pretty: garnish

For all of you creative, party-loving types (and I know that means most of you)- I have a neat website to share with you. Garnish is simple packaging at it’s best. They offer a wide variety of containers that help you think outside the box (hehe, like that?) in terms of food and gift presentation.

Some of my favorite items are the wooden demitasse spoons (20 cents per spoon), the baker’s twine (10 cents per foot), polka dot straws (8 cents per straw) and the bamboo serving cones (40 cents per cone). But there is so much more- I can think of a million uses for the glassine envelopes, berry cartons, disposable kraft drink dispensers (mimosa picnic?) and ice cream cups.

If you’re anything like me and love subtle packaging, Garnish is the site for you! I especially love that you can buy the exact amount you need, so there’s no waste (and no need to spend extra money!). Right now they’re offering $6.00 flat rate shipping, so get geared up to party in style.

I’m dreaming of orange sorbet in those darling bamboo cones… You?

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