassionate children is to model that behavior in every aspect of your life. Give grace to others when they don’t “deserve” it. Be patient in your frustrations. Be kind when others hurt you and let you down. Stand up for what is right, with your head held high, even when you’re ridiculed. Let them see you be a light, even when you are in a valley. Keep your joy and give them something to aspire to – and pray for them until your last breath.

  154. You are enough as you are. Perfect in your imperfection.

    I love yalls story. Truly two amazing people who follow their heart. I think everyone needed this read. 😘

  155. Put the electronics down and pay attention to their stories, questions, and concerns. They are only little for a short time 🙂

  156. Well…I am very passionate about this subject. My oldest baby, Jack, is 7 years old and has Down syndrome. Honestly, I’m absolutely terrified of him being left out or made fun of. Jack has changed me. He has changed all of us for the better. We now look at things differently, love unconditionally and are definitely more aware of other’s feelings and differences. Jack has three siblings and I know they will learn these same things from him. I just wish everyone had a “Jack” so they would GET IT and teach kindness, love and compassion to their little people.

  157. Wow I love this blog entry! Such true words. I believe the best wisdom we can provide to our children is that words can hold power and they can’t be taken back. It’s hard to teach this lesson because we so often say that words can’t hurt us. But that’s not true. However if we help cultivate self confidence in our children we can give them the tools they need to choose how they will react and feel about those words.

  158. “Love like I’m not scared
    Give when it’s not fair
    Live life for another
    Take time for a brother
    Fight for the weak ones
    Speak out for freedom
    Find faith in the battle
    Stand tall but above it all
    Fix my eyes on You”
    -For King and Country

  159. Oh how I love this post so much. You guys are amazing 🙂 my favorite quote is “It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make this world a little less cruel and heartless.” -L.R. Knost it’s so important that we remember that our kids remember little of what we say and a lot of what we do. I commend you for handling things with such integrity.

    He who diligently seeks good seeks favor,
    But he who searches after evil, it will come to him
    Psalms 11:27

  160. To raise good, kind, courageous children you yourself must be good, kind, and courageous. You will not always be successful because we are all only human after all, but you must try. If you give it your 100% and then choose happiness and pray for God’s help your babies can’t help but be good!

  161. This post touches the very core of the person I have become today. I don’t want you to get me wrong; I was NEVER a mean girl. But, I felt the pressure to simply blend in…..to essentially avoid standing up for what was right as a young teenager. Oh yes, even me, the bold, outspoken, straightforward person with ‘usually’ just the right amount of wit previously thought it was most wise not to jump in the middle of something to rescue someone else. I told myself every excuse in the book…. situation is just too messy, would only make things worse, need to mind my own business, and so on and so forth. We all do it in our daily walk in this sometimes crazy world….these situations come up in varying degrees of severity in the lives of our families or friends almost weekly in some way. This so sad but oh so true unfortunately. No one enjoys making life more complicated than it has to be. But, I am here to say today that it is our duty to take a stand for kindness over cruelty, sweet words over back lashing negatives behind someone’s back or even exposed in public, and most importantly the stand to simply do the next right thing in this life we have been given.
    Growing up, I was taught so many TRUTHS such as ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ However, I learned that the Golden Rules is only just words read or recited if you and I don’t put those words into action! Around the age of 14, I took my first stand. Lunch was actually one of the bullying grounds for the popular girls during my days in high school. And, boy do I ever NOT miss high school! These ‘best of the best’ beautiful, talented girls in my class would choose someone to be mad at almost every day. I am not sure if they flipped a coin or just chose who they were most intimidated by, but it was a constant ever evolving door of ‘victims.’ And, ladies, make no mistake about it; if someone is a target for bullying in any way, he or she is a victim. We all know personally it is not any fun and can be hurtful in so many ways mentally and emotionally. Back to the mean girls in high school for a moment….they would tell the chosen one of the day or week that she couldn’t sit with us today. Yes, that is right…..”you cannot sit here. We do not want you around today.” Finally one day when it struck the wrong nerve in me and caused me to feel as if I was bursting at the seams to stand up for everything that was so wrong about this situation, I quietly picked up my tray and walked directly behind the girl of the day. I could hear the immediate whispers, and I clearly knew the angry backlash that was headed my way. But, I didn’t care – nope, not one bit! The peace that I felt rush through my body was exhilarating! I mean it was that moment of courage and still is today an indescribable feeling. And, I am here to tell you today that the same type of good vibes comes every single time I choose to do that “next right thing” in my daily life. Do I fall short? Of course I do, and I truly wish I could do more. I have a drive about myself that wants the best for everyone I come in contact with and being a wrongful victim is no where close to the BEST type of living for anyone. I have learned that if we all join together to help someone else in any way possible, we are making a difference. However many of us that are brave enough to take a stand; to take this challenge in doing the next right thing against bullying or any other wrong others suffer, has taken one step closer to achieving a life filled with peace, love and happiness!
    I will leave you all with the following verse that helps me from one day to the next:
    “And now these three remain: Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE!” 1 Corinthians 13:13
    Whether you are a person of faith in God or not, we all know and have experienced love. Love is what it is all about ladies! May we go forward today filled with love….


  162. Ladies…you are truly amazing. THANK YOU!! Your hearts shine through and I love that you listen to the One who whispers to you :0).

    Best adivce – children will learn much more by what you DO than what you SAY. Little eyes are always watching and little ears are always listening.

    Blessings to you both!

  163. Practice what you preach. If you want to raise a nice good little human then you need to show them what that looks like by setting that example. Always be kind and tender and think before you speak for what comes out of your mouth will be coming out of your childrens… Think how what you say will sound coming from a 3 yr old. Show love always. There will never be too much love.

  164. Something that was taught to me as a child that still rings true today is to treat others as you would like to be treated. The golden rule is an easy rule for us to teach our children. If we see someone that needs a door opened or an extra hand we should stop to help them and not just walk by. We need to instill in our children that even a small act of kindness can change someone’s life. Everyone has their own personal demons that they deal with; any positive impact that we may exhibit could be life altering. The small change could create an army; an army that can change the world!

    “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. -Ephisans 2:10

  165. I try to and will continue to try and teach my two young daughters the importance of love. To try and see the world through God’s eyes and to love EVERYONE. I believe it’s as simple as that. Life is about loving and being loved.

  166. My sweet 5 year old started kindergarten this week; my wonderful, innocent, very loved baby bird has wings. As we stand there waiting for the front door of the school to open, both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles all standing towards the back of the crowd wiping away tears, knowing this is the door to the rest of her life. No more mommy kissing skinned knees, daddy holding her up on her bike or brother giving her a hug. … it is the real world. Where people aren’t always nice and you will be faced with meanness you never knew existed; where phrases like “it’s a dog eat dog world” and “better them than me”originate. She lets go of my hand and runs up to a little girl she met briefly at “popcicles on the playground”. Two pony tails, red face from crying, the girl is huddled behind her very distraught mom. “I’m Ava,” my daughter proudly exclaims, “you had a red popcicle.” And gives her a huge open hug only a kid can give. “My mom said that I would make all new friends at school,but she was wrong! You are an old friend!” The little girl slowly removes herself from her mother’s side and says, “I’m Greyson”. 5 minutes later our girls are walking down the hallway hand in hand towards their class; together. I learned from my mother that a brief moment of kindness or compassion towards those around you can make a lifetime’s difference for those who have been shown none. If we all took the view that my daughter did on Monday, the lady at the check out counter, the postal worker that delivers your mail, the produce manager at the grocery store, all have the potential to be your “old friend” Be kind to one another because you never know the strength of your words and actions, both good and bad; and you never know when you may need that kindness in return-even if it is just to walk through the open classroom door at the end of the hallway.

  167. I love the idea of killing the world with kindness…this is my motto. I’m an elementary school counselor, a wife, and a doting mother to a beautiful baby girl. The most important advice I would give anyone about raising KIND, GOOD, and COURAGEOUS children would be to BE a KIND, GOOD, AND COURAGEOUS person! Set the example! Raise the bar of expectations in your child’s life.

    So many children are afraid to stand alone in this world of followers…this is so true for grown-ups, too. How can adults teach about bullying if they’re being bullies in real life themselves? The BST world is full of these types, and it is highly disappointing and heartbreaking.

    The only hope any of us have is to pray over our babies and the children they interact with, because the world will come after them at some point. We can only hope we’ve instilled enough wisdom in them to be their own person…to rise above adversity…and to not be too afraid to stand a part from the crowd.

    Bullying is at an all time high…even in the elementary school I work for. This terrifies me as a mother to a daughter. Girl bullying is the worse! Words are cruel, and kids know how to use them. Where are they learning this behavior? Who is monitoring them? The only thing I can figure is that they are not getting enough of what they need as tiny humans. WE NEED TO BE THE KIND OF PARENTS THAT PARENT…the parents these children need! We must be a positive influence in their lives.

    WDW highlights the innocence of childhood. Let’s fight like wolves to maintain it! BE THE EXAMPLE! Let’s pray to be better, so they can be better. Let’s raise up babies that love one another and help us to remember what life is all about…the good stuff. They are the future. Let’s build them up to handle what life throws at them.

    God bless you! Be a blessing and have a WONDERFUL day! xoxo

  168. Lead by example…Simple as that.
    Actions speak louder than words so teach them by showing them what a NICE human looks like 🙂 ❤

  169. Keep your head held high and lift others up along the way. Pay attention and you will see all the goodness in the world.

    As a role model to my children, I am teaching them that when bad things happen, we must find the goodness and realize that there is so much more good than bad. Love really is all around. We can help others find their bravery and happiness one good deed at a time.

  170. As a parent, I must model the behavior I expect of my children. I must lead by example and never expect anything of them they haven’t been shown or taught in their own home. They are born with a pure and innocent heart, and need to continue to see goodness in the world and be the positive light they were created to be. Evil lurks and mistakes will be made, but they are equipped to rise above with HIs guidance and foundations established early on…Unending Love, Amazing Grace

  171. We had two rules growing up:

    1) treat others the way you would want them to treat you
    2) if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all

    I have tried to instill the same principle in my own children.

  172. Thank you, this is a great idea! I think the one piece of advice that I heard and really use every hour of every day with my little ones is this: stop saying it, and start doing it. Be the change. So, instead of telling them to do something, I model it myself, and do it with them– not only do we have more fun and more health and more kindness (exercising, eating, playing, cleaning, reading, learning, talking, and exploring!), but we do it together ❤
    Being purposeful about the example I'm setting is good juju for me, too. And, I must admit, my heart does a little happy dance when I see the upwards spiral, when Big Sister has learned something (saying 'thank you's and 'please' and offering to help, and small acts of kindness), and she begins to teach her little brother the same…. *heart melt!* What we pass on to the next generation doesn't have to be the fears and flawed expectations our parents might have given us- we DO have the opportunity to break the cycle, and support our beautiful little people, and that really is making the world a better place ❤

  173. As a child, I was ridiculed for the glasses on my face and my need for acceptance. I tried acting cool, but ultimately my quirkiness left me often alone. I don’t want my children growing up thinking they have to PLAY A ROLE. Being made in His image means that their personalities were perfectly planned and should be embraced. This doesn’t just apply to them, it applies to people in their lives. Teaching them to be kind and humble first and foremost isn’t easy, but is imperative for a growing world. The Lord commanded that we love one another. He is the one my trust lies in, and I hope they can say they grew up knowing how to treat people because they saw to “do as I say” AND as I do.

  174. Do unto others as you’d have done to you. . .I try to remember that I am my children’s best teacher. My girls look to me for comfort, advice, love and support and to know the right thing to do. Speaking kindly and thinking kindly of others is something I hope I’ve taught them and will continue to teach them. . .and most of all I teach them that winning isn’t everything. It’s okay if you don’t get what you think you wanted – because there’s something better waiting. . .just give it time.

  175. First of all, a parent leads by example. Our kids see and absorb the way we treat others. Unspoken lessons in kindness (or not) are shown every day though our actions as parents. I try to give my daughters some tangible ways they can be kind to others. Growing up in a family who moved around a lot, I know how difficult it is to be the new girl. I try to direct my daughters to reach their hand out to a new face, offering a hello or even a smile. That simple gesture makes a serious impression on that girls day. Befriending someone new is important and really makes a difference.

  176. My comment to parents would be to be role models, even adults get bullied, hold doors for others coming behind you, make an effort to go out of your way to help someone you see struggling, SHOW them what a good human is and can be. Your kids ARE watching, even when you think they aren’t.

  177. I try so hard to be the kind of person I want my three kids to be. And if all else fails, I LOVE the hell out of them!!!

  178. I have no advice on how to raise kind and compassionate children (they didn’t come with a instructions when we left the hospital). I try by being a good role model and mentor to them. They are little sponges and soak up every action, word, and deed you as the patent do. My son stepped on a scorpion last night. His twin sister immediately ran to the fridge, grabbed an ice pack, laid him down, and proceeded to ice his boo boo. It amazed me the amount of empathy and love she has for him. He is such a rough and tumble little boy that she is normally the one injured from him. My favorite verse to recharge with is 1 Cor 13 4-8 describing the characteristics of love. Love never fails. If my kids can learn to love then I will count my parenting a success.

  179. Parents often forget, kids learn from them.. Don’t yell at your child and expect them not to yell too.. Don’t curse in front of your child, and expect them not to do the same.. even when your back is turned.. Kids mimic what they see..

  180. We teach our children to love God, love others & serve God, and serve others. By getting these two things right we have found that the rest just falls into place. It takes a lot of teachable moments, but I hope my children observe me loving God and loving others and in turn do the same. As for serving- we are never more like Jesus than when we are giving. Teaching my littles that serving can be opening a door and giving can simply be time or a smile.

  181. My husband and I are Christian Counselors. One of the best books we’ve read about rearing children is “Shepherding A Child’s Heart” by Ted Tripp. We teach our children that this world is tough and we shouldn’t be surprised by sin. But we are to be gracious and kind to those who are hurting. Look for chances to encourage. Being cool is about having peace at heart and that is achieved and maintained by seeking to honor God and not others. He gives us the grace and mercy to share love and kindness. We love to teach these life lessons from Ephesians and Philippians. Philippians 2:3 says Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves. In the face of the nastiest words and the hardest situations there is wisdom to be found and there is a chance to give hope and be a great encourager.

  182. When I was a child, I grew up in a very unhappy home. My parents were miserable with one another, yet wanted to stay together for “our” sake: meaning me and my siblings. My mother delt with her unhappiness by screaming at us. My father delt by ignoring us. I learned quickly as a child not to take anyone and anything for granted. We grew up in a beautiful home, we wore beautiful clothes, to beautifully imperfect people. And I learned from them how I did not want to treat anyone.
    As an adult, my father admitted to me one day that it always drove my mom crazy when I came home with “strays.” I asked what he meant, and he said, “you found people that you could trust. Regardless of age, or how much money their parents had. You didn’t care about looks, the way your mother did. She wanted you to be friends with all the pretty girls, and you brought over anyone who would smile back at you. They were your strays, and still are today.”
    And he was right: because of the home I grew up in, I was kind to everyone. And that’s what I want my children to understand. Everybody struggles in their lives. You cannot look at someone and judge them. If I had done so, I would be missing out on some of the greatest people in my life. e
    This world is harsh. People are judged for literally everything. I just hope to raise my children to treat people with goodness, always. Honestly, all it takes is one person to stand up to a bullied child and it can become a beautiful friendship. A simple smile can brighten someone’s day. Ask someone how they are, not out of politeness, but because you genuinely want to know.
    As parents, we are role models to our children. I only hope that we can show our children that change can happen with kindness. ❤️

  183. Making good choices is part of everyday life with our family. We have already started to still “giving back” with our 2 and 1/2 year old daughter. We read books, we sing, and we talk about how can we help, and how can we make a difference together as a family.

    Encouraging ‘sweet words’ and ‘helping our friends’ is what I’m trying to ingraining with my daughter, all while trying to learn patients, me included!

    Thank you Wolf Pack for your encouragement and thank you for your sweetness!

  184. I think confidence is key in raising children, confidence in being a parent and the decisions that you make (whether good or bad) we all have to learn from our mistakes. We also need to instill confidence in our children, to stand up for what they believe in, to make decisions and to face the consequences from poor choices with dignity and humility. But above confidence, raising kids takes a lot of faith and prayer. I can tell my kids something until I am blue in the face, but I can’t change their hearts, only God can, so faith and prayer that God will provide and shape their little hearts to one day turn into the strong, kind, compassionate and confident adult I hope to see one day.

  185. If we as parents do not stand up and teach our children what is right then the world will sweep in quickly and teach them everything that is wrong. There are eight main goals that myself and church family are studying and striving towards as Christian parents. First and foremost, love your spouse unconditionally. Show this love and affection so that your children see the love you share. They learn from viewing your actions. Your spouse was there before children and will be there after. Next, love your children unconditionally. Tell them daily, show them, accept them, understand them, and most importantly take the time to always listen to them. The third goal is to lead your children to commit their lives to Christ. You must pray for their salvation, tell them about Jesus, share your salvation story with them, and let them see you serving the Lord consistently(not only at times of convenience). Then, teach your children the Word of God. Read the Bible with them, let them see you reading the Bible, teach them to memorize scripture, and teach them how to study the Bible. Ask and answer questions. Next, teach your children how to know and hear God’s voice. They should know the importance of a personal devotional life. Goal six is to teach your children to obey and respect authority. This is a huge issue that has been gaining a lot of national attention lately. God has authority over all. Children must learn this at an early age. Respect their parent’s authority, adult’s authority, teacher’s authority, employer’s authority, officer’s authority, government authority, etc. Next, teach your children self discipline. Teach them to be less impulsive and more reflective. The eighth and final goal is to enjoy being their parent! Take care of yourself, take care of your spouse, plan ahead in order to not be as stressed, laugh at yourself (this is important for your children to see), plan a weekly fun day during the summer and a monthly fun day during the school year. This may seem like a lot and overwhelming at first, but if practiced it will surely change their lives as well as your own.

