the birds are back in town


W.D. Wolf’s Classic line is best known for smocking that is neither silly nor stuffy. We honestly believe that smocked clothing can be elevated using simple design principles. Simplicity, creativity and beauty inspire each of our collections and the “bird on a wire” suite is no exception. We know you loved it last time, so we brought it back in an updated color palette that screams summer. Enjoy! These were a pre-order item (now closed) and will arrive to much fanfare in May. If you didn’t snag one this week, we know you’ll be hustling to get yours when it arrives!


9 thoughts on “the birds are back in town

    1. Actually, these will be arriving later this month and we will have some extra inventory! When the get here, we ship the pre-ordered items first then sell the remaining stock, but the go super duper fast! Are you a fan on Facebook? We normally announce we’ll be having a sale a few days in advance so you can get prepared!!

  1. I preordered this one with the partial payment option. When is the final payment due? Just want to make sure I don’t miss it, so I can get this lovely dress!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, Samantha!! These were a late addition to our production line up, so they ship late summer! We’ll send invoices about a week before they ship.

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