2014: party time!

Long time, no see! Let’s start the new year with a new party dress–perfect for any celebration your imagination can concoct!


And of course we have so many other exciting things in the works this year! We are getting ORGANIZED the old-fashioned way (pen & ink) thanks to this blog post by Val Marie Paper

We bought the Emily Ley Life Binders  (below):

2013 Shay Cochrane

And the 2014 Power Sheets by Lara Casey.

Shannon and I are so excited about the future of this company- we have been so blessed (we have to pinch ourselves daily) by our AMAZING customers and the crazy growth spurt we had in 2013. Please follow us on facebook to keep tabs on our secret sales & giveaways- you all know how quickly the dresses go once they’re loaded! Right now we have a share-to-win featuring our Joyce Party Dress, 25 custom thank-you cards, and a darling cowl by Well Dressed Toddlers!


Promise to blog more this year!



9 thoughts on “2014: party time!

  1. Hi, I would like to purchase your celebration dress as well as shop. I am unable to figure out how to do this. Please advise me how to proceed. Will the party dress be delivered by Feb 16? It’s my daughters birthday. Thank you!

  2. Crazy growth spurt is putting it lightly! Congratulations. Keeping my fingers crossed for this Friday. We’re working on simplifying things at home as well. Love the ideas you posted. One thing I’m going back to is monthly dinner planning. I used to keep calendars and found my cooking was more creative and my bills were cheaper.

  3. With all our “i” stuff I still have to have a pen & paper calendar and planner! I just love seeing all the colors and little touches of creativity that show up. I also enjoy looking back and seeing what previous spaces in life were like. 🙂

  4. I am new to wdwolf and I was looking around for the story where it began etc, but have been unsuccessful in finding it ! Just interested a little in your history and where it all began etc., it’s interesting to me being from louisiana and seeing a small business turn into something so fabulous:)

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