winter whites: meet GIGI

Meet Gigi: a tunic set and dress named after our very own grandmother. She was effortlessly stylish. A working woman until her seventies, Gigi (as dubbed by our eldest sister, Shawn) was a contradiction- equal parts sugar and salt, dark and light, sophisticated and understated… She always reminded us of a softer version of the fearless Katherine Hepburn.

We’re certain our grandmother would have loved her namesake dress with it’s no-nonsense pleating & utterly feminine ruffles. We hope you love it to!

The Gigi and several other new styles will be available for pre-order soon in our W.D. Wolf Daydream “winter whites” suite. Like us on facebook to get the very first chance to purchase!


3 thoughts on “winter whites: meet GIGI

  1. So precious, I know gigi would love her name on this adorable out fit. In fact I have a picture of her in a dress with a collar just like this.

  2. What size range was this available in? I would like to search for one set for my little girl but want to see if you made it in her size before I begin the long search!! Thanks….

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