life’s a beach…

Sometimes pictures tell a story that words fail to describe.

Our vacation is going swimmingly, as Barbie and Ken would agree… Today started with an early morn storm. As rain pelted the roof and lightning flashed, I got the coffee started in our old-fashioned drip pot. Still dark outside, I drank my first cup in silence, enjoying the view of the Gulf from my window. Slowly, the bedraggled children wandered into the kitchen, ready for french toast and fresh strawberries. I wish every day could start that way.

From there, it’s been sunny and sweet: a Barbie pool party, a car wash, a muddy beach bash, and a scootch-a-thon. Good times! Now I’m waiting for UPS to deliver our Daydream Collection so I can spend the evening shipping (and sipping a few cold ones)!

2 thoughts on “life’s a beach…

  1. Tomorrow, tomorrow…I love ya, tomorrow…your only a DAY AWAY!!! Sang in my best Annie voice;-) It truly can’t come fast enough!!!!

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