  186. We model the behavior we want our children to show, when we do make mistakes which let’s face it is often, we do our best to make things right. Perfection is not possible, but kindness is always achievable.

  187. My life is the most closely followed example of kindness and bravery that my children will follow.
    One day this summer, my almost 4 year old daughter asked me why I talked to a lady I didn’t know in a parking lot. I told her that I was being friendly and the lady looked like she needed someone to speak to her to brighten her day. My daughter said, “How do you know she needed that, when she was just frowning? She looked angry.” I reminded her as I had many times before that we don’t know what the lady had been through or how difficult it was for her to even get to the store that day. She still deserved for us to be kind, even if she wasn’t feeling kind herself. My girl thought on that one as we went through the store and as we were stuck in a mile-long check out line she said, “Mama, I’ve been thinking. At school our rule is to ‘BE A GOOD FRIEND’ and I think you were a good friend to that angry lady. I’m going to be a good friend to someone in a bad mood too.” It took all I had not to laugh at the four-year-old phrasing of that comment, but as I was holding it together, it was our turn to put the items on the counter and check out and suddenly my girl says to the cashier, “I don’t know if you’re having a good day or not, but I’m going to sing you a song.” And she sang This Little Light of Mine (LOUDLY!) to the cashier and had everyone within earshot smiling and clapping. As we left she said to me, “I like making people smile and helping them have a good day. This is a good idea, Mama.” I laughed and cried and still do when I think of how my example was so closely watched, interpreted, and mirrored in her own way and I constantly pray for my children to know the value in being kind and brave in this competitive world. 🙂

  188. I feel so unqualified for giving anyone parental advice. I am the mother of a 3 year old so the love, kisses and words of encouragement are what best works for us right now. And of course, teaching her to share and be kind to others. My husband and I had the privilege of raising 2 of our nieces for 5 years and we would both agree that a standout moment to us and them regarding how to treat others came when we were very honest about how we had treated others growing up. I would never consider myself a bully and in fact, I was the one who was bullied. But, in a moment of anger and mostly to take the attention off of myself, I joined in bullying a fellow classmate. What I shared with my nieces was how deeply ashamed I was even 20 years later, it was something that I had never forgotten. My hurtful words and the hurtful look on her face was something that I will NEVER forget. Being open and very honest about what I had done and explaining the hurt that I had felt and ultimately caused was very eye opening for them. They would often say that they remembered what I had said and instead of joining in on the bullying, that they instead took that person aside and became a friend to them. I will share this with my daughter too when the time is right and of course teach her about the deep love of Christ. And that love heals and forgives and is the most beautiful gift that we can share with someone else. I also strive to be an example. I want them to see me being kind to others no matter the situation. We live in what I think are much darker times and now more than ever, it is imperative that our children learn to love one another first as Christ loves us. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to reflect on this teaching moment in our lives. Your blog touched my heart and added flame to the fire to be purposeful with my words and actions. Thank you!

  189. We try to parent by example and work together as a family in giving, serving and being kind. Our children are also encouraged by our kindness jars. We deposit chips when we notice or they are complimented on giving, serving or being kind. The chips can be traded in for afterschool treats, trips to a park or zoo or a date with mom or dad. When doing our chips, they have the opportunity to brag on each other. Their faces light up when a sibling recognizes their kindness. Do I think this is enough? I’m not sure, but I hope if I lead by example, reinforce our values and recognize their efforts it will stick even when I’m not there. One of my proudest moments as a parent was when a couple in our Sunday School class told us how thankful they were for my son. Their son had been having a hard year and our son had befriended him. That definitely made my heart swell with gladness.

  190. The question I tell my kids to ask themselves; Are my actions helping or hurting? It can be applied in nearly all situations, I hope it’s something they carry with as they grow.

  191. My advice would be to teach by example. My mother never had to explain much to me about being a decent, nice human being because she lives it. Even better, she does it ‘behind’ the scenes. I can remember in grade school a little girl being made fun of because she didn’t wear socks. I never heard my mom mention it or ask too many questions. But I do remember her coming into school and showing the mother a bag of things and telling her I had gotten way too many back to school things and since her daughter and I were friends she thought she might love them. I knew this wasn’t the truth I saw her buy them. But in that moment I realized it’s not about pointing out what you’re doing for the world to praise, but to just do it because you can. Years later I asked her about it and she told me she didn’t have socks as a little girl and no one cared to notice. Just point and laugh. She told me its important to remember to be nice. To everyone. Always. From that small act I started to look past how a person looks or what they have and only at the friendship I could make. I learned to speak up for anyone who couldn’t it and always stand up for what’s right. Even if the crowd isn’t on your side. Now with a son and daughter on the way, I pray I am amble to enstil such a lesson with a very small, but very big meaningful gesture.

  192. When my 3 sisters and I were little, my Mother had the sweetest tradition that she started for us at Christmas time. My father was a factory worker and Mama did alterations and sewing for the public, so not much extra money, ever. At Christmas time, she wanted her girls to know that there were children and adults all around us, who were lonely and hurting for love. She wanted us to learn how to share what we had with others. She took us shopping every year, and we got to pick one small gift, that we loved, to buy and bring home and wrap, to add to the gifts under our tree. She chose 2 adult gifts. There were always 6 extra gifts under our tree:) We gave away those extra gifts every year! It was so much fun for all of us:) Her last Christmas with us was in 1993, and she had extra gifts under her tree. Today, my sisters and I still buy extra presents for our trees. God will always supply the need, if we are willing to listen to His voice.

  193. I was once a child that was picked on daily because of the clothes I wore because my father lost his job and couldn’t afford to pay bills, let alone but “name brand” clothes. I continued to hold my head up high and be nice to my bullies. I eventually ended up Prom Queen. I tell my children stories of the verbal and physical abuse I endured for things I couldn’t control. I told them how it made me feel. I remind them that we don’t know what is going on at the child’s home to make them act the way they do. I take them to volunteer at our local homeless shelter. They see me daily giving crackers and water to homeless people we pass. We struggle financially from time to time, but I coupon and find ways to make sure they have what they need. I remind them not all children have moms that would sell her jeans so they could have shoes that fit. Most importantly I take them to church and pray with them so they know to pray for others less fortunate, because we might not have everything we want, but it could always be worse. You never know when it could be you that needs prayers and help from others. We are put here to help one another, not tear each other down. God bless you gals and your amazing hearts!

  194. Every morning I pray a blessing over my boys (and now daughter) with them in my presence and speak outloud an old proverb from the bible “may the lord bless you and keep you may the lords face shine upon you today” and then we pray we pray protection physically and mentally and spiritually over them and the students of their school as well as the staff! We pray that mankind finds them favor and that they pour out an abundance of blessings of those they come in contact with! We all sin, we all fall short, but learning to seek forgiveness and learn life lessons is valuable and I pray that for all our children reading this blog. May the lords face shine upon you all, may he be gracious to you, his Contnance with you and his peace with you always xoxox

  195. I always teach my littles “Choose kindness.” As hard as it can be sometimes, you never know the battle someone else may be fighting. Our world would be a better place with more love and kindness and it starts with us (me/you). Even if someone is unkind to you, break the cycle and set a better example for others to follow. When Jesus was suffering, did he fight back? Always choose kindness!

  196. Live by God’s word. Raise your children in a Godly home and lead by example. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. Teach children that just as God forgave us. We will all stumble and fall and make mistakes. When we do, God will be there to pick us back up and the Bible will help guide our path.

  197. My daddy used to tell me to not pay attention to what a boy said, only what he did. He was talking about boys I’d date who would tell me how much they liked me but who would never show it. I finally started paying attention and made better choices, including my now husband.

    To me, this is about actions speaking louder than words. I try to teach my young toddlers to not only SAY kind things but DO kind things. Go sit next to the little boy/girl in your class who sits alone, or offer to share something you have if a friend is in need. Yes, saying KIND things matters but DOING kind things matters more.

  198. I think as a parent we should do the best we can for our children, and not worry about how others do things or what milestones their children are at. Focus on loving our families and being the change we want to see.
    Start small and do the right things repeatedly.
    Our children will learn from what they see. Love much and laugh often. And smile a lot :))

  199. Kindness isn’t just about doing nice things for other people, it’s respect; respect for ourselves, respect for others, the environment, animals . . . When you exhibit respect and kindness in the presence of children, you’re working to instill those values in them. Answer their questions honestly; teach through conversation and example; and praise when they exhibit positive behaviors.

  200. My children had to experience with me the heartache of seeing my Dad suffer with Cancer. They would come along with me to almost every doctor visit, every hospital visit, until the very end to Hospice. I made sure they let Papis (grandpa) know they loved him. I would always tell my children to pray for Papis. When my dad passed my son was 9 and my dd was 2. Since then I visit my dad at the cemetery often and have them pick out flowers for him. We go all out especially for Father’s Day, birthday, and when he became an Angel Anniversary. Every time we drive by they yell out “bye Papis we love you”. I want them to always remember their grandpa and how much he loved them. So when I’m gone, I hope they never forget to keep celebrating their Papis life and keep bringing him flowers too. I want my children to Love God, Love themselves, Love Life, Love each other, & Love Family.

  201. As I am very new to the parenting world (a fun and energetic 2 year old) molding humans into world supporters and changers seems overwhelming and exciting. We draw from our interactions and experiences as a kid- and one distinct voice remains clear in my head.

    You are the only you.

    I hope (and pray. a lot.) that the voice that encouraged strength and compassion in my life will continue through my actions to my daughter. Not only looking fear and difference in the face and standing tall but I truly believe those qualities begin with the person on the inside- whom are they encouraged to be- what worth do they find in themselves to show others kindness and love.

    you are the only you in this world.

  202. I try to live by the Bible, and one of the verses I try to remember throughout my day, everyday, is Luke 6:31 “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.”

    Also, this quote: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

    These simple quotes and verses are easily read and we often don’t think twice about them, but they are so true and important. These are some tidbits that are great food for thought.

  203. Always be kind to everyone. My daughter is 4 and was talking about who she wanted to invite. She decided she wanted to invite everyone in her class except for one specific boy. When I asked her why, she said “he cries all the time.” I happen to know this little boys parents got divorced not too long ago so I am sure there have been lots of big changes in his family. I told her that its important to invite him too and be his friend. People who are different than us need friends too.

  204. It’s so hard to be a good parent that sometimes you have to laugh when you want to be angry and you have to be angry when you want to laugh. And always remember that the greatest mark of a parent is how they treat their children when no one is looking. Just keep it real!!!!

  205. The best way to raise kind, good, and courageous little people? You must first model it as their parent. Surround them with love, but also help guide them when they make mistakes and use those as teachable moments to show there’s a better way. It’s always better to choose love. It’s always better to choose kindness. But first, you must be the Good.

    When those things are learned, they’ll stand firm in their beliefs and make good choices, they’ll be brave and stand up for what’s right when there are others who need help, they’ll feel moved to take action when others are oppressed.

  206. I literally cried when I read this blog post today. What an inspiration you ladies are to so many people! I want to encourage all parents especially mothers to be a positive role models to their children. Watch your words and speak kindly about other people. Children learn their own behavior or by watching their parents. If a mother is talking negatively about another woman or person (ex: “She’s ugly”, “She’s gross”, “What is she wearing”… “You’re prettier than her” “she’s annoying”), then that’s how the child will want to speak or act towards other kids or people. Bullying starts at home. It is absolutely out-of-control in today’s world! Parents need to show their children love, so they can show others love! Starting their lives off by teaching them good manners, can almost always a sure a good child and positive role model in the future! I cannot tell you how many people nowadays donnot say “thank you” or “please” on an every day basis. It takes very little effort from parents teaching their children, which in return will make a huge difference in the world our children grow up! And you are right, I see so many women on the boards on Facebook bullying each other. It’s quite disturbing, because you know their children are watching the same behavior of theirs at home. This really hits home, hard! We lost my beautiful 15-year-old niece in June, due to bullying. She was absolutely stunning, popular, very smart, president of many clubs, and the list goes on. It is so very sad that she felt that was her only exit from her so-called friends bullying her. 😦 Let’s all make changes to end bullying and create a more loving environment for our children!

  207. i believe our children learn so much from us as parents. we try our hardest to instill in our children that even if people are different (physically, mentally, emotionally)we are all God’s creation. we are to love one another and pick each other up. my 7 year old son has a big heart and an old soul. it scares me sometimes, he is so loving even when being picked on. But that’s when i have my “ahh-ha” moment, hes actually teaching me that im not always leading by a great example. i do wish i could be more like my precious baby boy, hes going to be a great role model for his sissy (emeri). 🙂

  208. Do unto others as you will have them do unto you. And Most important for parents is actions speak louder than words. Little eyes are constantly watching….so behave as a kind, thoughtful, helpful, courageous, loving adult and your children will follow your lead.

  209. I think a few things are involved in raising respectful, thoughtful, kind, and compassionate children. First, they must have a heart for God. He molds their hearts to love His people. Second, we have to teach them to be brave…not afraid Togo against the status quo. Teach them they are beautiful and loved in an effort to make them comfortable in their own shoes, so it won’t matter what everyone else is doing. They’ll choose to sit at that table because they are strong enough and brave enough to do the opposite of everyone else. And lastly, we have to model the behavior ourselves. Open a dialogue about what is happening and be vocal about what our response is, and in some cases, should have been. Admit when we’ve messed up and teach them what a better choice would have been. You ladies are awesome, and have responded to all the harsh words with poise and wisdom…I’m sure y’all have a lot you could teach the world about this. 🙂

  210. Every time I would see my Grandmother when I was a child, she would say “Stay Sweet. There’s too much meanness in the world.” I live by this and I hope I make her proud of the woman and mom I have become.

  211. I loved reading about Don. Working with children with autism and developmental disabilities has often helped me view things in a different light. I always remember the great line in Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Suess -‘A person’s a person no matter how small’. I try every day to teach my children about acceptance, forgiveness, and kindness. i try to take a step back and take a breath before reacting. I may feel angry, but wait until I’m cool enough to reply. Some days I feel like a failure and my kids do something that tells me I’m getting through…it may be a simple as sharing their snack with a friend who forgot theirs or playing on the playground with a disabled classmate that the other kids tease and make fun of. Some days they are giving away their Halloween candy to the homeless and other days they rallying their classmates to help make a difference in their community. They may not change the world, but when I see them shine I know they are following in my footsteps.

  212. As so many others have shared, I’ve already been using the Golden rule with my twin 3 1/2 year olds. If one does something not so nice to the other, then you turn it around and say would she have liked it if her sister did that to her? They are so sweet and thoughtful with others, but sometimes forget to do so with each other as most sisters do now and then (having a sister, I can definitely relate!). I was just talking the other day with my husband about how I think they might be ready soon to see the more recent Disney remake of Cinderella, and I love the message that they share in that movie – “Have courage, and be kind.” I think that fits what we are all sharing perfectly, and I look forward to having them watch the movie to take that away from it. We also praise their acts of kindness and encourage them to continue to do so, and try our best to lead by example.

  213. Teach your child to pray, learn to forgive no matter what, know that everyone is different and that’s ok! Some of the kindest hearts have nothing and would still give you the shirt of their back. Don’t break their spirit, as hard as this is for me, I KNOW I will be glad one day that I have a STRONG WILLED child. Thank you girls for all you do and for this MUCH NEEDED post.

  214. My girls are still little at one and three years old. I try to teach them to be kind to each other and others by saying please, thank you, giving kisses and hugs. I also try to instill them to respect others and say they’re sorry when appropriate. As they get older, I hope to provide them a source of confidence and to be brave, to be nice to all even if the person is a bit different, to embrace differences, to volunteer and help others. Will be such an amazing journey to see them blossom. I hope I can always be there for them and that they feel comfortable to come to me with anything they need guidance with.

  215. My goals for my children have always been to (1) love the Lord and (2) be empathetic of others. When I feel as though they need a reminder, I always quote one of my favorites from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor executed by the Nazis,
    We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they

  216. I’ve really enjoyed reading this post and all the advice so far.

    My advice is to travel as much as possible with your littles. Whether you have to opportunity to take them around the world, or just an hour or two away by car (or train), I truly believe it’s beneficial for children to be stretched outside their comfort zones, break routine, and see how others “do life.” I feel that it helps children gain perspective and understanding that the world doesn’t evolve only around them. Though the decades, we will meet people that come from all walks of life – and it’s always important to treat people with respect, and shun prejudices. Secondly, something I will pass onto my daughter is what my mom always told me from a young age: the true testament to one’s character is how you behave when no one is watching. This has stuck with me my entire life, and has always helped me make the right choices, big and small. 🙂

  217. All you can do is Love! Love yourself and the people around you. We have to be an example for our babies! Not only teach them to do unto others as you wish they would do unto you, but also SHOW them how to be that person. Lead by example!
    Teach our children to be the one to make the differences. Always be fair. Always be kind. Alwayes find a way to forgive the ones who hurt you. Be generous. Be charitable. Be sincere. Have patience. Be positive. Put yourself in everyone else’s shoes. Recognize our differences as a beautiful variety of traits God has given us. Smile as often as possible because smiling not only feeds positively to our selves but also to everyone who sees is. And always be a fisher of men. Know that there is always an opportunity to show the people around us God’s love and grace. We never know when a broken soul might be looking for hope in their dark times! Always let that light shine!

