vintage inspiration: sisters


Much of our inspiration comes from our own life experience, doesn’t it?

My mom recently came over with the “gift” of several oversized cardboard boxes. She was “cleaning house” so to speak- finally clearing her closets of the treasures stored there for over 30 years. My loot consisted of four adolescent diaries, several scrapbooks, a handful of trophies, notes from classmates, dried flowers and pictures… lots of pictures. Looking through the old photos, I am reminded again that there really are no “new” ideas in design. It’s our job to take the best ideas from the past and re-shape them into something better… I’m not crazy about any of these dresses as a whole, but I LOVE certain details in each one! I’m also loving the knee high socks! And the subtly coordinating sibling sets! There’s a very good chance you’ll see some of these ideas come to life again at W.D. Wolf…

You won’t see the permed hair. Sorry, mom!



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