our problem with pre-orders (and what it means for you)


We love designing pretty little outfits for your precious little babies. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we are at our most content surrounded by kids and craft supplies- with our own pens in hand and sketch books opened. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that running our business is our least favorite part of owning our business!

There is nothing worse than the feeling that we’ve let one of our customers down- but unfortunately- treading the murky waters of international trade can leave the door wide open to do just that. As with any manufacturing company, large or small, we are at the mercy of our production teams who turn our pen & paper designs into beautiful, quality products. These teams promise completed items by a certain date and we, in turn, take a leap of faith (all the while praying they’ll meet their deadlines). We then offer these items to our loyal fans as a pre-order. A pre-order is advantageous to our company because it enables us to purchase in larger quantities. It is advantageous to the customer because it effectively reserves his or her desired size and guarantees access to all of our designs. Without pre-orders, small companies must purchase lower quantities in each size (meaning fans will have have to act fast to get the outfits they want- and even then it will be too late for many).

So why would we stop having pre-orders? The answer is simple: sanity. We are perfectionists about our business. We pay extra attention to the details. We want our clothes to be lovely. And most importantly, we want our customers to be happy. So, when situations arise that are beyond our control (when international shipping takes longer than expected OR customs holds a package for 2 weeks OR our production team falls behind) we take it very personally. These small delays happen to EVERY clothing manufacturer, and for most companies they are accepted as a part of business. For us, they are all-consuming. We can’t fully focus on our families or our homes. Our minds become consumed by deadlines and the possibility of disappointed customers. We can’t sleep. We email and call our international counterparts at 2 am. It is physically and emotionally draining- not to mention costly (we recognize the “buck stops here” and are willing to refund pre-orders that run significantly behind, regardless of our lack of control over the situation). So, we’ve decided it will be better for us (for now) to order fewer items that arrive whenever they arrive and can be shipped as soon as they are sold… no one to disappoint (unless you’re the fan who doesn’t get the size you want!)…

Having said ALL of that, we DO realize there are some customers who just want the product! If you’re less concerned about WHEN you receive an item, and you’ve come to trust our company, we want to invite you to join our Preferred Pre-Order Program. While we will no longer offer widespread pre-sales, our preferred pre-order members will still be offered the opportunity to order in advance, ensuring their sizes and guaranteeing their orders. However, we will provide only a general date of arrival and we will not offer refunds if a product is running several weeks behind. Pre-sales will become strictly a service offered to our most loyal fans who would be greatly disappointed to miss out on their favorite new designs. More details on the Preferred Pre-Order Program to come very soon.

Whew! Sorry about the long-winded explanation. We really like to explain (and over-explain!) our decisions to our fabulous fans (and we really do have the best customers out there).

Thank you all so much for your support and for loving our designs as much as we love designing them!


Sarah and Shannon

65 thoughts on “our problem with pre-orders (and what it means for you)

  1. I would love to be on your preferred pre-order list! I’d be very sad if all three of my babes couldn’t get their needed sizes in your adorable clothes. πŸ™‚

  2. I would love to be on the preferred list too. Less concerned about arrival time as long as I know I’m getting your fab items!

  3. I want to be on the list for Pre-Orders too. I am not concerned about the time just the product! I have not been ordering from you for long but just now have a little girl and I don’t want to miss out on the precious clothes!!! Thanks for offering this!

  4. I would love to be on the list as well! I’ve only been able to order from y’all once bc I just had my little girl, but your clothes are the cutest out there!! πŸ™‚

  5. you girls do such a wonderful job when it comes to customer service (even if it is with a “crazy lady” lol ) and I cant say enough about how adorbs the clothes are! I would definitely love to be added to the PP-OP…thanks ! Ava sure <3's her WDW and it doesnt really matter to us if the item arrives late bc when you open that package and see all that cuteness, it was well worth the wait !!!!

  6. Please add me to the list. I’m looking forward to my first order which I think comes under a Christmas order? But if it is any indication to the products to come, I definitely don’t want to miss out. Thanks.

  7. Would love to be on the preorder list. When it arrives is of no consequence to me. The clothes are totally unique and beautiful.

  8. I would be so sad not to be able to match all 4 of my kiddos! I love that you have great styles for my big boys too! Please add me to the list!

  9. As I read this whole post I thought… But… What if I just pretty, vintage-y, clothing for my 4 girls? I am not a complainer and I am also slow (so i would never get the right sizes) so preorders are perfect for me! Then I came to the “preferred per-order” part! Yay!!! Sign me up!!! Leslie Begin

  10. We just discovered you guys and just received our very first WDW package in the mail! So so excited. Love yalls creations- would hate to miss out on ore orders. Please add me to the list. Thanks.

  11. Please put me on the preferred pre order list. I know personally how difficult it is to run a business do I think u are doing a good thing by offering this

  12. I would like to be on the preferred preorder as well. I’ve tried to order several times for my little one and have missed out. Thank you!

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