  218. Dont sweat the small stuff. All stuffs small stuff. -grandfather inlaw- rest his sole

    This Helped me just recently. When my family member stole my phone I let it go rayher than cause more anger and agravation on the matter. Replaced my phone and went on with my bad self .
    One easily could have chose to make thinks worse by fighting over it.

  219. I love this post!

    One of my biggest lessons I’ve learned as a mom is that you have to remember that it can take work to learn kindness, compassion, and selflessness. It is important, not only to exhibit the behavior that you want your kids to emulate, but also to remind them that it can take work and to praise them for their effort. If they are not praised for working towards the goal of being kind, compassionate, and selfless, they may think it is something you are either born with, or you don’t have it– and recognizing that it can take work to act a certain way isn’t just limited to being kind, or helping people out. The same can be said for academics, sports skills, etc. Praising the effort, as much as or more than the end result, can be the most meaningful part of raising a child that can make their way in the world as a kind and self-sufficient person.

    My mom taught me this shortly after I became a mom for the first time. And she is still praising my effort, even when the end result isn’t quite there yet. 🙂

  220. The Golden Rule… Do unto others as you would have done unto you. This applies in everything, especially bullying. Keep God first and ask yourself “what would Jesus do” in all circumstances. Having a special needs child myself, I know how much a simple act of kindness from another can mean the world to my child and myself. Thank you for all you do and stand for!!!

  221. The best way to teach your children all of these is to 1) lead by example… and 2) let them be kids and tell them it is ok to make mistakes. How else does one learn best?!

  222. As mothers we need to lead by example, showing compassion & acceptance to all, even those we disagree with or flat out think are wrong. We must remember that we are all growing and learning daily. An act of kindness means so much more than an act of hate. So always show kindness, grace, and forgiveness. Do these things for others but also for yourself because it feels so good! Learn to let go, laugh often, and read the bible. There are so many uplifting quotes in the bible (I love Psalms) that can get you through the most tough situations, I know from experience. Grow a personal relationship with the Lord, which doesn’t always mean a front row pew seat. Go out into the world and follow the greatest commandment that Jesus gives to us: Simply LOVE.

    “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6

  223. Thank you so much for this post. This has been on my heart so much lately. Our world is so broken right now and we all need to come together in kindness. We are each so beautifully different and It’s ok to disagree…but when we do we should do it without hateful words or hurtful actions. We try to impart on our children that it’s ok if someone doesn’t think the same way you do. You can still be kind to them and show each other compassion. We cannot control how others feel or how they act…we can only try and be an example to them and let God be in control. I will never forget when my oldest daughter came home from middle school one day and told me about a girl in one of her classes. This girl always sat all by herself and anytime they had to form groups she was never “chosen”…she was always alone and seemed very sad. My daughter decided that she wasn’t going to be alone that day. She asked the others in her group if they would mind if she asked her to join them. They all agreed. She approached this precious girl and invited her to join their group..and she did. That afternoon when she got home and told me this my heart was in my throat. I could not have been more proud of her…first that she noticed someone was hurting and that she chose to do something about it. She is my introvert so I know it took a lot of courage to approach her…but she followed her heart and God gave her that little push she needed. She has no idea of the impact that her actions could have made on that young girls heart..she just saw someone hurting and knew it was the right thing to do. I pray that my children live everyday showing others that kindness can move mountains.

  224. This post made me so happy! There have been so many times I have read things that people have written on your WDW page and IG and I literally cringe and I am embarrassed for the people that act so ugly. I loved the little story. I am assuming it was one of you two sisters that you are writing about. I did similar things in HS and have always had a desire to help out the “underdog” so to speak. Regarding the question, I try to teach my children to be kind and courageous by assisting them in learning the joy in giving. I take opportunities at school for my daughter to take little gifts for different holidays and let her be the one that physically gives the items to her teachers and classmates so that she can see the smiles on their faces. I also try very hard not to just tell my daughter and son they are handsome or beautiful. I try to praise them when they do kind things and build them up from that. I have them be apart of getting rid of their toys and clothes and donate them to others who need them. I have organized collecting soup for the homeless and had them help me deliver it. On a daily basis I try to help my children see the positive in situations and direct them to focusing on the positive vs negative. When we are out in public I have them help me hold the door for others and let them witness me actually smiling and speaking to other people. A few weeks ago we were at an event where my three (almost 4) year old daughter was given a bouquet of balloons from a function that was cleaning up. She loved them and ran in the park playing with them for the longest time. There was an orange one in the bouquet of balloons and I remembered that one of my sweet friends dear friend just lost her 3 year old son two months ago to cancer and they had recently released orange balloons in his memory. I suggested to my daughter that we release the orange one for a little boy who was in heaven. She said yes. We said a little prayer and released the balloon and I took a photo to share with his momma to let her know her sweet boy is not forgotten by others. When it was time to leave, our daughter decided on her own that she wanted to share the remaining balloons with another little girl so she could enjoy them. She went over to hand them to the little girl. Once she went over, we realized the little girl didn’t speak English but my daughter handed them over with a smile and the little girl accepted with a smile. No words were needed. Kindness did the talking and it melted this momma’s heart and made me feel like I just may be doing something right.

  225. Thanks for sharing this touching post! So heart warming, so true, so needed. For teaching my children there are several quotes I love, they are classic and forever true no matter what changes take place in life. Treat others how you want to be treated is the first. Anytime I have issues with unkind behavior the question is “how would you like it if someone did this to you” and what would you want them to say or do to you to make it better. I have 6 kids ages from 21 down to 2 I pray that they would be the cheerleader in your story I pray they would have empathy I pray they would think “how would I feel” I pray they would sit at that table. Another favorite for me is this “be kinder than necessary for everyone we meet is facing some sort of battle we know nothing about.” I once was placing an order at The Cookie Company in our local mall and the guy was rude he was really rude. I asked him what was wrong that he seemed mad and he didn’t have to be rude to me. His response was “You would be rude too if you had no heat and were sleeping in the cold every night.” I felt so bad for him I told him I’d pray for him and I was sorry, it did not change his attitude but it changed mine. I posted on some social media I can’t even remember what at the time and some people wanted to give him money. I gathered the money and a Bible and placed the bills at Bible verses throughout that meant something to me. I gave it to him when I picked up my cake and left we told our kids at the time everything. I have no clue what happened to him I have no idea now anything I just know that he really showed me You Never Know! I called him out and he opened up! Another and the last for this comment is Be The Change You Wish To See In The World. Someone once gave me a necklace with this on it it reminds me of my Grandpa. He spent a lot of time taking a stance against abortion. He wanted to “Stop Abortion dead In Its Tracks” he said this to me all the time as I typed up his petitions with scriptures and laws quoted through out. He went to politicians and churches and he did all he could to Be The Change that he so wanted to see. Of course I fail at being an example in this as a Momma, Wife, Friend, etc but these are my desires for my children these are my heart songs for their life. Recently my 9 year old son asked me what was my biggest wish. he said his was no school, seriously LOL! I thought for a bit and asked him if he knew the difference between Happiness and Joy, he didn’t and I explained. Happiness is based on circumstances, no school and your happy 🙂 Joy comes from the Lord you have it inside of you regardless of circumstances and my biggest wish is for all of my kids to have joy through Jesus. Thanks for letting us share and pour our hearts out in this post.

  226. I’m teaching my 4 children that the only ugly there is, is an ugly heart. Be kind to everyone especially that kid sitting all alone. Always use kind words and like my mom always told me you never know how people deal with pain don’t be the cause of it.

  227. My grandmother taught me to ask myself 3 questions when confronted with a difficult situation. She said do not give them the dignity of a response if:

    1) Is it kind?
    2) Is it wise?
    3) Is it true?

    If it I couldn’t answer “yes” to all 3 questions, then it was better to not say anything at all.

    I love my grandmother, she taught me many things, and I am trying to pass those thing along to my children as best as I can.

  228. Set the example, do kind things for others during your day and share that with your children, let them do kind things for others so they can understand the feeling it gives us in our hearts to be kind.
    Love this post, it really made my day and came and just the right time in my day, thank you WDW!

  229. The Golden Rule… “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Ask yourself “what would Jesus do” in all situations. Having a special needs child myself, I know a simple act of kindness can mean the world to my child and even myself. I tell my daughters all the time to have courage and be kind. Thank you to Well Dressed Wolf for all you do and stand for!

  230. As a middle school teacher, Sunday school teacher, cheer coach, and above all, a mother of two young children, I will implore others in my daily life to read this blog post. This is so beautifully written & spoken in truth and love. My students are currently composing and presenting essays on the causes and effects of bullying and stereotyping others, as well as giving solutions to decrease this rampant issue. I pray that by bringing this issue to light and having them view inspiring videos (& read inspiring blog posts!), it will create in this future generation a desire to love one another as God as called us to do. This clothing company has brought me so much joy in the first six months of my baby girl’s life, and I look forward to clothing her in WDW for many years down the road! We love you, S&S! **Psalm 55:22**

  231. My one big thing , teach through actions not words. Meaning don’t just tell your children to be nice to other,have manners,etc. show them.. Whether buy giving to the homeless,helping your neighbor ,volunteering,and countless other ways. When having a meal have manners yourself(children learn by what they see). Be kind even when someone is mean or walk away.. Being a parent in the technology age is scary, I just hope and pray the values and rules we r teaching our children will rub off and others ..

  232. James 1:19 Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.

    This is my mantra, one that I read often to my children. although they are too young to understand what it truly means, I strive to show them through my actions and interactions and words. I want them to know it’s important to listen first, not be cruel with your words, as you have mentioned, the world is a cruel enough place. Being slow to speak, slow to anger allows time for you to gain understanding and acceptance and to possibly consider an opinion or point of view you may not have considered before.

  233. Be thankful and not boastful. Live in the light and not the dark. That means so much to me as when I met my husband, he and his daughter(now my daughter) lived in the dark. Over the death of his first wife at such a young age. I brought the light back to their lives and I teach both Tori and our daughter together, Alex, that you should always find the light. God is always there and if you look, he will show you the light. 🙂

  234. We try and lead by example. We try to do nice things for others in our family and ask our children to be involved. It may be as simple as dropping by my sister’s work with a tea when she is feeling down or taking 5 minutes to physically sit down and talk to one of my sisters when she is having a bad day. I also try to make sense of the not-so-nice and sad things that we come across. Honestly, I struggle with this one…we are a very fortunate family on so many levels and it is hard to explain the bad in life. My children have made me such a better me. I want to be a role model for them on so many levels.

  235. The best advice I can think of is to speak to your children exactly as you want them to speak to you. When hate spews from your mouth it will not be long until they are doing the same. Kindness, love, and patience breeds kindness, love, and patience 😉

  236. I think it’s all about Grace — God’s grace, of course, but also the grace shown between parents and children and husband and wife. When you strive for grace over perfection, and celebrate trials and wrongs committed as learning experiences and opportunities to grow, you show your children that it’s okay to be wrong, okay to apologize, okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Kids who treat other kids with grace make my heart sing, and it all starts at home ❤

  237. I believe no matter what we say, it is what we do, and who we be that will make the most impact on our children. They are watching everything we do. I would say be honest, be true, apologize, do not be afraid to admit mistakes, be humble, give without expecting receipt. If conflict arises take the time to explain what and why and how it could/should be resolved. Try to always come from a place of love, and when that is not possible try the 3 second (how could this possibly play out at this time) pause.That can often completely change the outcome of a situation for the better. Remind children and parents alike that our thoughts can make all the difference. Thoughts create reality, they create life. From the words of the great Wayne Dyer ” When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

  238. I believe in order for children to be intrinsically kind they need to fully inderstand how to be empathetic. They need to be taught how to put themselves in other people’s shoes without having to walk a mile first.

  239. My grandfather has been a physician in our small town if Thibodaux for over 60 years. He always has a kind word and smile for everyone he meets. He greets people by name, asks how they and their family are doing, and takes time to chat. In this rushed world, it can be hard to follow this example. I still run into his patients who have so many good things to say about him and how they wish he was still practicing. Installing this kindness in my daughter has been my goal as a parent. “Soft and gentle” is a mantra repeated in our home reminding not just about actions, but about our words. It has also reminded me how to speak to my daughter, even when her toddler years have left me so incredibly frustrated. Soft and gentle. Soft and gentle. Soft and gentle. “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice” and shapes their future.

  240. I think I’ve deleted this comment a dozen times now from fear of sharing this personal information about myself, but here goes… I have borderline personality disorder, it basically means I am a very sensitive person that had difficulty managing emotions, with a history of self harm. I’ve since received world class treatment for this and am happy to say that I no longer struggle with emotion regulation to the extent that I used to. During treatment I came to understand how important validation is. If I would have had that as a child as opposed to being told “I shouldn’t be crying” or “get over it” I might have felt supported instead of feeling like I was stupid or the litany of other critical thoughts I had of myself. I think validation of people’s feelings is an important quality and this is why I try very hard to not dismiss my toddlers feelings no matter how trivial they seem. If I treat her like her feelings matter then hopefully she will in turn treat others with the same care, respect and love. Sincerely, wdwfan

  241. Be kind. It’s so simple, but so true — so powerful. I fail. More than I like to admit. Those two words were always coming out of my momma’s mouth. Sometimes in a soft, sweet voice that would make a little girl feel like she could do anything. Sometimes quickly said through gritted teeth, serving as a stern reminder. Being a mom is so, so hard. We have the responsibility of raising children that will grow up to make a positive impact in this world … and it’s a lot of pressure. So, I wholeheartedly believe living a kind existence is so important. Be kind to your children, be kind to yourself, be kind to other people. Everyone is fighting their own battles … and what does it hurt to show a little kindness to everyone you meet? This is what I pray every day that my children will learn from me.

  242. The true is I’m still learning to be a good person myself, so I’m not sure if I’m teaching it right. I feel is more like my daughter and I are learning at the same time. I recently was hurt by the rudeness of another mother from the school my daughter attends, and has been hard for me to be around when our kids are in the same classroom and sit one in front of the other. But your words make me accept something I knew I had to do since the beginning, forgive. Forgive and move on and give my best for the good of my kid and hers. After all, how Wayne Dyer said “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

    I think my best advice is to be kind to your kid, because is how they learn in the first place, and not just with words but more with the example, with actions towards them. Then they see how you treat others, your partner, your parents, your family and your friends and of course how you are with the rest of the world.

    There is a story in Spanish I loved and I don’t know if you have it in English. The story is named “The blanket for Grandpa” I’ll write it as short as possible:
    There was an old man who was lonely and went to his son’s house to ask him if he can live there so he doesn’t feel alone anymore. The son answered back that he didn’t have a place in the house so he can stay and didn’t want to inconvenience his family. The old man says it was ok, he didn’t wanted to bother him but he could take anyplace just to be there with him and his grandchild. The son agreed to let him stay in the garage and ask the grandchild who was there, to bring the old man a blanket. When the grandchild came back, he took the blanket and cut it in half in front of both, the parent scream at him, why did you do that?! The child answered back, this half is for my grandpa, and the other half is for you when you come to my place to ask me the same.

    1. well it should says: The son answered back that he didn’t have a place in the house so he CAN’T stay and didn’t want to inconvenience his family. but I couldn’t find how to edit :). kudos

  243. We tell our two children to always keep God in your heart first, he will always guide you to say kind words and do great things!

  244. My mom taught me (and still repeats it to me today) that “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

  245. My tech challenged tail posted not once but twice down further… 😂😂😂😂 I’ll spare yall from yet a third post. But my heart is the same no matter how many times I try to put the post in the right spot! 🙈❤️❤️❤️
    See way far down on the other comment portion for my owl sense. Ha! 😘

  246. I have only been a momma for three and a half years. I learned quickly with my daughter that what I put into her is what I get back out of her. From the moment our children are born they are little sponges absorbing every drop of every emotion, every touch, every word, every sound, every smell, and every experience. Regardless of if it is positive or negative it affects them forever. They learn through their experiences. I pray every day that God will make me a better person so that my children will see Him through my actions and my words. Not just when I am dealing one on one with them but at all times. These tiny humans see and hear everything! Even when you don’t think they are paying any attention or that they aren’t listening, they are. Take a moment to watch your children play. Listen to what they say. Watch their actions. You will find yourself feeling as if you are looking into a mirror. My prayer is that we can live with what we see and if not take ownership and change it.

