Almost picnic time…

We are so excited to launch the W.D. Wolf Picnic line- designed with emphasis on vintage style, simple sweetness and playful fabrics that maintain our subtle, soft aesthetic.

April 26 is the big day– we’re giving away 13 “Petit Four” dresses to our fine facebook fans (visit our page to see them and read all about it) and introducing a few others that we know you’ll love (like the charming “Bake Shop” dress seen here)!

If you haven’t already, like our page on Facebook to receive the latest updates, deals and giveaway opportunities!


10 thoughts on “Almost picnic time…

  1. What time does it start? I would hate to miss it! I have three girls, and would love to order these percious dresses for them!!

    1. Hey! We didn’t offer flex on the Picnic line because the turnaround time is so much quicker- and it is so much more work for us (issuing individual invoices, waiting for payment, double checking payment receipt before shipping, sending reminders, etc). We also weren’t sure the flex would actually benefit anyone too much- since the turnaround is 2 to 5 weeks as opposed to months. 🙂

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