  247. My husband and I are first-time parents to an amazing 9 month old little girl. I attest to the “common” fears women face while pregnant i.e. miscarriage, birth defects, trauma at delivery, etc. while my husband shared much different concerns for our unborn daughter. His biggest worry was raising our child to be a good, kind & compassionate person. This was so surprising to me that while I focused on our growing baby’s physical condition he looked far into the future to what kind of end-product he wanted to create.
    A few days after she was born, still in the hospital, I remember my husband holding her and saying to me, “She’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen, more importantly, I hope she’ll be a good person!” These precious instances are forever in my memory bank and help guide me in raising our child. More important than anything is that she knows unconditional love which will help yield a good, kind, and compassionate person.
    A strong guiding principle is simply to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We will raise her to know that she is strong – strong enough to combat hate when she sees it. We will teach her to stand in her power to feel confident in helping others in need. We will lead by example with the hope that what she sees is what she will do.

  248. I’m a firm believer that most behaviour is learned. Our children are a product of their environment. A huge part of what our kids believe the world is like is thru mom and dad. Its important as a parent ( and a person) to try to be positive. A positive outlook on life really does keep a person happy. I’m not a religious person but I do believe in morals. Religion is mainly based on good morals. As long as we live by those, our children will as well. And love… knowing that I will be there to love and support them, no matter what Is the most important part of raising my child.

  249. This is so sweet! I am fairly new to the Well Dresses Wolf world but I have seen some of the sweetest moms/gestures. My best advice would be to be the person that you want your child to be. My daughter is almost 2 and repeats/ does everything that I say or do. This has really gotten my attention to my actions and what I say.

  250. I think keeping God as the forefront of your family is most important. Pray for your littles so they become God loving/ God fearing individuals! Also I think it’s important for them to see how it is done. You know that little saying Monkey see.. monkey do. Now that is exactly what I’m talking about. If you want your children to grow up to be kind, good, and courageous… You have to show them your acts of kindness.. Your good deeds.. You being brave or courageous! When they see mommy and daddy doing these things.. They will likely follow suit! All the sudden you will be watching your little one and they will stand up for some little kid that has been bullied all day.. Or will help an elderly person.. Or will show compassion for someone who is sick..Or maybe your five year old will give every last penny they have to some charity… By all means, when you see this; pat them on the back, give them a high five, reinforce this behavior! Let them know how great of a deed was just done! One last thing I think is so important… Don’t teach your children to be passive aggressive.. Teach them to be assertive against injustices. Teach them to stand up for themselves and others.

  251. Our local preschool is known for its amazing fundamentals and Biblical teachings. However, last Spring the teachers saw a need that wasn’t being introduced- loving others through differences. The teachers put their curriculum aside and prepared 3-5 year old children for the real world of difference and acceptance. Guest speakers such as a young amputee came and spoke to the children. They also learned that others aren’t as fortunate as they are and were asked to bring their favorite food item to class. They collected this and donated to a local food pantry. My favorite part was the grand finale. Parents were asked to give coins for each act of kindness shown at home (saying please/thank you; sharing with siblings; cleaning when asked; etc). They brought their very own ‘earned’ money and sent a large donation to St. Jude to help children who were in greater need than they, along with their class picture. What a lesson! What a blessing! Far better than a book could explain. Children accept so easily. Their hearts are so soft and inviting. I pray that I continue to show them how to use those childlike hearts.

    Best advice from my Great Aunt Linda- “Dont look down on anyone- you are no better.” “Don’t look up to those who lead you astray-you are no less.” “Look everyone in the eyes- as an equal”

  252. Always be there for your children, both emotionally and spiritually, no matter what age. When you become a parent, it’s no longer about “you” but about your child, first and foremost. I’m a parent to three adult sons and they have known throughout their lives that they are my priority because I’m their mother. Now, as a grandmother to three, my loving and caring expands to encompass them as well. A mother’s love is never limited! That’s not to say you shouldn’t have your own life, but as long as your little ones depend on you, you can’t forget that they are a special gift from God.

  253. My twins are 20 months old and have been copying everything! I’m trying to lead by example by working on my patience. I want to teach them that although their opinions and thoughts matter, everyone has their truth and as long as they have a Godly heart they can speak their truth without being hurtful.

  254. The drama in the BST world is sad and despicable. I always try to remember what I grew up to believe; first, as Anne Frank said: “Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” And second, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

  255. I use the “fill a bucket” concept… everything we say and do either fills up or empties someone’s bucket… and When she does great things and not great things we talk about whether she filled or emptied a bucket, and how she can turn the action around and fill that person’s bucket… it is very concrete in her 4 year old mind 🙂 Love the clothes 🙂 thanks for helping me keep my darling girl little longer

  256. We raised our children in a private Christian school and I believed it, along with our strict rules, molded my children into the adults they are today. I truly believe that chapel each day at school was a huge difference. The fact that they learned about being a Christian each day along with Sunday’s. I raised my children to love others, treat them with respect, not to judge, how to respect teachers/elders, say Yes/no mam😍 I could go on and on. My children were the ones who gave the Valentine who no one else gave one too. I raised them to give people chances. Not to judge others on hear say. Experience your friendship with someone without another’s persons opinion but to form your own. Raised them to be givers not takers. Both of my children would give you the shirt off of their backs and want nothing in return. Just like their momma😍 I buy a ton of dresses and have never and will never sell one. I will give one away and have blessed many mommas with our random act of kindness, Allie’s Grace, in honor of my first/only Grand, Allie Grace. She is only 10 months and over a dozen families have been blessed by Allie’s Grace.

    My children are now grown, one a Doctor and the other finishing up Law School. I am so proud of who they are. It was hard work to keep them on the right path but never giving up, hard work, tons of love and understanding help us. I am looking forward to my one and only Grand being raised just as her mommy and Uncle C😊. Although we have never carted, we do own several wdw dresses/tunics and we love everything about your brand. I love the simplicity, quality fabrics & lace, and what your brand stands for.

    May you continue to be blessed and you will be in my prayers as you deal with your growing business.
    Blessings Lea💕

  257. Always look for the good in life. In people and situations and celebrate it. Honor it. Always treat people with kindness and love. Positivity and love breeds positivity and love. Negativity and anger breeds negativity and anger. Choose wisely.

  258. Just because someone is not being kind to us does not give us permission to be unkind to them. Show the love of Jesus and be kind, always!

  259. Kids live and grow up by example. Be a good human is a perfect line to live by! And we do in our family. Encourage, inspire, be kind, and your kids will follow 💗

  260. Take time to listen to your children. Truly listen to them. Show them by example how to be a positive and humble person. Yeah them to say I’m sorry and to feel empathy for others. These are all the things I try to teach my children!

  261. It’s as simple as leading by example. Be the best possible person you can be, and your child(ren) will notice. Even when you think your child isn’t paying attention, they are. They know.

  262. Love is the answer. Show live and kindness everyday. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. Love your company and everything you stand for!

    One day, several months ago, I was standing in line at a discount grocery store and the woman in front of me was counting groceries as they went by on the conveyor. As the total increased, so did her apparent anxiety. She soon started pulling things off the conveyor and making a separate pile. She leaned in to the cashier and said, “I need you to stop at $40.” Her gallon of milk put her 85 cents over. She began to dig through her purse frantically looking for change. Without one thought, I handed over the $1 bill I had in my wallet. She looked at me and apologetically said “Thank you.” I know she meant it because I’ve been in that very position.

    I decided not stop there. As the woman began to bag her groceries, I told the cashier to ring up the pile of groceries she wasn’t able to get. My 14-year-old son would take an armful at a time and carry them over to the counter where the woman was bagging her groceries. I can still remember the look of utter shock on the woman’s face when my son handed her a bunch of bananas and started putting the groceries in her boxes. All she could do was say “thank you” between deep breaths. Then her daughter, she was maybe 5 or 6, exclaimed with such excitment “You mean I get to keep the pickles?!” My son had the jar in his hands and he happily said “Yes, you do.” In that moment, I had to wipe away a tear. My son handed her the jar, jumped up and down, did his hand flapping, squealed joyfully and came back to me with a huge smile.

    He remembers every moment of this event like a movie playing in his head. He often talks about it. It made such an impression on him, which isn’t easy to do sometimes.

    My son has Aspergers.

  264. My daughter is only 20 months old, yet I tell her each and every day to be kind and lovely to everyone. My little sister has problems with being bullied at school. She is on the Autism spectrum and doesn’t exactly fit in, no matter how pretty she is nor how well she dresses…she cannot change this part of her. It’s who she is, and I wish so much that every parent would encourage their babies to be kind and loving to everyone. Everyone deserves kindness. Everyone deserves loving treatment.

  265. “The way you speak to your children, becomes their inner voice”.

    This wisdom changed my life. I was a screamer. Lost my cool on a daily basis. By asking the Holy Spirit to fill my heart with His love each and every morning changed the way I looked at my kids (all 4 of them). Now all I want is for them to see Jesus and feel Him in our home so that they can share His love with the world. Their inner voice will be heard among the masses. Make sure it’s a good one 😉

  266. Jesus. He is the answer to all problems. Model your life after his. Let your children see you walk out your faith, not just talk about it on Sundays. Remember that we have no inner goodness of our own, grown ups and children alike, and the only goodness we have comes from Christ. And most importantly, pray, pray, pray for them .

  267. My daughter just turned 1, so I don’t have any experiences with her yet, but truly believe your children will mimick the way YOU act. It’s important for them to see you lifting people up, instead of making fun of them. Being kind a characteristic that is VERY important to me and my family. And I pray that I teach my children to be kind people who love all of gods people, to be leaders and stand up for what they know is right. Kids can be cruel but adults can be even more cruel. Being a kind person starts within the heart. ❤️ Being a beautiful person is more than how you are dressed, it’s much deeper than that.

    From a Christian song by TobyMac – “It’s crazy, amazing
    We can turn a heart with the words we say.
    Mountains crumble with every syllable.
    Hope can live or die

    So speak Life, speak Life.
    To the deadest darkest night.
    Speak life, speak Life.
    When the sun won’t shine and you don’t know why.
    Look into the eyes of the brokenhearted;
    Watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope,
    You speak love, you speak…


    Several months ago, I was standing in line at a discount grocery store and a woman in front of me was totaling groceries as they went by on the conveyor. She had two children with her. As the total increased, so did her apparent anxiety. She soon started pulling things off the conveyor and making a separate pile. She leaned in to the cashier and said, “I need you to stop at $40.” Her gallon of milk put her 85 cents over. She began to dig through her purse frantically looking for change. Without one thought, I handed over the $1 bill I had in my wallet. She looked at me and apologetically said “Thank you.” I know she meant it because I’ve been in that very position.

    There are moments in life where you feel God’s voice speaking to your heart, and this was one of those times. As the woman began to bag her groceries, I told the cashier to ring up the pile of groceries she wasn’t able to get. My 14-year-old son would take an armful at a time and carry them over to the counter where the woman was bagging her groceries. I can still remember the look of utter shock on the woman’s face when my son handed her a bunch of bananas and started putting the groceries in her boxes. All she could do was say “thank you” between deep breaths. Then her daughter, she was maybe 5 or 6, exclaimed with such excitment “You mean I get to keep the pickles?!” My son had the jar in his hands and he happily said “Yes, you do.” In that moment, I had to wipe away a tear. My son handed her the jar, jumped up and down, did his hand flapping, squealed joyfully and came back to me with a huge smile.

    He remembers every moment of this event like a movie playing in his head. He often talks about it. It made such an impression on him, which isn’t easy to do sometimes.

    My son has Aspergers.

    Best $33.20 I’ve ever spent.

    1. Because little eyes are always watching….I believe the best “advice” you can give to your children in lessons on kindness are words left unspoken. Show them with your actions kindness in action. Have a gentle spirit, and a giving heart. I recall a time our city was so cold and got so much rain. I rarely remember to keep an umbrella, yet somehow I had accumulated several in my car. As fate would have it, we saw 3 homeless people on street corners and curbsides being rained on. We handed out our umbrellas over the course of a couple weeks. Then one day it was cold and wet, and we were our of umbrellas. My sweet 3 year old who i didnt even think was paying any attention piped up from the back seat, noticing a hitchhiker getting rained on. Mama, give that lady MY umbrella! Proud mommy moment, and I always remember her little eyes watching and being what she saw.

  269. Growing up I was taughed the song “Love is…” From my mom and grandma that sang it to me over and over. I love to sing it to my children and remind them to always keep love in their heart always and to love everyone as God loves us. I’m sure many have heard it before, Here is the song and it has a great message:
    ‘Love is a very special thing, a smile, a tear, a soft summer rain. It has no beginning it has no end, but I like it best when it’s shared with a friend. Love is never stuffed up, ever puffed up, never gives up when the going’s rough. It’s the biggest little word you can say by the way. It’s sympathy, sincerity, it’s charity the main variety of everything happiness is made of and I like it best when it’s shared with a friend.

  270. I always tell my boys to make doing the right thing look “cool” even if it’s not! Do it with confidence and poise and always treat other with respect and kindness NO MATTER WHAT!

  271. I know this has been said over and over again, but modeling kindness as a parent is by far the best way to teach. Kindness to your spouse and your children. My mom used to quote scripture to myself and my brothers when we were growing up, and it used to make me crazy! But I find myself doing the same thing to my little girl (and sometimes even my husband). Her favorites were “be angry, but sin not” and “a soft answer turns away wrath”. Makes me feel blessed that I had a wonderful mama who modeled these truths to me!!
    Thank you for such a timeless and always needed blog post S&S.

  272. The advice I would give to parents to help raise men and women who choose love, kindness, generosity and the fruits of the spirit, is to share the Gospel with them…the Love of a Savior. Life on earth is temporary but heaven is eternal. If you teach your children to love and serve Jesus at an early age, which in turn will create serving and loving others, then their reward will be in Heaven. Explain to them that in everything that they do, they should do it for the Glory of God and nothing else. If what they are doing does not align with his word, nor does it bring him glory, then they need to seek the Lord for wisdom and conviction. Most of all, choose love. Love others, just as God loves us. He loved us enough to allow his son to die on the cross for our sins so that we might have eternal life! That is love and if they truly love as he does, then their speech, their actions and everything that they do should reflect that. As a mother of two young children, my greatest hope is that they come to know the love of a Savior because at the end of this life, that’s what matters.

    I love this quote which is taken from ‘Once a Day at the Table’ and hope it will always reflect us as a “Wolfpack!”
    “The body of Christ is designed to work together. If we ignore a brother or sister’s need, we are ignoring Jesus, and we are weakening the body of Christ. The early church had it rough. They faced significant persecution. But they worked together, and they stayed strong. So should we.”

    Love S&S and the WDW Family!

    -Tracy Barefoot

  273. Thank you for the beautifully worded reminders. My daughter was just diagnosed with Asperger’s and it’s so difficult to watch her struggle with friendships and other social issues. But, her best friend’s mom spent time talking to her daughter about kids with special needs. Her friend is understanding, patient, and just watching them interact brings tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful to the moms I know who are accepting and who are making sure to raise girls who are accepting, compassionate, and kind. How we treat people is how we will see our children one day treat people.

  274. “The only time you look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure that they have enough. You don’t look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if you have as much as them.” -Louis CK
    I want my kids to share freely. I want it to come from the heart, to be truly nice. I try to remind them over and over to let the small things go, and keep being nice!

  275. When leaving the house my father use to always say “look out for low flying airplanes”….which means more and more to me now that life goes on,didn’t, mean much to me back then.

  276. Compassion and grace are an afterthought in social media these days. And when you ask for it you’re a baby, whiner, and need to suck it up. That has been what I have learned is the outlook of so many over the past year. I don’t even have girls to put in your beautiful dresses, but every time I photograph them on a client, I know the love and passion you both put forth in everything you do. I am thankful for the wolf, and thankful for our friendship, and adore you both.

  277. Mirror the behavior that you want to see! Live and breathe kindness and love, and shape their little hearts to know that it’s best to love and be kind than to be right or get ahead. Yes, your children are going to find hate in this world, but if you raise them on a strong foundation, they’ll always know what is right.

  278. I keep these two little “true tests of character” in my mind and will pass them on to my little ones: how you treat someone who can do nothing for you and what you would do if you knew no one was watching.

  279. I love this! As a teacher, and a mother of 3 daughters, I’ve seen plenty of the positive and the negative. The one thing that I see over and over is that parents’ behavior greatly impacts their children. Live the life that you hope for and wish for your child. If you want a kind child, be kind. If you want to rear someone who is compassionate, show mercy to others. My oldest daughter is a amazing person. She’s won countless awards and recognition for academics, athletics, etc., but my proudest Mom moment was when she bought a Christmas present and went and gave it to a girl who everyone bullied and made fun of. Someone asked her why and she said – because she is my friend. That’s so hard for a high school child. I was humbled by her act of courage and compassion. I strive to be the kind of person she is.

  280. My oldest has special needs, so bullying is something that we worry about as he approaches the middle school years. I talk to my children about differences and remind them of their individual strengths and weaknesses with the hope they can appreciate the differing abilities of their peers.

  281. I had to teach my daughter a lesson in kindness today. We were eating lunch and she yelled at a lady to “move! Watch it!”
    I of course was mortified! I explained to her that we do NOT talk to people like that. We use kind words. I told her we say “excuse me.” instead of what she said. I then made her find the woman at her table and apologize to her. My daughter is only two but she is a very kind hearted little girl who always sees the best in people. That’s why I made her apologize. She knows not to act that way. My best piece of advice? Apologize when you’re wrong, even to your children. Always use kind words. Lead by EXAMPLE.

    We love you ladies!

  282. The best way to raise kind, good, and courageous little people is to set an example by exhibiting these behaviors everyday for them to see. If your children see you treat others with kindness and grace, help those less fortunate, and stand up for what you believe in, they will follow in your footsteps. Anytime my children are quick to judge another child, I point out to them that not everyone is as fortunate and some people have life experiences that effect their current behavior. It is also important to teach your children to stand up for what us right regardless how popular that decision may be. Just this week my 10 year old was laughing while telling me a story about a classmate not being able to shoot a basketball. I pointed out to him that the boy may not even own a ball or have someone that has taken time to teach him. He said, “I hadn’t really thought of that. Maybe I should tell him we have an extra.” I want my children to know they can make a difference!

  283. My brother has Asperger’s Syndrome and was in high school in 1995. He dealt with verbal and physical abuse because of it. Today, he is still treated poorly by others. I think the internet makes it easier for people to bully because you don’t see the actual effect it has on a person since you are talking to a “screen”. Everyone needs to think of how they would want their loved ones to be treated.

  284. Lead by example. Be the person you want your children to be. Hug and kiss them multiple times a day. Always take time to listen. And most important never give up!

  285. Love God. Love people. Serve others. We prefer to keep our household truths simple and easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just love God. Love people. Serve others.

  286. Give our children grace. We need to love our children and show them grace with they succeed and grace when they fail. When our children experience this sort of love and mercy, they will be able to extend it to others. ❤

  287. My Gigi used to say in her southern lady-like, sunbathing, snack loving, raspy voice, “Goodness, THAT is just the ugliest thing I have ever seen, I can’t even look it is so UGLY” regarding poor manners, bad behavior, being UGLY to others, etc. Don’t be ugly.

  288. I often and will continue to tell my Hilary,”you are clothed in strength and dignity, be kind ♡
    I pray she hears me.
    Beautifully written S&S

  289. We teach our kids that their lives matter and how they treat others matter, to them, to God. He is our example and we are here to serve, not to be served. How we treat others matters more than anything else we accomplish…

  290. Always speak with kindness and respect, children are always listening and learning. They learn grace from you but they learn the bad,too, by being good people, you raise good people. Practice what you preach.

  291. Life is short. Live each day like it is the last day you have with the ones you love and the ones around you. Be happy. Use kindness with every situation. Be courteous. Be remembered for having a warm heart and a smile. Most importantly.. put God in the center of your heart and treat each person with patience and grace.

  292. It’s important for my daughter to know and understand the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” -Luke 6:31

  293. Keep God first! Pray over your children continually! Lead by example! Your children are watching & learning from you at all times! Love your neighbors, & treat others the way in which you would like to be treated!

  294. Because little eyes are always watching….I believe the best “advice” you can give to your children in lessons on kindness are words left unspoken. Show them with your actions kindness in action. Have a gentle spirit, and a giving heart. I recall a time our city was so cold and got so much rain. I rarely remember to keep an umbrella, yet somehow I had accumulated several in my car. As fate would have it, we saw 3 homeless people on street corners and curbsides being rained on. We handed out our umbrellas over the course of a couple weeks. Then one day it was cold and wet, and we were our of umbrellas. My sweet 3 year old who i didnt even think was paying any attention piped up from the back seat, noticing a hitchhiker getting rained on. Mama, give that lady MY umbrella! Proud mommy moment, and I always remember her little eyes watching and being what she saw.

  295. I truly believe the best way to raise good little humans is to lead by example and let them know what you are doing. It’s ok to toot your own horn sometimes to your kids so that they can see that you are doing kind things for others and why.

  296. One thing I do to teach my children kindness is when we are around other children if there is a child who is alone or seems to be left out I encourage my children to go talk to him & ask him if he want’s to play. If my children are playing with their group of friends I encourage them to invite him to join their group. It only takes one person reaching out to change another’s day & you never know how much that will mean to them.

  297. Lead by Example. Treat people the way you want to be treated in return. Be nice to everyone. God is good. Let them know that you love them and give them lots of hugs and kisses every day! Childhood is gone in the blink of an eye. Make it a fun one for them so they can give the same to their own kids one day!

  298. Great post! One important thing I try to teach my kids is how to apologize. I want them to know that I don’t expect them to be perfect, we all make mistakes, react before we have the facts, hurt peoples feelings, but what’s important is how we conduct ourselves afterwards. The best way to do this, I’ve found, is by leading by example. By learning to humble myself and apologize to my kids when I have overreacted or been harsh or unfair. If I want my children to treat people with love and patience and kindness and to be humble when they are in the wrong I need to model these things myself. Not always easy to do, but a constant work in progress! ❤

  299. As a teacher, I keep it simple and tell my students “treat others as you would like to be treated.” I have found that keeping it simple and sweet is sometimes the best way for them to relate. I also am big on teaching empathy to my students by creating lesson plans that have real life situations in them. One of my college professors helped create the mighty acorn foundation with Matilda Jane. He helped build the orphanage there in Africa and now we teach our students here in Conway, AR about having empathy for those kids in Africa. We do a “chicken dance” and raise money for each family in Africa to have a chicken. The chicken brings a lot of income for that family. Now, even the kids in Africa do the chicken dance and raise money for kids in America! It has spread to many other parts of Arknasas as well! Sorry for the dialogue, but it’s been amazing to watch these children learn what empathy truly means.

  300. First I want to say How happy I am to be part of such an Amazing group. I have been Blessed with 6 amazing Angels from 30 to 20 Months. I have always raised my children to know Jesus. The best Advice I can give is to let each child be who they are and guide them with love. Let them know that know matter what they do in life you will be their biggest cheerleader but also when they make the wrong choice yolu will hold them accountable. Pick your arguments, not everything is a big deal ❤ talk to your kids and listen, be aware of what you say they are like sponges. 4 of my 6 are 17 and older and they have turned out to be loving,caring ,Compassioate young adults. I am truly Blessed ❤

  301. It sounds so canned and kinda “duh”, but the words I live by are “lead by example”. These little humans watch every little thing you do, and they want to be just like you! If I am kind and polite and generous, she will see that as the way to be, and she will strive to do things that make her that way too.

  302. Communication, Love, God in no certain are the main things I teach my children. It’s working for us. I also lead by example. I not only talk with them I show them with my own actions. And start them out as young as you can because that’s when they soak everything in like a spong! You’re KiND You’re SMART You’re BEAUTIFUL!

  303. I can’t say I’m old with wisdom, but in my 30 years of life, I’ve learned a few great values, morals, and manners from my parents, grandparents, and the people that surround me everyday… I was blessed with my daughter Addison who is 6.. I think god is only giving me ONE chance being a mommy, and for that I’m thankful. My husband and I always sat and wondered how we’d be as parents, what we would tell our child(ren).. Would we turn into OUR parents, or would we have our own parenting style.. Needless to say, 6 years later, we find ourselves saying or doing things, looking at each other, and say “WOW, I sound like my mom/dad!” I’m sure we can all relate. All I know is that we are trying our very best to raise this little girl to becoming the best person she can be.. Even though she’s 6, we try to instill these upon her, but some will wait for when she’ll understand it better!

    *Learn to accept compliments. Simply say ‘thank you’. Saying THANK YOU goes a long way….
    *Remember you are NEVER alone… There is always someone close by to listen!
    *Laugh a LOT in life.. Remember it’s meant to be fun… ENJOY it!
    *Life isn’t a race.. Enjoy each day…because you never know what tomorrow brings!
    *Love hurts, but never enough to close out people, because that will hurt even more..
    *Never compare yourself to others.. We are all unique individuals. We are special in our own way!
    *Expect to FAIL..Failure is not fatal. Learn the lessons, get back up, and TRY AGAIN!
    *We’ve all heard this before…”This to shall pass”… Remember it’s not the end of the world! Things will get better in time.
    *To be BEAUTIFUL means to be YOURSELF! We all have imperfections, but that makes us who we are.
    *Don’t lose sight in who YOU are just to please others!
    *Be HONEST! Have integrity. Lying gets you no where but miserable.
    *Words have power, use them with CARE..
    *Learn to forgive!
    *When you get older, remember to CALL your parents! LOL…..

    Maybe if we all followed this, maybe there would be a little less hate in the world, and a LOT more love?

  304. Share the gospel (the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for their sin) and pray they accept Christ as their Savior at an early age. After that, pray for them and teach respect for all of God’s creations no matter how ugly in spirit they may seem.

  305. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

    Growing up I heard this all the time, as a teacher and mother I saw this all the time. My grandma was the only person I saw live by this golden rule. Many times I would literally see her hold her breath to keep the words in her mouth, but she truly wouldn’t say anything negative. If we did, she would kindly correct us. Words hurt, when we teach ourselves and our children how important and powerful our words are they will realize their power. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  306. I try to take advantage of the moments I can teach my kids how to be kind and compassionate. I don’t expect my kids to get straight A’s or be top athletes or the most “beautiful” what I do expect is to hear that my child was kind. Kindness is something anyone can practice and be great at yet it seems to be lacking in so much these days.

  307. Inspire a confident child. The people that tear one another down do so because of insecurity, especially those using the mask of social media. Confident parents raise confident children.

  308. My mom always taught us to try to make at least one new friend everyday. You can make a new friend anywhere! I hope to teach my daughter this!

  309. I think it’s important for my kids to serve and volunteer at places like the homeless shelter, animal shelter and nursing home. It opens their eyes and helps them appreciate what they have and want to help others in different situations. Anything from serving food, packing sack lunches, collecting and donating food/clothing/blankets, and visiting with nursing home patients. They love putting together little bags of basic necessities (toothbrush, deodorant, feminine products, snacks, waters, $$, etc…) We try to always keep a few in the car and hand it to the homeless we pass. I want them to know it’s important to always help and serve others.

  310. I know a lot of Mommas were told this, but I was always told when I was growing up to lead by example. If you practice what you preach and teach our children the way you want then to treat others it will stay with them as they grow. ” The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. I am by no means close to perfect. I ho remind myself daily to be better; a better mom, better wife, a better friend, daughter, sister, a better me. If my 3 kids see me trying to be better, kind, brave, whatever, it will inspire them to do the same. I love my kiddos too much to raise them without knowing kindness, bravery, and love. I want nothing but the best for them and their future.

  311. I have had many discussions with my kids about being kind. I always have them imagine if they were the child that was being hurt or made fun of how would they feel, and how they can help that child. My kids all have a soft heart and have stood up for others when need be. I also think as parents making kids aware of feelings and how our actions affect others makes a big difference. My 6 year old loves to open the door for people. Bee will walk into a convince store and I look back and Chase is still standing at the door helping people. I keep needy bags in the car with snacks, Gatorade, a clean shirt and a few other things that we can hand out easily from the car when we see someone needs a little help. I think doing all this helps my kids be aware of others and how giving no matter how small brightens someone’s else’s day.

  312. Respect others and their belongings. It’s as simple as that. If you can’t find something to like about a person you can at least respect that they are a person and they have been put on this earth for a reason. You may not know why…heck they may not even know why but don’t try to figure it out and don’t try to change them. Just move along. At the end of your life I know God isn’t going to ask you why they did what they did. He will ask you why you did what you did so make sure you have an answer for that.

    Thank you for your charming clothes and your uplifting words! Beautiful!

  313. Its always easy to tell others words to live by. We say them, yet sometimes we really never adhere to them ourselves. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Because regardless of winning, I want to use this as a reminder to be patient, take a deep breath, and as Elsa would say “Let it Go” 🙂 I remember reading somewhere once that Motherhood is a CHOICE you make every day. You put your childs needs ahead of your own. And you first and foremost teach them to love, and to forgive. Isn’t is funny how we always preach to our kids to apologize, and say they are sorry when they do something wrong? But it takes us forever, or a whole lot of courage to apologize for our mistakes. Never go to bed angry. Never let someone put hate in your heart. And to always love others regardless of race, gender,or sexuality. One phrase I always remember my mother telling me growing up “Jesus loves even the drunk in the gutter”. I want my daughter to know that phrase, and know how important believing that is. Because no matter what we do, no matter how many sins we create…at the end of the day, not only do I love my daughter…but I want her to know Jesus does too. 🙂

  314. I have been a constant target for relentless bullying, ridicule, and criticism for most of my life. I started gaining weight when I was in the second grade, and every day after that, my classmates took it upon themselves to make me feel like I was nothing. Many, many days I would come home from school and survey the contents of our medicine cabinet, wondering if all of the random pills inside would be able to put an end to my horrible life. But I was never able to fully commit to that decision because of love. I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my parents loved me. They told me every day, and never missed an opportunity to tell me how proud they were to be my parents. I remember one day I was in a department store with my mom, and this woman was staring at me. My mom walked right up to her and said “What the hell are you looking at?” She was…my hero, and my best friend. Now that I’m a mother to two children, I sometimes lie awake at night, overcome with fear and anxiety, that they too will experience the pain that I felt as a child. My son starts kindergarten next week, and I have tried more times than I can count, to convince him to stay home and be homeschooled. I’m afraid. I’m afraid that his beautiful, loving heart will be crushed by the unkind words of others. But I tell him every day how much I love him. I tell him every day that I am so proud to be his momma. I tell him every day how I will always love him and be there for him no matter what. No matter what anyone else says or does, he can take solace in the fact that he is loved unconditionally by his mom and his dad, his family, and his Lord.It is also of the utmost importance to me, that my children never become the type of people who took such joy in my suffering. And so I do all I can to nourish their empathy for others. I tell them that they should always think about how they would feel if they were the kid being laughed at because he can’t seem to get the ball through the hoop, or the one who has frizzy hair, or wears glasses, or whose mom is overweight. I tell them that being different is what makes you special, that it’s way more fun than being just like everyone else, and it’s what makes the world interesting. I think if we all tried to raise our children to love, be loved, and to always stop and walk around in other peoples’ shoes before they judged them, the world would be a better place.

  315. My best advice would be, get on your knees and pray. Pray daily for your children. Pray for guidance and strength. Encourage your children to be the best they can be and to be kind to others. You never know what kind of home someone else comes from and by just being kind you could change someone else’s life. The Bible is the greatest book to read and live by! I strive to give my babies the best life they can possibly have and the best thing I can do for them is just BE. Be there when they need me. Put the phone down, turn the TV off, step away from the computer (we are all guilty of these things) and just give them your undivided attention. I love this company and what Sarah and Shannon stand for. May God continue to bless each of your families! ❤️

  316. Honestly? Lots and lots of prayer. I’m mom to a 22 month old girl and due with our first son in 2 weeks, and after recently starting to lock horns with my incredibly sweet, but incredibly willful toddler, I’ve realized more than ever how flawed and impatient I am as a human. Parenthood has a way of bringing all your flaws into sharp contrast like nothing else does, lol! I know I’m going to screw up. I’m going to totally blow it at times, and fail to have the love and patience I should…not only with my children, but with other people while my children are watching and learning from my actions. And it’s made me realize that the best thing I can do is pray for my kids. Pray for them to be good, loving, Godly people despite their imperfect parents. And that they’ll pick up the best of us rather than the worst. When my husband and I were in graduate school at Moody Bible Insitute in Chicago years ago, one of my professors with grown kids said that from the day they were born, he and his wife prayed the fruits of the spirit over their kids, and that stuck with me for 6 years until we had kids of our own. I haven’t been quite as dedicated as they were because I forget and miss days (or weeks) at a time, but I’ve been trying to pray Galatians 5:22-23 over them as much as I can! “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kidness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.”…(and yes, I totally have to sing the children’s song in my head in order to remember them all as I’m praying, LOL!)

  317. Lead by example! As a teacher, the most positive thing I can do on a daily basis is lead my students in the right direction. If I’m nice and happy, they are nice and happy. Positive role models make a difference! Be the positive sunshine in a life, not the rain cloud!

  318. This is one I’ve had hanging in my office for a few ears now. I plan on teaching it to my girls as well. From Colossians;

    Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

  319. We have 7 children so we are constantly getting the opportunity to teach and instruct our children in how to act and treat others. I believe it is very important to apologize to our children and ask forgiveness in your failures as a parent just as we expect them to apologize. We teach them what the Bible has to say about how they are to act and treat others. Thank God we have a manual to live by and instruct our children because I can’t imagine raising kids without God’s help!

    Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, (‭Philippians‬ ‭2‬:‭3‬ NIV)

    Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭22‬:‭6‬ ASV)

    In everything we try and teach our children to be kind and loving towards their siblings because no one in the world is, or will be, closer than your siblings because you share the same DNA, being made from the same parents.

  320. Love deeply, forgive, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Shower your kids with grace, pray with them and for them every day! Lead by example….

  321. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

    I don’t know where I first heard it, but I remember it. Sometimes, I am able to practice it. When I fail, I need to apologize and try again with the next opportunity.

  322. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and live your neighbors as yourself. If anything you believer or do goes against these two things, then we are probably misunderstanding something or doing something wrong. Jesus said that this sums everything up. All the legalities we can get hung up on fall beneath those “rules.” It is something I would love to be put above all else and I strictly e to do that in my life.

  323. My mother always taught me that the best way to raise a young lady or young gentlemen is through actions. While i grew up I always seen my mother help another person even if they were terrible to her. My mother recently went through stage 4 lymphnode cancer and my niece was soon to be born when she was diagnosed. Though she nearly died because of it, but while going through her treatments she was taking care of her brothers who were diagnosed with cancer…1 lived the other passed away. Soon my mother began to help her EX HUSBAND as he was dying. Her ex husband never paid child support, tried to take her retirment, took her oay check to gamble and pulled a gun out on her and yet years later when his rotten personality left him alone my mother helped him and was by his side daily (though that upset my father) Bob who suffered from dementia kept thinking my mom was his wife and so she went to the nursing home to calm him like a wife would. When he passed my mother took her ex mother in law in our house and took care of her as she was in hospice. I got close to this women and she adopted me like her own grand daughter even though im not related to her. My mother is a big inspiration to me and she has raised me to always help someone no matter what the past is or who they are, and to this day if I see a stranger need money, food, a ride I stop to help. My mother is a role model to me and her grandchildren and I hope I can teach my niece and my future children the joy, and happiness that comes from love and kindness.

  324. I didn’t write the following story myself, but when I read it, it was inspiring. So I like to share it in hopes that it will inspire others. I’m paraphrasing.

    A young woman went to her grandmother and told her about her life and how things are hard for her. She was tired of fighting and struggling.

    Her grandmother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire, and soon the pots came to boil. In the first pot she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil; without saying a word. Minutes later, she fished out the carrots and egg to place in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl.

    Turning to her granddaughter, she asked, “Tell me what you see.”
    “Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” she replied. The granddaughter to sip the coffee, and smiled as she tasted its rich aroma then asked, “What does it mean?”

    Her grandmother explained that each of these objects had faced the same adversity: boiling water. Each reacted differently. The carrot went in strong, hard, and unrelenting. However, after being subjected to the boiling water, it softened and became weak. The egg had been fragile. Its thin outer shell had protected its liquid interior, but after sitting through the boiling water, its inside became hardened. The ground coffee beans were unique, however. After they were in the boiling water, they had changed the water.

    “Which are you?” she asked her granddaughter.

  325. Thank you for this fantastic read! What a wonderful and true message. My mother always told me “Be kind, loving, and thoughtful.” I have added to my children “Remember who you are, a child of God, live with grace.”

  326. My best parenting advice came from my grandmother, Tula Garrison, who we called Granny “T”. She was a big believer in “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” and we have passed that on to our children as well. It is a timless piece of wisdom that will last forever. The other parenting tip she gave was “pretty is, as pretty does”. She taught us that a person can be the most beautiful person on the outside, but it is what’s on the inside that counts and really shines through. That’s another one that we have taught our sons and daughters, as it is a wise bit of advice for both.

  327. I tell my grand daughters to treat others how they wish to be treated. If you follow your own path, you will always come out on the right road. Saying I am sorry goes a long way in life. Everyone makes mistakes, but you need to learn from them. And lastly, being part of a popular crowd will not bring you happiness, surround yourself with people who you can learn from.

  328. Love all of the advice and positivity I have read so far. Instead of trying to add to all of these wonderful mama’s uplifting comments, I will leave a little bit of humor.

    I try not to take my children with me if I ever have to make the dreaded trip to Walmart as I will undue any positive thing I may have taught my children for weeks! 😉

  329. Being a girl was hard when we grew up… i can’t imagine middle school when our babies get there.

    I learned growing up that if you can’t say something to a person’s face then it should never be said.

    I have already started teaching my 6 and 2 yr old that.

    Another great lesson is exactly what you mentioned above, be kind to everyone. Even if the world is being ugly to someone, I pray my children have learned to be kind. It doesn’t matter what is going on in their lives, always treat people with respect and kindness and it will be okay 🙂

    I truly hope you girls know how much you are appreciated and loved! Don’t let a few sour apples spoil the wonderful experience that you have created. There are people that will never be happy with even the sweetest gesture. WDW is more than clothing… it’s family.

    Thank you for everything

  330. I can’t remember when she started saying it, maybe ever since I was old enough to understand. My mom would always say, ” Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how!” It’s something that has always stuck with me, and something I now say to my own children. It’s a simple thing really ~ if we all started off with being friendly, this world would be a much easier place, wouldn’t it?

    1. I tried posting my advice last night, but it didn’t go through for some reason, this is what I said:

      I can’t remember when she started saying it, maybe ever since I was old enough to understand. My mom would always say, ” Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how!” It’s something that has always stuck with me, and something I now say to my own children. It’s a simple thing really ~ if we all started off with being friendly, this world would be a much easier place, wouldn’t it?

  331. As a “late bloomer” in the mom dept, I had very idealistic views prior to having my children. I definitely knew what I would do differently than my mom. Now smack in the middle of being a SAHM to very precocious 3yr old & a very mobile 16 month old, I realized my mom did a pretty job raising 4. I struggle daily wondering how I can be a better example to them & I apologize to my daughter daily. She has such a kind heart & I don’t ever what her to be bullied for being herself because I think she is pretty spectacular. I don’t remember my mom talking about expressing our feelings or important topics such as bullying, I think back then we just knew, probably because we were raised with kindness. We knew better not to engage in that behavior & better yet stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves. I hope my children have the courage to always do the right thing.
    I thank god for bringing my 2 little ones to me so I can choose to be a better person daily.
    I have loved WDW since all most the beginning, even before I knew about your beautiful families & kind hearts. I Stay true to yourself & it will all come clean in the wash. Thank you for all you do & for dressing my daughter.
    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

    ― Bernard M. Baruch

  332. Absolutely love this!!!! My mother always encouraged me in my walk with the Lord by reminding me that no matter what I did, He loved me and so did she. She always challenged me with the notion that life was about choices and I could choose to follow God and do good through walking in Love or not and to always have integrity, no matter the situation. I have tried to instill that in my children as well. It is my utmost challenge in life to set the example of walking in love and integrity no matter the situation, and to have my children follow… for if they do, little by little, they can change the world!!!

  333. Thank you so much for posting this I have a daughter with high functioning autism and she struggles a lot in school to make friends. Some kids can be very cruel. Some have told her she is weird and many times they told her they are not her friend and have told her to go away 👎🏻. Katherine hated going to school so I had to change her to a high functioning school with children just as sweet and friendly as her. She has many friends now and she is supper happy. Please help your children learn to be kind and respectful to other children it really would make a huge difference.

  334. Lead by example. Never be afraid to admit your mistakes in front of your children. Apologize to them and let them see you apologize to others. Use feeling words so they can identify and understand their emotions. Spread love and respect with not just words, but actions as well. Regardless of age or ability, our children are always watching, learning and listening. We must be ever present for them, and aware of them, and be the good we want them to see in the world. And pray; pray for them, for your family, for your enemies and friends alike. Love grows immensely when we welcome it into our lives.

  335. I tell my little girl to always pick kindness over being right. It’s a simple concept but showing someone kindness in any situation is always the right thing to do.

  336. I have 6 kids, 2 bio, 2 step and 2 adopted from foster care. All come from different backgrounds and different biology. Some were raised in healthy wombs and others in ones with drugs and alcohol. Some are bright and capable learners and others struggle to hold a pencil or remember simple instructions. They all have something in common. All are loved for who they are and are taught the most important lesson we think we can teach: give unto others…. Our kids are all taught to be kind, caring, compassionate and thoughtful through showing them kindness and compassion. At this time I feel we are winning the battle of leaving this world with great human beings. Whatever they do in life, I think they all try their best to bring joy to others through kindness.

  337. Words of wisdom passed on from the 2 most important women in my life that passed within 6months of each last year.

    My mother’s famous words:
    ‘… Season your words with love so that you may edify your listeners…’ Growing up I always pondered about that but now with children of my own not only do I understand this quote but I try to live by it daily.

    My Granny’s famous words:
    ‘…it costs nothing to say hi, hello, good day or good afternoon…’ My relationships, my life is a true testament that it costs nothing to be kind, say a kind word or do a kind deed as it comes back you through this circle we call life.

    I don’t always get it right, but I believe I’m on the right path and if I continue my 3 girls will be well on their way to becoming strong, confident, intelligent, kind and compassionate beings who inspire and touch those with whom they come in contact with.

  338. I am a high school Counselor and the best advice I could think to give was make time for your children. Children love things but more than anything they love mama and daddy, whether they admit it out not. Our children want attention and despite best intentions they don’t need another friend; they need a mentor and unconditional love. Make family important. Join together for a meal. Tell them about your day and ask about their day. Keep an eye on what they do and friends they have. Like adults, children need discipline. Not spankings but more of a moral compass for right and wrong. Take time to point out the great things and address the wrongs.

  339. I would try to offer advice based on the way I try to parent. I think teaching your child to be gracious, caring, loving, and joyful.
    To bring love and laughter into every room you walk in. To look to The Lord in all things. When you are going through times of sadness praise him and find strength in him. When you are going through fearful times praise him and Find strength in him. When you are going through times of happiness and joy praise him and thank him for everything you have. Teach them to not be scared to be there self ! Tell them to love yourself for all of your unique things that make you who you are. Teach them not to be someone to point at or make fun of someone who is different or has a disability tell them to be strong for them and reach a hand out to them and be there for them. Smile a LOT and let them know they are not alone, and. Let them know you love them no matter what! It’s easy to be hard on yourself as a parent lord knows I am far from perfect but make the corner stone of your family The Lord. And make every moment count! Let him lead you and your children down the right path. Be understanding, teach them to try there very best to make good decisions but if they make a poor choice let them know you will be there for them and use it as a teaching moment. Teach them to be leaders and not followers to enjoy life from the front of the pack. Let them know they already have every single thing they need to be a good person. They are perfect in your eyes and the eyes of The Lord. Differences are what make this world what it is. Do not live life in fear. Be strong. Be courageous. Be kind. Be true. Try to being light I to moments of dark. Don’t be afraid to ask for help for yourself or others. Don’t sit by and let someone be hurt stand up for what you believe in and fight for what is right. I want my children to not be scared to stand up to someone doing something terrible to one of their friends. Be a voice, and be heard ! Love one another, and teach them to try to chane the world every day for the better!! My last peice of advice for my fellow moms is love your self! Love your children! You are doing the very best you can and it’s not an easy job. The most important thing is to LOVE your kids and make sure they know that without doubt.

  340. With the world seeming more and more dangerous, materialistic, and self entitled it is harder for parents to teach their kids how to brave the world with a kind spirit. It is hard because we as parents get wrapped up in the media driven world and forget that most important task we have is right under our noses- our children. As I’m writing this post, I am at the beach this week with my kids. I just put them to bed and took out my phone. Until now there has not been a lot of tech time. It’s been just the kids and I running in the sand, visiting a butterly garden, and taking walks after supper. When I’m scared of something, I do not let my children see my fear. I teach them to be cautious but brave. My son who is extremely wild got a phone call from his teacher. I couldn’t imagine what he had done. She was calling me however to tell me that he helped all the kids in his class who missed their moms by rubbing their backs and telling them she would be there soon. I got a lump in my throat just hearing the teacher tell me that. Score one for me! Somewhere my wild boy hears my praises and sees my kindness. I’m not perfect and I have knock you to your knees kind of days nut I try to always stay calm. One friend once said- how are you always so calm? I told her what good would it do my kids to see a momma going crazy! Keep doing those good deeds mommies. Your kids are watching! And when you least expect it, they will imitate you in the most flattering way.

  341. I wish I could give you the perfect recipe. The truth is that because we are all imperfect people, we can only try our best. In our home trying out best means sitting down for family meals, never being afraid to let our children make mistakes, showing love and kindness to ourselves and others, being fearless in trying new things and also laughing when those things didn’t work out the way we planned, unplugging from our distractions and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, teaching responsibility through demonstration and just plain ol’ love for our neighbors and for the world we live in.

    Parents remember: Good days will follow bad days and life will certainly bring surprises and twists. Just hold on tight to each other and make memories and eternal bonds that will carry you through it all! All things grow with love ❤

  342. When you are watching other parents with their kids, congratulate yourself on the things you do well instead of criticizing others in your head. They may be doing their best and you never know what is going on in their life.

  343. I think the best advice is simply to be the best role model you can be. For us, it’s not enough to teach our children that there are needs in the world but we also teach them the why behind it. For example, our children (6.5 and 5) can articulate and understand (all on their level), the societal causes (greed of those in power, lack of access to education, racism, etc.) of poverty.

  344. My parenting goal- as my kids are still small- is to raise strong, caring, empathetic, nice little people. So far, I’ve tried to listen to them. I show them that I value their feelings, their voice, their thoughts- in hopes that they will in turn value the thoughts and feelings of others. So far, I have noticed my daughter reaching out to others who seem upset, offering friendship, a smile, or a hug. It is really sweet to see!

  345. Just be there.. Be there with your kids, be involved with them, play with them, show them you care with actions and words.. Just being there goes a long way.. Show them all your love, not with things, but withy your time and attention.

  346. “No printed page,
    No spoken plea
    Will teach young hearts
    What men should be.
    Not all the books
    On all the shelves,
    But what the teachers are themselves”

    My #1 reccomendation is to be a model of what you want to see. Next compliment what you want to continue and tell them specifically why you like their behavior. Finally, be intentional in teaching them and having conversations about your values. Along that line, developing traditions that let you focus on charachter traits you want to develop. For example, at Christmas we do a bucket list during Advent of ways to share the Generous Hope of Jesus. In the days leading up to Valentines Day in February, we write encouraging notes to each other and deliver them to small mailboxes we set up. In addition, sometimes, we gather around and write notes of encouragement to other people, and ways to share how we love.

  347. Always give them your time and listen to what they are saying, let them know that they are important and that they matter. And love them with all you have.

  348. It is so important for our little ones to know that we should celebrate our differences. God made us all unique and beautiful. No matter how we look or how we act or what we believe or what we wear, we are glorious in His eyes.

  349. Goodness, this post speaks to my heart.
    My 8 year old son, Jacob, donated toys to the Children’s Hospital. Saved his money up to buy his sister and brother candy and toys. Asked to send money to the orphans in Haiti and Africa. All while HE was going through a 3 year battle with cancer.
    After his passing we started doing random acts of kindness in his honor (see Jacob’s Ladder page on Facebook!). The kids and I try to always think of how to make others smile…leave change at a vending machine, pay for the person behind us in line, mail an ice cream gift certificate to a random stranger. Doing these little, yet daily things, always keeps making someone happy in our heads. And my doing so it’s impossible to think of making someone sad.
    Our motto since Jacob’s sickness in 2010 was Joshua 1:9: Be Strong and Courageous. This is engraved on his headstone right above his siblings names. It’s a good reminder for us all. ❤

  350. When our baby girl was learning to crawl, she naturally went straight for the cat and wanted to pet him so roughly, in that super-excited baby way. We always told her, “be gentle because he’s soft.” Last Easter, we took her to the mall for bunny photos. She reached up her hand and i was so scared she would pull off his mask, but instead she just pet him and said, “soft.” Being gentle extends to all people, creatures and people-creatures ❤

  351. First of all, I feel like I need to teach my daughters that I am no expert at anything. I am human, and so are they. I make mistakes, and so will they.

    Today I turned 38 years old. They say age brings wisdom, but to me age just brings experience. I still feel like someone’s child. I still feel vulnerable, and I definitely have many more faults than I would like to have.

    I want my daughters to have a strong foundation. Love everyone. Respect everyone. Love God, however they choose to do so. Most of all, I want them to love and respect themselves and to never let anyone belittle them or take away their dignity.

    I know that at some point in their lives my children will hate me. That doesn’t mean they won’t love me, as only indifference is the true absence of love. But, I hope at the end of the day my children remember that they are loved and they are my world. They make every day worth living.

    “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ” Philippians 1:9-10

  352. We raise our kids to be kind, courageous, and loving people by showing them all lives on earth are sensible beings. When we were first introduced to the idea of animals have souls and feelings, we share the truth with our then 2 and 4 year old daughters. In the past years, we have been advocates for animals. My children are respectful because they see animals as equal and not things for us to eat, wear, or entertain. They are making the choice to speak against circuses involving wild animals- they are courageous. Our road is lonely but leads to a peaceful lifestyle. This is how we grow as a family to be kind. We are kind to earthlings and by eating healthy, we are kind to our bodies.

  353. Since I was bullied by my cousin growing up, I first hand understand how it can break someone and it began as a young 3 yr old (the age of Harper all through the age of 14, until we moved to a different state, thank goodness). I realized once I moved nothing was even wrong with me that he said was and my life was so full and awesome!! I still have a hard time that our families didn’t step in more, but he was a bully, so Idk. Anyway, I can only teach Harper that you show everyone with respect and she does say yes ma’am no sir etc. She has started to notice (just this morning actually) a man rumbling through our trash as it sat outside looking for bottles and cans, which I told Harper he was just a nice man and I asked her if she would like to ask him if he wanted something to eat or drink. He was so beside himself I was allowing my young daughter to talk to him! He was so grateful and he did take a bottle water and an energy bar. I must sideline and say he was not cracked out or anything. Anyway, I just tell her to love herself and she is so smart and so gorgeous and everytime she accomplishes a new task we make a huge ordeal about how amazing it is so she knows how amazing SHE is not just how GORGEOUS she is!! Lots of hugs and kisses always! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Unconditional and constant LOVE!

  354. Don’t each revenge, teach the children how to use kind words to refuse bullying. Say: “Please stop, I don’t like it. Teach children to be kind, and tell them it is not all that bad when something goes wrong. Be positive, be passionate about things they love! Teach children always give others a helping hand when needed, spread the love always.

  355. I loved reading this blog and I admire you ladies for everything you stand for. I tell my children to treat others as you would like to be treated and to always remember God is always watching and will see the good that you do as well as the bad.

  356. My mom was adopted as a baby. Because of that, she grew up knowing and loving Jesus. We have always had a heart for the orphans… the broken… the wounded. She was the strongest God fearing woman I knew! We sponsor a child. While we know that our eternal home is in Heaven with our Lord, we feel called to help the orphans until they find their “forever home” on Earth. The BEST part is hearing my 5 and 4 year old kids pray for “our” Samuel. My son prays that he can be his brother and that he will give him his blue bike. My daughter prays and ask Jesus to bring him all the school, toys and food he needs! Teach them empathy. To hurt with the hurting… rejoice with the happy… cry with the sad. To be His hands… HIs feet… Do His work at our temporary residence until we meet Him face to face one day.

  357. Thank you. What a lovely and refreshing read. My advice would be listen. Truly stop and listen – with ears and heart wide open. When I listen to what is happening around me or inside me, you’ll know and want to do good. You will want to be better and help others.

  358. Lead by example. Treat others kindly with your words and actions. These tiny little humans do and say what we say. Treat them with respect, treat our spouses with respect, treat strangers with respect. They see us and emulate. Take risks. Be happy. The best advice I can give other parents is to act as you wish your little to act. They love and trust us with their whole little beings and will do anything to make us happy. Help them to be happy by being happy yourself.

  359. My parents always told me….you are not better than anybody else, never act like you are. You are all equal and all deserve respect.

  360. Live in the moment. If your busy and your child wants you to look at something. STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. That moment is about to pass by and your going to miss it. Children want to be heard… really stop and truly love listening to them. Raise your boys to be gentlemen and girls to be ladies. And you’ll never have to search or read a blog about mean girls.

  361. I love this so much. And in all honesty it made me teary because I’ve really been struggling with the example I’ve been setting this summer. I have 3, and a husband who travels a lot, and I’ve found myself overwhelmed this summer by staying home with my new family dynamic (my baby is about to turn 1!) and struggling to juggle the needs of a baby, a toddler and a kid. I’m a yeller when I’m stressed, and I recently heard my oldest daughter yelling at my toddler son, and she sounded just like me!!
    I took her aside and we talked. I apologized. For all the fun we’ve had this summer, when things get stressful I’m the one who is setting the tone for the day. And I haven’t been doing a good job. We talked a lot about kindness and treating others how you want to be treated. And the line from the movie Cinderella that she and I saw together this summer came up: “have courage and be kind.” And now we say it a lot.
    Little brother won’t stop pestering you? Have courage and be kind. He completely blossoms from attention from his big sis.
    Big girl comes at me with a bunch of questions while the baby is screaming? Have courage and be kind – she’s not trying to annoy the heck out of me!
    Mommy is feeding the baby but you’re hungry? Have courage and be kind, little man! Mommy will always take care of you too!
    These little family dynamics are like a practice ring (with a safety net) for the big, wide world and I am working on setting a good example, apologizing when I stumble, and reminding myself and my littles to have courage and be kind 😊

  362. “Unquestioning grace.” My husband and I have been blessed to have a most amazing marriage counselor who taught us so much about truly loving as Christ loved us, and loves his bride- the church. He advised us to always offer an abundance of grace toward persons who cause us offense (in that context, it was the husband/wife relationship, but I realized VERY quickly, that principal could be applied to all relationships and personal interactions. Each morning we pray out loud over our children before they head out the door to school. In that prayer, every day, we pray that they would each be beacons of love and grace in a world that needs and abundance of both. I think having that prayer be the last thing on their mind before they arch out onto the “battlefield”, they have the love of Christ fresh on their minds. After school each day, we ask 2 things: (1) How did you help someone today? And (2) Were you given the opportunity to forgive someone today? We’ve been asking those questions long enough now (they are in 4th and 2nd grades), that they are almost offering up the answers to both before we even get the chance to ask! We also make it a point to ask them in the company of each other, hopefully increasing the scope of learning moments. We ask that before they react to an offense in a “knee jerk” way, that they count to three in their mind, and ask themselves (1) why does this hurt me so? and (2) what could have happened prior to my interaction with this person that could have caused them to act this way?
    Having them understand their feelings are valid and worth acknowledging, while simultaneously knowing the value in humbling themselves before others is a challenging balance to establish as parents, but I think it’s crucial to them becoming compassionate and empathetic members of society. We “preach” unconditional grace, but we also live that example out loud toward one another at home, for what they practice at home, they will have more confidence in when out in the world.

  363. Lead by example. I have two littles (3 and 1) that follow every move, mimic every action I make and repeat every word I say. I am a firm believer that you need to practice what you preach, so if I am trying to teach my children to be loving and kind, I need to exhibit this kind of behavior on the regular. For our family, Christ is the most important thing in our life and so we daily try to live more like Him (which isn’t always easy!) and so I hope someday our kids will show Christ’s love to everyone they come in contact with.

  364. My late gramma Peg used to leave me speechless with her actions. She managed the pool in our small town and I lived there over the summer watching her and how inspiring she was. Some of the kids that came to the pool were not so nice and their parento used it as a cheap rate daycare. They would be mean to my gramma and she would just respond with smiles and kind words. I couldn’t figure out why she was so nice to them when they were so rude to her. I finally asked her why she didn’t just kick them out of the pool when they wouldn’t listen to her. She told me that these kids were mean because they didn’t know how to show love. She said the people who need the most love are sometimes the hardest to love. But we treat everyone kindly because we don’t know what their story is.

    Having role models who live a life of love and kindness by their actions and words is the key to having future generations of caring people. As a school teacher, I see so many things that break my heart. The only thing we can do is to show people how it is to love, to care and to make others happy.

  365. First, no one is a perfect parent, but my father has done something which he intended to help me, but I think it has helped my girls just as much. Since they could talk, he has taught my 2 girls, ages 3 & 7, that they are lucky to have a “share mommy”. This is because most days, several nights, and some weekends my family shares me with my work in childhood cancer. He did this because I have struggled a lot with my work/family commitment, but I strongly believe that my father has also taught my children to be incredibly compassionate and giving by teaching them to share everything, even their mommy. I am proud to say my oldest has grown up understanding that a cruel fact of this world is that too many children suffer from diseases like cancer and some precious children are taken from this world too soon which has molded her loving and empathetic spirit. (PS – Go gold in September for National Childhood Cancer Awareness month!)

  366. I always try to help my children understand and recognize how their actions and words make others feel. In the end, would they want someone to make them feel that way?

  367. Live life by looking through a set of children’s eyes!! Children don’t see color, they don’t see rich or poor, they don’t see hurt behind eyes, or understand the violence and turmoil going on in this big world they live in! They see a pretty dress, or a paw patrol shirt, or that their best friend, is their BFF because they love playing together!! Children see innocence, they see a person for what’s behind the clothes (dirty or clean), they love smiles, they love getting dirty (& not think about cleaning it off)! The smile at happy plate, and think a McDonalds Happy Meal toy is the greatest thing…. They don’t judge, they don’t condemn, they always seem to find good in things that may not be so great!! They are this worlds future, and I only hope and pray that they don’t lose those innocent pair of eyes….

  368. I will be the first to admit I struggle with kindness at times. My instinct both online and off tends towards “What would be funny?” rather than “What would be nice?”

    My daughter was telling me about school today and said that a little girl was crying because her mom left (it’s preschool) so she made the girl play with her until she felt better. I commented on what a nice thing that was to do and my son quipped, “Yeah, I have no idea where she gets it from.”

    From the mouths of babes, right? Anyways, I suppose we could all benefit from a little introspection regularly. Also, who doesn’t like to win free stuff!

  369. It’s so easy for us, as parents, to tell our children to show kindness and compassion to others, but I’ve discovered we have to do more than tell them these lessons, we have to teach them these lessons also. We have to give them opportunities and show them the way to kindness by example. Let’s all be honest here, if we’re reading this blog and following this company than we are already more fortunate than most as we have disposable income for pretty dresses for our daughters. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter loves the pretty dresses but she knows they are just clothes that don’t increase her value as a person. I’ve been blessed to teach my children compassion through experiences. We volunteer at a camp for children with disabilities every year, we visit our local animal shelter and get dirty and messy washing and walking dogs, we donate books to our local library and give toys away to those in need, but more than any of that I talk to my children about how important it is to treat everyone with love and respect. I’m proud of my children for many, many reasons, but my greatest achievements as a parent has occurred in the little moments of life… when my son stops to donate a dollar to someone outside of the grocery store, my daughter stops before class to read a book to a child with special needs, they help a turtle across the road or bring home a puppy infested with dirt and fleas. That, my friends, is what life is about, not clothes or bows or social media. Don’t be afraid to get your hands (or your dresses) dirty because that is how we replace the hate with love and change the world.

  370. My Dad had such a giving heart. When I was young, at times it angered me to see people take advantage of his caring spirit. I asked him once why he continued to give when some people seemed to refuse to help themselves. He told me “you never know if this chance will be the one chance they need to get on their feet”. I can honestly say that I didn’t completely understand it at the time but I knew better than to question him out of respect and admiration. About a year after he died I was given the opportunity to help someone in need and it finally clicked. It wasn’t my job to question why they needed help, it was just my decision to help or turn away from someone in need. It rushed over me like a wave and tears flowed. If I have time, love or money to give then why not. It can’t hurt and you never know if it’s just the break someone needs. I pray I can instill these same values in my little wolfies showing them through example how to live life with a giving heart.

  371. It’s so easy for us, as parents, to tell our children to show kindness and compassion to others, but I’ve discovered we have to do more than tell them these lessons, we have to teach them these lessons also. We have to give them opportunities and show them the way to kindness by example. Let’s all be honest here, if we’re reading this blog and following this company than we are already more fortunate than most as we have disposable income for pretty dresses for our daughters. Don’t get me wrong, my daughter loves the pretty dresses but she knows they are just clothes that don’t increase her value as a person. I’ve been blessed to teach my children compassion through experiences. We volunteer at a camp for children with disabilities every year, we visit our local animal shelter and get dirty and messy washing and walking dogs, we donate books to our local library and give toys away to those in need, but more than any of that I talk to my children about how important it is to treat everyone with love and respect. I’m proud of my children for many, many reasons, but my greatest achievements as a parent have occurred in the little moments of life… when my son stops to donate a dollar to someone outside of the grocery store, my daughter stops before class to read a book to a child with special needs, they help a turtle across the road or bring home a puppy infested with dirt and fleas. That, my friends, is what life is about, not clothes or bows or social media. Don’t be afraid to get your hands (or your dresses) dirty because that is how we replace the hate with love and change the world.

  372. I tell my children to be who they want to be. Don’t ever let someone else’s opinions influence you. There will always be bad people in the world and the only thing you can do is continue to be yourself. Use your manners, hold the door open for others, pray for those who need it, always tell the truth and think of others. You may not change the world but you make a difference to the people who matter.

  373. Sorry, didn’t mean to post twice, it showed my first comment didn’t post. Feel free to delete the top post and this one if needed.

  374. It is so important to raise kind children! I pray daily, multiple times a day, for guidance in all things, especially when it comes to raising my girls. They are young (8 months and almost 3) but we talk with them now about how important it is to be nice, polite, have manners, be thoughtful and considerate of others feelings. I also think it’s important to surround them with kind people as well. Littles look up to the adults they spend time with. Always use your words with care, little ears can hear and they will speak the same words you do. It starts at home. Be a good role model for your children.

  375. I tell my children every day to open their eyes and see… see people, notice them, their behaviors, their signals and be that one person who affects people based on what they themselves see. Make interactions real and memorable. Be authentic and in return, you will grow a reputation of integrity and trustworthiness. A coward reacts to gossip, but the courageous create relationships based on first hand interactions. I am the proudest of my children when they are complimented for their respect and kindness ro others. That is the closest they can come in a sinful world to being the hands and feet of Jesus.

  376. I was always taught to treat everyone I meet with respect, younger or older. And to remember back to a day when I felt my lowest, when I felt like everything in my world was gone and I couldn’t go on… I strive to treat everyone I meet as if they are in that lonely place, I always lead with a smile and positive greeting. You never know, one smile, one door opened, one hello could bring someone kout of their darkness.

  377. Thank you for such a gracious post and for giving light to what is important! I received one of the best compliments I could have ever hoped for as a mother recently. After addressing a situation with my nine year old son (not bullying, just attitude lol), my mother told me that I am an amazing mother. I was so humbled that this amazing woman feels that I’m getting it right! I explain things to my children, especially when they have behaved in a less than desirable way. I want them to know that I expect respect, but that they are also deserving of respect even in the face of discipline. “Because I said so” will one day lose its power, and they need to understand that our faith is at the root of everything we teach them. I practice humility and am never afraid to admit to them when i have acted unfavorably also. Accountability is one of the greatest attributes we reinforce, and we never forget to show them how much they are loved. Especially when they have done something wrong. Let’s face it. ..as mothers we all feel at some time as if we are just screwing it all up royally! We pray that our decisions and actions are ones that empower our children in the most positive of ways and that they exude kindness, faith and logic into everything they do. Life is tough, and we always say that when it’s the most difficult get on your knees and give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon us each and every day! Sometimes that’s all the perspective any of us needs. May God bless each of you in everything you do!

  378. I lost my mom when I was in high school to ALS. She was incredibly brave, smart, witty, but above all she was kind. Teaching children to be kind is incredibly important, but for me it’s a way to honor her. Teaching my children the lessons she taught me keeps her memory alive. When I hear my son or daughter use a phrase or expression she taught me, it fills me with such happiness. It also allows me the opportunity to teach them about their amazing grandmother.

  379. For me, one of the most important things I try to instill in my kids is ACCEPTANCE. This plays into so many different aspects of life and fosters so much of who we are as individuals that I find it one of the most important qualities a person can hold. Growing up as a first generation here, I often found myself different from my fellow classmates. I had tons of friends and was socially accepted but things were different. I had a hard time accepting. My family rules were different, my parents were different, my food was different. Even our language was different. I was different and my family was okay with that.

    Sadly, I come from a nationality that isn’t all that accepting. They are set in their ways. They would only exist amongst each other if given the choice. They have not and would not accept things as they are if they did not have to in order to survive. Generally speaking. We are not all this way, mind you.

    For some reason, that gene didn’t make it to my body. Thankfully. I am much more liberal than the rest of my family. I am more open minded. More ACCEPTING. More willing. This has caused many fights growing up between my parents and I. It still does to this day. And I have no doubts it will continue until the day I die. But I hold strong to my beliefs. And I feel even stronger about instilling them into my children.

    I’ve already butted heads a time or two with my parents and siblings about how I choose to raise my children. Oh well. In my eyes, we are all created equal. You, me, my son, my daughter, my mom, and even my wicked sister. Just kidding-she really isn’t wicked ;)! We all have our differences. I choose to accept theirs. They choose to critique mine. To try and change me into who they want me to be. Who they think I need to be. My kids will know that this is NEVER okay. Let people be who they are and joyfully celebrate them. God made us individuals for a reason. Exploit it for the world to see.

    I have a niece with Rett Syndrome. To see my kids, especially my youngest, interact with her makes my heart want to explode with pride. She is not even 2 yet but she knows something is not right with Suki. She ACCEPTS this. She ACCEPTS Suki. Just the way she is. Suki can’t feed herself. My one year old attempts to feed her. My son who is 3 talks to her the same way he talks to her sisters. He knows he is never going to get a response from her. She is nonverbal. But he ACCEPTS that. So proud of him for not treating her any different than any other child in this world. Not ignoring her because she can’t talk back. Or because she can’t play. Or because she is different.

    Even at such young ages, they get it. And they will continue to get it. I will be certain of that. Non-acceptance is such an ugly, ugly trait to possess and I will do everything in my power as their Mother to see that they never catch it. More importantly, they will know why.

    They will know the importance and meaning of ACCEPTANCE, not just that its something we “do.”

  380. I have loved reading all these wonderful comments. I screw up every day but I am so humbled for God’s amazing grace and mercy. We are parents to one little 3 1/2 year old girl who is our miracle baby. I pray every day that we may recognize the gifts and talents that God has given her and that we may be able to help foster them to be used for his praise and glory. My daughter’s birthday is mid-December which alongside Christmas means an extra showering of gifts. We are guilty of not withholding much of anything that our daughter requests and last year we began to see the challenges that come with a child who is rarely told “no”. I wanted to be sure that my daughter understands the joy you can receive when you are giving rather than receiving so we started a new tradition called the “12 Days of Christmas Love”. Starting on her birthday (December 14th) we began doing something to bring joy, love, and happiness to others for no reason besides to tell them that “Jesus loves them”. Each day was presented as a challenge delivered by two sweet little elves (our take on “Elf on the Shelf”) holding a letter. It took a lot of time on my part but to see the impact my little 3 year old could make on our “own little world” was inspiring. Examples of the things we did were taking cookies to our first responders, visiting a local retirement center and giving out flowers, visiting the animal shelter to play with the kittens and donate toys/treats, picked up litter on the side of our road, made birdfeeders out of pinecones to hang in our yard for the wildlife, and displayed $1 bills with a note to “Enjoy, Jesus loves you” on places like vending machines and newspaper displays. On Christmas Eve we had picked out items for a newborn baby and made two baskets that we took to the NICU at our local hospital. We told the nurses to give them to whomever they thought needed it most. Through that we got to know Patrick, a tiny baby with a hard road ahead of him and still remember him in prayer today. It was humbling. It was pushing us outside our normal comfort zones a little. But I hope over the years it will become a cluster of good memories that will be real-life examples of how her small acts of kindness can change the world.

  381. The best advice I can give it to lead by example. My 2 year old watches and copies everything I do even when I think she is not she surprises me by saying or doing something I had done. Always act like your children are watching you because they probably are!

  382. It certainly saddens me when every little thing you type out is picked apart.. you do so many nice things for your customers.. thank you!

    My best advice is to lead by example: be kind to your children, in front of them, and all around them. Tell them you love them, tell your spouse you love him/her too, in front of the children, be generous with compliments and hugs and kisses. Read with your children, read fantasy stories, fairy tales, jokes, and The Bible and follow the examples given there too. Play board games, eat healthy snacks and meals together, be present so your children will show that same kindness and presence to others.

  383. Stay true to your little ones, even when it’s hard. Even when you want to walk away. Talk to them like people. Tell them when you feel flawed. When you’ve made a mistake. When you’re sorry. How you’d do better next time. Because it’s okay to try again.
    Expect the same from them. Teach them manners and follow through that they use them. Don’t turn a blind eye when they misbehave, even if it’s horribly embarrassing to discipline them. Teach them respect by respecting them. When they hurt a friend, turn to their hurt friend first and ask if they are okay.
    Let them make mistakes. Let them fail. Be there without judgement. They can try again. Support them. Ask what they need from you.
    Love them. Love them like you’ve always wanted to be loved. Show them what that feels like so they always seek that from others and know how to give that kind of love.
    Teach them that you can reply to hate with kindness. Hold your head up even when you’re scared. You can be whoever you are, because whoever you are, someone looked at you when you were born and cried at your perfection.

  384. my mother, my hero, gave me so much wonderful advice that I plan on trying to pass along to my daughter but one that rings in my ears often, is to “not be easily offended”. With the world of text vs. Voice communication, I find it so easy to take things out of context so instead of getting bothered by any little thing- that may or may not be intentional-I try to follow her advice!

  385. I frequently whisper in my daughter’s ear how I believe in her, I love on her daily, rub her skin, hug her, kiss her, and tell her how she is a wonderful, kind hearted, beautiful, smart, and caring little girl. I hope by telling her these things frequently she stays that loving, caring person and continues to treat others with love. She’s a little momma hen to her peers and it makes me smile to see how she interacts with them.

  386. Always..treat people the way you want to be treated. Be kind to everyone you meet…and those people who aren’t being kind to you…kill them with the greatest kindness of all <3…We aren't here to judge anyone..only God can judge. Never stop praying and believing. A house full of love is the greatest house of all. Everyone makes mistakes..grow and learn from the mistakes that are made and you will come out better for it.

  387. Thanks so much for such a good blog post today. What a strong company to stand up for what is right. Making a statement about how people treat one another- all which is outside of your control is so huge. I remember growing up I talked with my maw maw about similar difficult issues (not clothing for my child, but where my feelings were hurt and my confidence was diminished) and she always asked me why I “let other people steal my joy.” She talked about God not giving me a “spirit of timidity” but what always got me was she asked if it changed my relationship with Christ. And it didn’t. And it still doesn’t. Nothing that has happened to me has altered how I feel about Christ – except to strengthen it through the birth and adoption of our two children. I think well dressed wolf is a beautiful and morally sound clothing line, but it’s not enough for me to want to compromise the integrity I have with Christ or in front of my children. .

  388. The quote I love and try to reach my kids is “being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself.”

  389. I hit enter too fast.oops oh well, again – this is a reply to a blog- I just hope my kids will see the legacy that my maw maw left through me. One who loved Christ and treated people as so. i remember sweet outfits she got me growing up, but ultimate I remember how she treated others, spent time with me, and loved Christ. That’s how I will show my kids how to be kind.

  390. The number one thing is to follow Christ!
    I have a couple of topics; I always tell my daughter it’s OK to have a bad day, we as adults have them all the time. We sometimes bring this home and take it out on our children but if they act out or whine we get upset. And we shouldn’t. Even children have bad days. They may wake up tired, or maybe feel a little under the weather, or maybe they just made an error on a test. I have to remind myself of their conscience, and since I’m not with her all day, something may of happened I’m unaware of. So before I scream or discipline, I ask myself first, is she just having a bad day, like I did yesterday?

  391. Teach your children by your actions. If you are loving and caring, they will be too. Hug them, even when they become teenagers, because behind their disgusted looks, they are actually loving every minute of it. Most of all, run through the rain with them! That is some of the most spontaneous and fun times I have ever had with my kids!!! I am a mom of 19yr, 17yr, 14yr, 5yr and 16 mo.

  392. As a mamma to a sweet special needs daughter, I would tell others, that we welcome your questions and would encourage you to turn staring into a conversation. If you see a child in a walker, a wheelchair or being hooked up to a feeding tube at a restaurant, use the opportunity to teach your children about special differences in others. All children are valuable, and God made each one in a very special way. Come up and ask our name, ask about the feeding tube, or why she needs a walker sometimes. Families in the special needs community can often feel isolated, but we’re just like any other family and long to feel that way. Thanks S & S.

  393. People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

  394. I have several quotes/Bible verses that have inspired me over the years and was having a hard time narrowing it down to just one. So I decided to sleep on it. This morning it appears that most, if not all of them, have been mentioned in some form already (a testament to the wonderful group of mamas/fans that this brand has pulled together). So I will just say that I hope your “joy has come in the morning”, Sarah & Shannon. You are loved, appreciated, and admired by so many. As I mentioned in my first “ode to the wolf” message after receiving my first purchase – you’ve gained a fan for life. The grace, integrity, and honor with which you run WDW is second to none. Love and hugs!

  395. My mom taught me to forgive – every single day if it’s necessary – for years even. It could be over an instance that was meaningless to the person you’re forgiving. People always say “forgive and forget” but sometimes it’s super hard to forget when someone cuts us to the core. So, every day, forgive them again.
    My 3 year old is in pre-K and we put her hair in an “elsa braid” one day. She was so excited to show her new friends.
    When I picked her up, she said “mommy, they said my hair was ugly,” and my heart sank. While I wanted to go in and give those tiny 3 year old girls a talking-to, instead, I dried my watery eyes, looked at my little girl, and told her that she was beautiful. I told her that words hurt and that we have to always be sweet girls and then I prayed out loud and asked God to help us forgive our new friends for the words they said. She’s gone to school 3 days since then, and all three times has come home saying those girls still don’t like her hair. And every time she says “but I’m still their friend and we still have to be sweet.”

  396. An idea to make kindness a daily priority is the Two-Praise Rule. Everyday I tell my daughter to “say or do two kind things for someone today,” before she goes into school. During dinner everyone shares their two praises for the day and how they worked! Make kindness a priority.

  397. I love the story that you lovely ladies wrote. I was just teaching my little girl who just started kindergarten the exact same message. I was once bullied and it seemed like the end of the world at that point in time but in reality it sure taught me a valuable lesson. It taught me to value EVERY human life. I always see the good in people and always look for ways to make others feel good as well. When I was in high school my teacher once said “Amanda Geise you are like Jesus you just love everyone.” Mrs. Wilcox was right I do love everyone and now it is my job to help my three children stand up for whats right and to treat everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Everyone has their own battle they could possibly be struggling with and instead of bringing them down it is our job as parents to teach and encourage out children how to build other up.

  398. My children are biracial, in kindergarten a little girl who’s father is a local minister told my son that she could not marry him because he is brown and she is white and that he has to marry a brown girl and she has to marry a white boy. My son was crushed and confused. I am white and his father is brown and we were married. Its sad that in 2015 people are still teaching their children “hate”. Instead they should be teaching love and tolerance. My lesson to my son when he encounters racism, “you cannot change how others think, only change how you react.” He is taught to love those who don’t accept him and that they are the ones truly missing out on a wonderful boy.

  399. To always remember “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”. This brings patience and understanding to almost any situation you may face.

  400. I believe EMPATHY is the key to kindness and preventing bullying. Teach our children to always put themselves in others position and to ask themselves how they would want to be treated. If others can truly do that, the entire world would be a nicer place.

  401. The phrase passed from mother to child in my family is short and simple.

    “Be particular.”

    We apply it to all choices in life, because all choices matter. We all have to choose so many things. How to behave, whom to love, where to live, what to do, etc…and choices should not be made without thought or care. We should be particular.

    Coincidentally, these Words of Wisdom came from my great-grandmother, whose name my mama, daughter and I share.

    We called her Granny Mac.

  402. Let them be who they want to be. Don’t try to change them. Learn from them. Sit back and watch. You will be surprised by how much you can learn from them.

  403. To let them see you make mistakes. Don’t try to cover up your mistakes. Teach them that no one is perfect. You can still have heroes but your heroes will make mistakes like everyone else. Teach your children that it’s ok to be human. It’s ok to apologize and to forgive. It’s ok to fall flat on your face as long as you get back up again. Let your children see that and they learn not only to forgive other people, but to forgive themselves.

  404. I think one of the keys to raising kind humans is to remind them – by showing and telling them daily – that they are unconditionally loved and accepted. Being rooted and grounded in love will give them the courage they need to offer the same to the world around them. I think this includes telling them that they can always come to us no matter what and choosing not to shame them when they make mistakes. It’s about being present, talking every day, being comfortably quiet together, having adventures together, choosing to talk about the uncomfortable stuff (even when it makes us uncomfortable, not just them), and teaching them how to be at ease with themselves by being at ease with ourselves. It’s about reminding them that they belong, even as they shape their beliefs. It’s about giving them the space to choose for themselves while offering them a foundation of faith and values that will leave a legacy of hope and meaning. It’s about modelling and humility and failing forward together. It’s about learning and growing together. It’s about laughter and tears and making memories. It’s about love as the unconditional glue that holds us all together. It’s about a million things and about just one thing. It’s about love.

  405. To love yourself first. Despite your imperfections remember that you are perfectly imperfect.
    To treat your brothers and sisters with kindness…they are your first friends and can be your forever friend.
    To be a good listener…listen with your ears and your eyes. And validate what people are feeling/saying.
    Know when to apologize and how to do it correctly.

  406. You’ll never regret being a friend, but you may never forgive yourself for not being one. Growing up I had a friend who for some reason was the odd man out. She could do nothing right for some people. I shared a locker with her when everyone else refused. I went to all her birthday parties. We went to church together, and stayed friends even when she switched schools in high school. I had high hopes that she would find friends and be accepted. Unfortunately, it was more of the same. Those last fours years of school I would only see her on the weekends at church. I never knew she was having trouble at her new school. Two weeks before graduation, she decided to leave us. I was devastated and angry at so many people who were not nice to her. Her dad made a point to tell my parents how much she loved me and that I was always a good friend. For years, I had reoccurring dreams of her coming to my high school and telling her how everything would be fine here. It took years for me to deal with the loss. It changed me, but not for the worse- better. I am a teacher. I am a mother. I am a coach to middle school girls. I make a point to tell all of the children I work with “you will never regret being a friend, but you may never forgive yourself for not being one”.

  407. You will never regret being a friend, but you may never forgive yourself for not being one. Growing up I had a friend for some reason was always the odd man out. She could do nothing right by some people. I shared a locker with her when everyone else refused. I went to all her birthday parties when others never did. We went to church together, and stayed friends even when she went to a different high school. I had high hopes that she would find new friends and be accepted. Unfortunately, she did not as it was more of the same. Those last four years of school, I would only see her on the weekends at church (when she came). I never knew she was having trouble at her new school. Two weeks before graduation, she decided to leave us. I was devastated and angry at so many people for not being nice to her. Her dad made a point to tell my parents how she loved me and that I had always been a good friend. Not good enough is what I thought. It took years for me to deal with the loss. I had reoccurring dreams of her coming to my high school, and I kept saying to her how she would fit in here. It changed me, but not for worse really better. I am a mom, teacher and coach to middle school girls. I use my pain to share with them the importance of friendship and acceptance. I tell them all, “You will never regret being a friend, but you may never forgive yourself for not being one”. Always be a friend.

  408. I tell my girls you can’t control how other people act or what may happen around you, but you choose how you react to it. I continually point out when they mention a person is pretty that a person’s heart defines true beauty.
    We also now unplug after work until the kids are in bed so that we can truly be present. It goes so fast.

  409. Never expect perfection from anyone or anything. There is so much beauty in imperfection. Adore the moments that are not as planned, live and model for your children as you want them to do, leave the world better each day through actions, words, and grace, and most importantly place God at the center and display love to all.

  410. It’s still a major work in progress but hubby & I always tell our son to say sorry when he hurt someone even when he didn’t mean to. Sometimes a small apology can go a long way in mending and creating friendships.

  411. The Golden Rule! Treat others the way you want to be treated. We also try to include and reach out to all kids (and often end up with way more kids on our sports team bc of it). But we hate leaving people out regardless of who they are.

  412. “Try to keep your mind open to possibilities and your mouth closed on matters that you don’t know about. Limit your ‘always’ and your ‘nevers.'”
    Amy Poehler

  413. Follow the advice of Mother Teresa: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: Kindness is in your face, kindness is in your eyes and kindness is in your smile.” Live it everyday and your children will follow…

  414. I read an article recently that wrote exactly what I plan to teach my children. Not only do you need to be kind, but brave. We are taught to be kind to one another, but you have to be brave to show your kindness at times. I want my children to stick up and speak out about what’s right, even if it’s hard or goes against others.

  415. First and foremost we teach our kids to put God first in our/their lives. We have a large family 8 babies on earth with us and 6 in heaven. There are several lessons we reiterate with our children. The first is to be honest and tell the truth. Always be respectful to others and their property. And finally be kind to each other and other people. Unfortunately kids and people are not kind sometimes. However, I am a firm believer that “it will rub off”.

    WordPress.com / Gravatar.com credentials can be used.

  416. We try to lead by example. Children learn behavior from other people. We want our girls to see us being kind and doing the right thing. We also teach her how God wants us to love one another no matter our differences.

  417. Be kind or be silent. My momma always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” That, and “God don’t like ugly”!! Bullying is real, whether it be the child in pre-k that bites and pushes, or the kid in high school that makes fun of the clothes someone wears or the car they drive, or the mom of a child on the cheerleading squad who thinks her child is better than everyone else’s. I tell my children you only have one shot in life. Yes, you will make mistakes, but it’s what you do from that point on that will make you who you are. Don’t judge others for their mistakes or how they were raised, just be nice and treat people the way you want them to treat you. Nobody is perfect. We have to pray that they will find their way, but until they do…be kind or be silent.

  418. My 8 year old son was born with a birthmark on his face and when he started school he would come home and tell me about the kids that picked on him because he was different and had this birthmark. I told him that as long as he loved and believed in himself that he had nothing to worry about because at the end of the day that was all that mattered. I told him God gave him something special because he was different from everybody else and that was also a good thing.

  419. My momma always called it the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated! Also, i think its crucial to teach children that they are in charge of their behaviors. I taught preschool for five years before becoming a SAHM. I always stressed both of these in my classroom and first and foremost tried to lead by example.

  420. My advice: keep it simple.
    Our nine month old is, as is typical for nine month olds, very “grabby”. She loves taking things from her big sister and for the most part, our three year old is very sweet and forgiving. But sometimes she doesn’t appreciate her baby sister taking her things and I’ll have to remind her to share. Whenever she asks why (yes, we’re in that “why? why? why?” stage; yay!), my answer is simple: “Because it makes her happy.”
    We should all do nice things, simply, because it makes someone else happy.

  421. In paraphrase from ‘to kill a mockingbird’ – you never know someone until you can put their shoes on and walk around in them for a while. Remind our children to not judge others and be kind always – you never know what battle he/she may be fighting.

  422. Today’s world can be so busy and it’s easy to lose our focus on what matters… I try to always encourage my girls to focus on loving what’s truly important: people over things, conversation over technology, kindness to others over comfort for ourselves. Sacrifice can be a beautiful and joyous action when it is rooted in love

  423. I always tell my daughter that the most important things are to take responsibility for your own actions, have a good attitude in even the worst situations, try your best at everything you do and, most importantly, be a good friend. I think these words of wisdom can get you through almost anything.

  424. One thing we practice at our house with my daughter is that you should always be nice and kind to everyone. We teach her it doesnt matter your race, religion or even if you like the person you should always be generous and kind. I am a huge advocate on bullying and really teach my child that being nice will surpass all other traits that someone can have. I hope that she learns this, practices it and can one day share the same quality with her future children.

  425. One of the things that I practice daily, and strive to instill in my 3 children- is to be in control of your own thoughts. I refuse to let my mind wander, to dwell on negativity and differences. Instead I think about positive things- I give people the Benifit of the Doubt (and I pray daily others do the same for me). I have noticed if I don’t allow negative and poisonous thoughts to cloud my juedgement- I will be better prepared to act in Love, Mercy, and Kindness to the other human beings I enteract with. Live by the oldie-but-goodie “What Would Jesus Do?”

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